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The Rupee is the in game currency used worldwide; there are no varying amounts like in World of Warcraft (Copper, Silver, etc.) that help keep numbers to a minimum. High level players thus earn vast amounts of Rupees, and items often cost several million.


  • Quests with this item as reward:
    • none.
  • Monsters that drop this item:
  • Can be sold to:
  • Can be bought from:
    • nobody.
  • Weight: 0
  • Effect:
    • No other uses known than selling this item.
  • Notes:
    • Lak is a special feature of Rappelz; it acts a special drop from monsters that accumulate within a player's necklace. To most effectively use lak, players need to determine the right amount of either so that they do not end up with too many or too few boost chips. If that happens, then they must either sell them (only if a low level player levels and is able to use a higher rank boost chip) or buy more. The problem though is that the conversion rate used in lak trading is higher than the selling and buying rates at merchants; thus Rupees are lost in the process.


Mana Recovery Scroll Lv2[edit]

  • Weight: 22
  • Effect:
    • When consumed it restores 160MP instantly. Can be used by level 20 or higher. Reusable after 60 seconds.

Resurrection Scroll[edit]

  • Weight: 5
  • Effect:
    • When consumed it revives dead players or creatures. Works only on party members.

Return Scroll[edit]

  • Weight: 1
  • Effect:
    • When consumed it returns you to your return point. You can set your return point by speaking to a teleporter.