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Stamina points (SP)[edit]

You can see the amount of hit points (HP) your character has in the status window.

The amount of stamina a character has influences the character's condition.

Lose stamina points[edit]

Your character will lose SP when:

You'll see (in the chat area) a message like this:

You have gained 814 EXP and 92 JP
(Stamina Bonus Was: 407 EXP +46 JP)

The second line means some SP (in this case 24 SP) are converted to EXP and JP.

Gain stamina points[edit]

Your character will gain SP when:

  • it is in a city
    • speed is like 100 SP per hour
  • it drinks a stamina potion, see items.


The condition of your character can be normal, good or excellent.

Lose condition[edit]

Your condition changes from excellent to good to normal as you battle monsters, using up stamina points.

Gain condition[edit]

Gaining on your condition is done, basically, by raising your stamina points which changes your condition (as said above) from normal to good to excellent.