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The City Market is a big market where Remy enters after finishing Litte Chef, Big Kitchen. Remy needs to take food and later steal it from the old lady (that Remy met of the first level) while avoiding minor humans roaming around. First you have to talk to Twitch who you need to find a fuse for to start a forklift, then he needs to talk to Git thal teals Remy to take down food. After you finish that you should talk to Soline who tells Remy to put the food ont he old ladys bag. Then to follow her and then take food on the old ladys bag and later but it on the forklift that Twitch started. After that Remy mets Skinner again!. Who furios what happened to him at the previous level chases after Remy and causes havoc at the market. finaly you close him up and you can continue to The Slide of Your Life.

Collected items

  1. Batteries 0\4
  2. Stars 0\100


  1. Kid with lolipop
  2. Butcher