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The Agorian Battleplex becomes available when you get to the Korthos Sector with Ratchet. The Battleplex hosts arena battles with within four different tournaments. The Bronze, Silver and Gold Tournaments are in Championship I, and the Raritanium Tournament is in Championship II, which is unlocked after you've beaten the first championship and Valkyrie Citadel, Planet Vapedia. Every tournament unlocks the next one, and within each you'll have to complete five challenges, with the last one containing a boss fight. You win prizes for beating each challenge, including bolts, treasures, weapons and gadgets. You can exit the tournament between challenges, and you may need to, as ammo you expend in the arena isn't automatically replenished.

Each challenge presents a different situation, with different enemies, objectives and constraints. Some challenges will also require that you have certain weapons or gadgets. Because each challenge is different, you may find that one weapon or strategy works better than others. You may want to wait until you have the optimal tools before tackling a tough challenge. You can leave the Battleplex at any time and come back to where you left off, so you can wait until what you need is acquired or until your health has leveled up.

Besides the inevitable enemies you face in the arena, you will also have environmental factors. The arena floor will be shaped differently in the challenges, but never go into the lava on the outside. Look around when you first start a challenge to see what other hazards there are, such as flaming holes, spikes, saws, etc. As you battle, you'll also want to maneuver towards ammo refill boxes so you don't run out.

Bronze Tournament[edit]

Winning this tournament is a required mission in the story. You'll win a Zoni, a Contstructo Mod, a Holo-plan and the Negotiator during this tournament.

Welcoming Party[edit]

  • Prize: 1,000 bolts
  • Waves: 5

For this simple challenge, just destroy the increasingly tough waves of enemies. There's nothing much to worry about; you can just cal Mr. Zurkon and take everyone out with your Omniwrench if you want. On the last wave you'll encounter an enemy with a yellow shield. Use R2 button+Square button to latch onto the shield, then Down lstick to wrench it away from them, opening them up for an attack. If you find yourself running away from the enemies, use a targeting weapon like the Constructo Pistol so you can shoot behind you. Also, if you note where enemies spawn, you can seed the area in advance of the next wave with Tesla Spikes, Groovitron Globe, etc.

Armageddon Outta Here[edit]

  • Prize: 2,000 bolts, 1 Zoni
  • Waves: 5

This is a standard course of progressively harder waves of enemies, but this time you'll have extra environmental factors. In the first two waves there will be blades on the sides you'll need to avoid, and after that they will run across the arena floor. Watching out for the moving blades while you're tying to fire can get complex, so rely heavily on Mr. Zurkon and targeted weapons that will keep you shooting in the right direction.

Return to Sender[edit]

  • Prize: 2,500 bolts, Constructo Mod
  • Waves: 5

In this challenge you can only use your Omniwrench to throw back the Agorians' bombs. Try to pick them up as soon as they hit the ground so you don't get caught in the blast after their delay is up. When you pick up a bomb, run toward an enemy and when you see the white target on him, throw it with R1 button or Square button. You'll start out fighting them one at a time, but eventually you'll have to deal with multiple bomb-throwers at once. Finally, you'll get some shielded guys too, so just yank their shields away before chucking bombs at them.

Death from Above[edit]

  • Prize: 3,000 bolts, Holo-plan
  • Waves: 3

Much like the last challenge, you'll need to throw bombs back at the Agorians. The twist is, now you are on unstable platforms floating on the lava. If you stay on a platform too long, it will start to sink. So keep moving from platform to platform when they start to go down. In addition to the normal bombs you can throw back, the Agorians will throw bigger, yellow mines you'll need to avoid. Just keep on the move and pick up bombs and throw them back as opportunity permits. You'll have plenty of chances as you're bouncing around, so focus on staying out of the lava and away from explosions. Each wave adds another side of the arena you can be attacked from, so it's important to stay on the move so you can watch in all directions.

Bros Before Foes[edit]

  • Prize: 3,500 bolts, Negotiator
  • Waves: 3
  • Boss: War Grok

Captain Qwark joins you for the first three waves, which consists of progressively harder bad guys. These are normal fights and you can use your choice of weapons. After you've defeated the three enemy waves, you'll face the War Grok, a giant Agorian beast. He has two attacks, which are best to avoid by jumping out of the way. For one he claps in front of himself to crush you between his huge hands. The other attack is a single-arm punch. If you keep backing away from him as you attack you should have no problem jumping backwards to avoid his strikes. When you've depleted a third of his health, he'll run across the arena and unleash some small minions on you while he takes a breather. They're easily dispatched, and afterwards he comes back for more. The attacks are the same and he'll run away again after you take off another third of his life. When he comes back the last time, use the same strategy to take him out and win the tournament.

Silver Tournament[edit]

Gone in 60 Seconds[edit]

  • Prize: 4,000 bolts, Gold Bolt
  • Waves: 1

Fun with Fusion Turrets[edit]

  • Prize: 4,500 bolts, 1 Zoni
  • Waves: 1

The Art of Negotiation[edit]

  • Prize: 5,000 bolts, Constructo Mod
  • Waves: 4

Name Your Poison[edit]

  • Prize: 5,500 bolts, Box Basher 2000
  • Waves: 4

Triumvirate of Terror[edit]

  • Prize: 6,000 bolts, Spiral of Death
  • Waves: 0
  • Boss: Hydra Tank

Gold Tournament[edit]


  • Prize: 6,500 bolts, Gold Bolt
  • Waves: 5

Endangered Species[edit]

  • Prize: 7,500 bolts, 1 Zoni
  • Waves: 1

The Quick and the Dead[edit]

  • Prize: 8,000 bolts, Armor Magnetizer
  • Waves: 1

Agorian Roulette[edit]

  • Prize: 8,500 bolts, Constructo Mod
  • Waves: 1

Double Jeopardy[edit]

  • Prize: 9,000 bolts, Constructo Shotgun
  • Waves: 0
  • Boss: War Grok, Hydra Tank

Raritanium Tournament[edit]

Fire Proof[edit]

  • Prize: 5,000 bolts, 1 Zoni
  • Waves: 1

Toxic Engagement[edit]

  • Prize: 10,000 bolts, Holo-plan
  • Waves: 1

The Exterminator[edit]

  • Prize: 15,000 bolts, Constructo Mod
  • Waves: 3

Battery Bots on the Battlefield[edit]

  • Prize: 20,000 bolts, Treasure Mapper
  • Waves: 1


  • Prize: 25,000 bolts, Chimp-O-Matic
  • Waves: 20
  • Boss: War Grok, Hydra Tank