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The guard says: "Greetings, travelers. Would you be interested in an adventure?" "The royal sword, Zabin, was used by our first king, but was lost during an ancient battle. Recently, we found a scroll which leads us to believe that it is currently residing in the ruins to the northeast of the city. If you brave adventurers can return Zabin to us, you will be well rewarded."

The north-east ruins[edit | edit source]

  • Maps legend:
    • Red arrows: stairs
    • Blue tiles: encounter (use text parser)
    • Red tiles: fixed fight
    • Grey tiles: unaccessible solid walls
    • Orange lines: regular doors
    • Red lines: locked doors
    • Grey lines: hidden passages, one-way passages
    • Triangles: teleporters; upwards is the departure, downwards the destination

Floor 1[edit | edit source]

Map of the first floor.

As the manual instructs you, experiment using the text parser on the pile of rubble, that is found in the room east from the entrance. You will get an useful hint for this floor.

Get to the corridor and head south. Examine the messy bed for a key that will allow to open any locked door in these ruins. In a nearby room to the west, get the cheese. You can feed it to a rat.[1][2] You will obtain another copy of the previous key.

To the south you can meet a fearsome ghost. Talk to it, and you will learn an important hint about the royal sword, Zabin.

To the west is a magically locked door: leave it alone. You can circumvent it by using two teleporters, thus saving one spell point. In order to activate the first teleporter, examine the altar just east of the starting room. In the "arrival" cave, step into the bubbling pool to get teleported back to the altar room.

Beyond the altar room is a locked door, that can be unlocked by the key you already found. Defeat the goblin chief in the room, then remember the hint obtained experimenting with the rubble. At the end of the corridor a miscellaneous set of items can be found.

Use the altar teleporter now, and start exploring the north portion of this floor. Pay the old wizard, and he will reveal a secret door. Proceed north to find part of Zabin. Continue to the east, but your path will be blocked by a metal wall. Nearby, a slot in the wall will accept one of the items from the goblin chief's secret stash. When you solve this puzzle, you can proceed to the second floor.

  1. NOTE: in reality, mice and rats are seldom attracted by cheese; they would rather eat fruit and seeds.
  2. It is possible that Ronald Rat is a reference to a well-known chain of junk food canteens. In fact, in some countries it is said sarcastically that they sell rat-burgers.

Floor 2[edit | edit source]

Map of the second floor.

You can cross the river the first time by performing an obvious action, but then you will meet a ferryman. A voice suggested that you can cross the river without spending money, but how? (Stub: more information required)

In the eastern tunnels the Rogue Alliance is mentioned for the first time. This corresponds to the localized Japanese title of the game, therefore it might be relevant.

A sword is embedded in the wall: you have to get it without using the "get" command. Think of some similar verb, or some action you would do in reality. When you solve this puzzle, you can proceed to the next floor.

Floor 3[edit | edit source]

Map of the third floor.

The first room is described as very colorful, but this also corresponds to the buttons found in the three adjacent rooms. Since you are exploring downwards from above, start from the ceiling color, and end with the floor color.

Whenever you press a button, you will be teleported to a different area. When you arrive there, a door is in front of you: these are actually magic portals to the colorful "hub".

  • Red area: the second part of Zabin can be found here.
  • Green area: talk to the goblin for a cryptic hint, then ask the librarian about it; you will obtain further information.
  • Blue area: two important things should be done here. First, employ the knowledge from the library to restore Zabin; then, explore deeper to find a map pouch, that reveals how to read the maps included with the game.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

Once Zabin has been restored, backtrack to the city of Grail and give the royal sword to the guard. The reward is 200 Silver Coins to the sword's wielder, and 100 experience points to each party member.

The guard will also prompt you to the beginning of th next scenario.