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Each of the three races in Rappelz has three classes: a melée-oriented class, a magic-oriented class, and a "summoner" class whose abilities centre around their pets. In a slight departure from form taken by other games in the genre, the a character's class is not chosen at the beginning of play: instead, characters are of a generic "all-rounder" class until level 10, whereupon the player can choose how to specialise. Players are also free to select their character's gender at creation.

All characters can have at least one pet or ridable creature summoned at a time, but only the Summoner-type classes gain skills that can improve their pets.

Players are free to adventure anywhere in the game world, regardless of their character's race.


The Asura are the dark race of Rappelz, concentrating more on fast attacks and evasion. The starting class for Asura is Stepper.


The Deva are the light race of Rappelz, concentrating more on high defense and healing. The starting class for Deva is Guide.


The Gaia are a neutral human race who generally have mix of defensive and attack skills. The starting class for Gaia is Rogue.