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Excluding Stage mode, which puts all players on the same team, all of the game modes are PvP-based. Both the number of rounds and round-time-limits can be set. The game will automatically balance the teams after every round, except for clan war mode. There are five types of PvP games in Rakion. In both team and solo deathmatches, dead players respawn after 5 seconds. The Deathmatch modes have healing capsules and books that provide cell points; the other modes do not. For the clan war mode, players can only respawn up to a total of 3 times.

Clan War (Teamplay)[edit]

This mode is only for players with a clan, and can be started by a clan knight or the clan master. Both team can only contain players from the same clan. 1 Team would attempt to destroy the other Team's golden nak. The second Team's job is to protect the golden nak. The winning clan would earn C-xp and M-xp, while the losing team would lost C-xp and M-xp.

Deathmatch (Solo)[edit]

A Solo Deathmatch is a free-for-all variation of team deathmatch. All players are on their own and the first player to achieve a specified amount of kills is declared the winner.

Deathmatch (Teamplay)[edit]

These are similar to Solo Deathmatches, except that the players are separated into teams.

Golem War[edit]

Players are assigned to a team in this mode. Each team has a Master Golem. Located somewhere in the map is the Golden Golem. The objective is to destroy the opponent's Master Golem, but only the person that kills the Gold Golem can do significant damage to the other team's Master Golem. To prevent teams "stealing" the Gold Golem from each other, it has separate health for each team. Unlike the other PvP modes, slain players do not respawn, and a team can also lose when all their players have been defeated. If the time runs out and both Master Golems are still alive, the team with the Golem with more health wins the round.

Boss War[edit]

This is a team-based headhunter fight. Each team has a player who's the "boss" that they must protect at all costs; if the boss dies then the team loses the game.


A co-operative game mode for 1 to 4 players (depending on the stage) that lets player play a PvE mission. After completing a stage, players get a grade ranging from S, A, B, C, or D, depending on how fast they complete the objective. Stages can not be repeated for more rewards, but can be redone for a higher rank.

Basic Mode[edit]

A setting which can be assigned to any non-stage game. All players' stats are as if they were level 1 for the duration of the game. No cells can be summoned in this mode aside from the lowest level cell, the Nak. Stats from equipment still applies.