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Gadgets will help you solve puzzles and get around in the game. Some gadgets are acquired through playing the game, while others are optional and can be won at the Agorian Battleplex. Clank and Ratchet have different gadgets, although they do share Time Bombs at certain points in the game. Some treasures can only be found after you have a certain gadget, which means you may need to backtrack to planets and sectors you've already been to, to acquire them.

Ratchet's four main gadgets can be accessed with the Neutral dpad. The other gadgets work automatically, and just need to be acquired.


Your most basic tool and weapons, the Omniwrench is always with you can has many uses. It is also your fall back weapon when you're out of ammo, and is great for breaking exploding boxes without taking damage. When using the wrench as a tool, you'll get on-screen cues, which are normally Square button by itself or R2 button+Square button. Unlike other main gadgets, you can always use the Omniwrench without having to select it on the Neutral dpad.


Like the Omniwrench, the Swingshot is always with you as well. When you see floating yellow, blue or green orbs crossing open gaps, you can jump out to them and press Circle button to attach the Swingshot and swing across to the other side.


The Hoverboots all you to zip around, floating just above the ground. Hoverboots allow you to grind rails, fly off boost ramps, go from jump pad to jump pad and float slowly down to the ground, allowing you to increase you jumping distance. While boosting with the Hoverboots, you'll be able to smash boxes just by running into them. In many cases, you'll need the Hoverboots to traverse rail and vines to get to another area or hidden place.


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Time Bombs[edit]

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