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From the Inventory menu, put your favorite weapons in the first weapon selector wheel.

The weapons in the game are all upgraded with use. Pick the weapons that allows the combat style you enjoy, and you'll be rewarded for using that weapon by continuous upgrades that enhance its stats. When the weapon reaches Level 5, it gets a mega boost, which usually adds a new functionality and appearance as well as powering it up. If you're not in a critical situation, try to use your lower level weapon to power them up, as constantly using a Level 5 weapon does nothing for you. When a weapon is equipped, or you're looking at it in the weapon selector wheel or Inventory menu, you'll see it's level as Vn. When the experience bar underneath is full, your weapon will be upgraded.

After beating the game, you can play through in Challenge Mode, and all weapons can be purchased starting at Level 6. In Challenge Mode the weapons are all Omega Ω weapons, and can be upgraded to Level 10 to max out their stats.

Store-bought weapons can be found from GrummelNet vendors and become available as you progress through the story. Some weapons you don't get from weapon vendors, such as weapons won in the Agorian Battleplex and the RYNO V, which you piece together yourself. Three of the weapons are from the new Constructo line, which allows you customize your weapon as you find Constructo Mods.


Except for the Constructo Pistol you start with, these weapons are bought from GrummelNet vendors throughout the galaxy. You'll find these vendors on various planets, on ships and on the sector Depot. You can also fill your ammo at the weapon vendors.

Constructo Pistol[edit]

  • Level 5: Mega Constructo Pistol
  • Available: Beginning
  • Cost: —
  • Level 6 cost: 96,000 bolts

The starter gun is a great choice throughout the game, quickly becoming very powerful with the application of a few Constructo Mods. This weapon's standard shots are single energy bullets and it has an auto-targeting feature. While many weapons are for crowd control and fire in the direction Ratchet is facing, the Constructo Pistol fires in the direction the camera faces. This is very important for times when you need to run away from an enemy and still shoot them. When you can, use the Charge or Rapid Fire mods to make this weapon usable at higher levels.

Trigger mod
  • Pull: Starting trigger. Fires a single shot every time you fire.
  • Rapid Fire: Shoots a quick barrage of shots while you hold down the fire button.
  • Charge: Hold the fire button to build up a powerful shot, then release.
Chamber mod
  • Coil:
  • Blast:
  • Beam:
Upgrade mod
  • Ricochet:
  • Scorcher:
  • Impactor:
Paint mod
  • Paint It: Customize your own colors.
  • Paladin:
  • Gunmetal:
  • Rogue:
  • Pacifier:

Constructo Bomb[edit]

  • Level 5: Mega Constructo Bomb
  • Available: Zolar Forest, Planet Quantos
  • Cost: 1,000 bolts
  • Level 6 cost: 104,000 bolts

The Constructo Bomb fires explosive bombs from a glove. When leveled up, this weapon becomes extremely powerful and can be modded to focus on ground troops or airborne enemies. A targeting marker will be shown on the ground in front of Ratchet (or on a wall or object, if it would interfere with the bomb's trajectory), marking where the bomb will land. If used correctly, the Constructo Bomb will help you take out swarms of enemies and large, single enemies throughout the game.

Trigger mod
  • Contact: Starting trigger. Explodes as soon as it touches something, either the enemy or ground.
  • Proximity: Basically a land mine that won't explode until an enemy nears it.
  • Timed: You'll get a three second delay before explosion. Not very useful, as your blasts don't hurt you and this forces you to try and time your enemies movement.
Chamber mod
  • Explosive: Starting chamber. Simple explosive.
  • Shockwave: This mod sends shockwaves into the ground, doing more damage to ground troops and widening the area of effect.
  • Skyburst: Aims the blast upward, and is great for taking out the tough flying enemies you sometimes encounter.
Upgrade mod
  • Toxic: Coats enemies with a deadly bio-toxin, increasing damage and area of effect.
  • Shrapnel: Sends shrapnel flying, which increases damage and area of effect.
  • Barrage:
Paint mod
  • Paint It:
  • Mercenary:
  • Zoni:
  • Gone Commando:
  • Angela Special:

Mr. Zurkon[edit]

  • Level 5: Zurkon the Destroyer
  • Available: Vorselon's Ship
  • Cost: 4,000 bolts
  • Level 6 cost: 196,000 bolts

Mr. Zurkon is a homicidal robot that floats around after you, blasting enemies and delivering hilariously bloodthirsty quips. Unlike other weapons, you don't control Mr. Zurkon and you can use other weapons while he's around. It's a good idea to constantly select Mr. Zurkon before equipping your weapon of choice, which will allow him to level up in no time. In later stages of the game and in the Battleplex, your robot friend will come in very handy with his powerful Level 5 blasters.

Sonic Eruptor[edit]

  • Level 5: Super Sonic Eruptor
  • Available: Zolar Forest, Planet Quantos
  • Cost: 4,000 bolts
  • Level 6 cost: 122,000 bolts

The Sonic Eruptor is powered by a small alien creature's belches. The sound waves produces from the small animal will tear apart enemies in front of you. You can see the sound waves as concentric, expanding rings radiating outwards from the weapon. The attack is modified based on a power meter across the top of the screen. Wait for the meter to expand out to the sides and get fully white to produce the largest blast. This is a great weapon for the beginning stages of the game if you are good at timing the power meter, and it's recommended that you upgrade this weapon to Level 5 first, to hold you over until you can purchase more powerful weapons.

Dynamo of Doom[edit]

R&CF A Crack in Time dynamo of doom.png
  • Level 5: Dynamo of Devastation
  • Available: Molonoth Fields, Torren IV
  • Cost: 16,000 bolts
  • Level 6 cost: 171,000 bolts

This weapon fires a rolling metal ball that shoots electricity out to zap enemies. The weapon fires in the direction Ratchet is facing, but you can control its movements by tilting the controller left and right. It is a fairly powerful weapon right from the get-go, but it will be hard to use to its full potential during especially frantic sequences where you may not be able to concentrate on maneuvering the dynamos with the SIXAXIS.

Tesla Spikes[edit]

  • Level 5: Storm Spikes
  • Available: Axiom City, Planet Terachnos
  • Cost: 19,000 bolts
  • Level 6 cost: 205,000 bolts

Tesla Spikes are metal spikes thrown by glove into the ground, where they shock any enemies that wander by. Throwing multiple spikes sets up a electric fence as they connect with each other. Throwing more spikes produces more energy and more hits to the enemies. While somewhat useful for crowd control, it's best used by laying down an initial base of "electric wire", then switching to a primary weapon.

Groovitron Glove[edit]

R&CF A Crack in Time groovitron glove.png
  • Level 5: Groovibomb Glove
  • Available: Agorian Battleplex
  • Cost: 15,000 bolts
  • Level 6 cost: 332,000 bolts

This glove sends out a hypnotic disco ball that hovers over the killing field, mesmerizing enemies who begin to dance to the grooves. This is a good weapon to distract your foes while you kill them unmolested.

Plasma Striker[edit]

  • Level 5: Plasma Slayer
  • Available: Krell Canyon, Planet Lumos
  • Cost: 33,000 bolts
  • Level 6 cost: 233,000 bolts

This is Ratchet's sniper rifle. When the weapon is equipped, go into first-person mode with L1 button, then cycle through three zoom levels by clicking the R3 button stick. When zoomed in, you'll see red circles with white borders showing your the enemy's weak spots. Move the reticle over the weak spot and it will turn green, letting you know you've got a good lock. Firing at the weak spots will greatly increase the devastating power of this weapon. The range is very good, so use this weapon from afar, usually outside the enemy's attack range.

CryoMine Glove[edit]

  • Level 5: Blizzard Mine Glove
  • Available: Tombli Outpost, Planet Zanifar
  • Cost: 41,000 bolts
  • Level 6 cost: 287,000 bolts

This glove shoots out small metal balls that freeze enemies on contact. While they're frozen you can attack them to deal damage without them fighting back. In addition to giving you an opportunity to unleash some attacks on a helpless enemy, you can also use this in large crowds to limit the amount of enemies fighting you, giving you time to take care of the active ones. Like other glove weapons, you'll fire these out in front of Ratchet, so face the enemy you want to freeze.

Buzz Blades[edit]

  • Level 5: Doom Blades
  • Available: Vorselon's Warship
  • Cost: 30,000 bolts
  • Level 6 cost: 416,000 bolts

Buzz Blades are small circular saw blades that bounce around, ricocheting off enemies and other surfaces to deliver multiple hits. This weapon is extremely useful, as it has auto-targeting and can be used on ground and air enemies. Start using this one as soon as you get it, as it is one of the best Level 5 weapons.

Mag-Net Launcher[edit]

  • Level 5: Mag-Net Cannon
  • Available: Valkyrie Citadel, Planet Vapedia
  • Cost: 40,000 bolts
  • Level 6 cost: 536,000 bolts

Rift Inducer 5000[edit]

  • Level 5: Rift Ripper 5000
  • Available: Nefarious Space Station
  • Cost: 91,000 bolts
  • Level 6 cost: 499,000 bolts

Agorian Battleplex[edit]

These weapons are won by completing challenges in the tournaments at the Agorian Battleplex in the Korthos Sector.


R&CF A Crack in Time negotiator.png
  • Level 5: Judicator
  • Challenge: Bros Before Foes, Bronze Tournament
  • Level 6 cost: 244,000 bolts

Won early on in the game, this rocket launcher will be a great help to you throughout the adventure. It starts out being very powerful and only gets better as you upgrade it, until it starts shooting three rockets at once at Level 5. It has auto-targeting, so wait for the white target to appear on an enemy and take them out. This weapon works great on the tougher enemies, usually taking them out in two to three hits. This is also a great way to make short work of the Hydra Tanks you'll face later.

Spiral of Death[edit]

R&CF A Crack in Time spiral of death.png
  • Level 5: Spiral of Carnage
  • Cost: Triumvirate of Terror, Silver Tournament
  • Level 6 cost: 278,000 bolts

Although very powerful, the poor auto-aim makes this weapon somewhat hard to used efficiently. It shoots out blue energy saw blades, that go out a good distance before returning back to the weapon. If you can face your enemy directly, or get the weapon to mark it with a white target, the Spiral of Death can be a formidable weapon.

Constructo Shotgun[edit]

  • Level 5: Mega Constructo Shotgun
  • Challenge: Double Jeopardy, Gold Tournament
  • Level 6 cost: 255,000 bolts


R&CF A Crack in Time chimp-o-matic.png
  • Level 5: Chimpositron
  • Challenge: Overkill, Raritanium Tournament
  • Level 6 cost: 501,000 bolts

RYNO V[edit]

R&CF A Crack in Time ryno v.png
  • Level 5: Mega RYNO V
  • Cost: 10 Holo-Plans
  • Level 6 cost: 1,000,000 bolts

The biggest, baddest weapon of the game, the RYNO V must be assembled by collecting ten RYNO V Holo-Plans scattered throughout the galaxy. You can't get this weapon until near the end of the game, when you have access to the last Holo-Plan on Dr. Nefarious' ship. Once you've collected all the Holo-Plans, you can take them back to the Axiom City Spaceport, on Terachnos in the Vela Sector, where the Smuggler will build the weapon for you.