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Ratchet is a 14-year-old lombax and the main protagonist of the game. He longs for adventure, and has spent a lot of his free time before the events of the game building a ship, but is missing something.


Clank is Ratchet's little compainon. He is a small robot that also acts as a backpack, Heli-Pack, Thruster Pack and Hydro Pack.

Chairman Drek[edit]

Chairman Drek is a blarg who serves as the main antagonist in the game. He is trying to steal parts of planets in order to merge them into one luxurious planet for his species, as their home planet is over-polluted and no longer habbitable. It is up to Ratchet and Clank to put a stop to his plan.

Captain Qwark[edit]

Captain Qwark is a dimwitted "superhero" who is later revealed to be Drek's spokesperson. He is a major antagonist in the game.