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How to tame a pet[edit]

To tame a pet you must first have the basic skill of "Creature Taming". After this you must hunt creatures of certain types in order to receive an animal card. Animal cards vary, and you must have the corresponding card of the creature you'd like to tame. Once you figure that out, you simply find the creature you wish to tame and use the tame skill with the creature card in your inventory. After you have finished taming, be wary as the creature you attempt to tame will attack you whether you fail or succeed the taming attempt.

How to summon a pet[edit]

To summon a pet, you first have to tame one. Once tamed, open your Pet Equip window by pressing Alt+Y then drag your tamed card into the slot and close the window.

Then open your Skill window (Alt+S). Then once you've learned the basic summoning skill, click on the picture and drag it to the HotKey Bar at the bottom of the screen. Set it to whichever you feel comfortable with, then close the window. Then simply double click on it, or use the key function to activate it.

How to park a pet on a certain location[edit]

Shift+PC Mouse Left Click.png on the location to park. Hit Esc three times to end park.

How to train a pet[edit]

Your pets gain job points when all of the following happen:

  • Your character has summoned that pet.
  • Your character defeats an enemy.
  • The level of your pet is less than or equal to your character's level.

How to let a pet use equipment[edit]

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You need to combine an item with an item card. Item cards can be purchased from any merchant in any city for 500 gold. When you're ready to combine, make sure you have the card & the item in your inventory. In chat, type "/union" without the quotes. In that window drag over your weapon and drag over your item card, click combine, then close the window. Now, in the item should have a little symbol over it if you did it correctly. Press Alt+Y to open up your pet formation window, drag the weapon with the symbol over it into one of the item slots under the pet and voila! Your pet is equipped with that weapon!

Pet level[edit]

For all pets, this table lists the amount of Job Points (JP) required to reach that level from the previous level.

Job level JP needed to level up JP needed from level 1
1 Auto 0
2 5 5
3 12 17
4 26 43
5 57 100
6 ? ?
7 256 ?
8 432 ?
9 708 ?
10 1,066 ?
11 ? ?
12 ? ?
13 ? ?
14 4,378 ?
15 5,812 ?
16 ? ?
17 ? ?
18 11468 ?
19 ? ?
20 ? ?
21 ? ?
22 ? ?
23 ? ?
24 ? ?
25 ? ?
26 ? ?
27 ? ?
28 ? ?
29 ? ?
30 ? ?
31 110,864 ?
.. ? ?
61 1,799,200 ?
62 ? ?
63 1,989,085 ?