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The dwarf wakes up and, after clearing his eyes, tells the party: "Know this, my friends, the Rogue Alliance is protected by charms. These charms prevent normal weapons from affecting them. If you wish to destroy the Alliance, you must find the bones of dragon".

The valley of the dragons.
Dragons valley map
4 - Temple -
3 Star
2 Dungeon

Dragons dungeon[edit | edit source]

Floor 1[edit | edit source]

Floor 1.
Teleporters are color-coded
  • False walls and teleporting doors: these obstacles were actually introduced in the first dungeon.
  • Sherlock's Shield Shop: buy upgraded shields for everyone.
  • Bronze and metal door: one door has a "welcome" mat with a key underneath; the key is useless; just act as if the door was a normal home door. The second door requires to split the party.
  • Collect three items: find a magic "weapon", an item that will be necessary on the next floor, and an useless one.

Floor 2[edit | edit source]

Floor 2.
Above is the original universe, below the parallel one. Blue arrows downwards represent teleporters from the original universe to the parallel one. Pink arrows upwards represent teleporters back. Almost all links are "vertical".
  • The mirror and Gertrude: an item found on the upper floor should be used at one of these locations. You will obtain a new item that, by exclusion, will be necessary fo the other puzzle.
  • The quickest route to the next floor is: from the upper floor stairs, go left, enter the (teleporting) door and go back. On the way back up, do the same, but also open the (teleporting) door at the end of the same left corridor.

Floor 3[edit | edit source]

Floor 3

A skulking thief just outside Baddel holds important information about an elevator. You need at least one officially appointed operator (from the previous floor).

Floors deeper than 3[edit | edit source]

You can explore each sub-floor with a progressively smaller party (it is a nice challenge), or you can spend more time moving the elevator up and down and transport everyone to each specific floor.

Despite the fact that you take an elevator downwards, the "Depth Detection" spell will always state that you are on floor 3. This was probably done to prevent abusing the two "Teleport" spells.

Floor 3 minus 0 characters
Floor 3 minus 1 character
Floor 3 minus 2 characters
Floor 3 minus 3 characters
Floor 3 minus 4 characters
Floor 3 minus 5 characters
Floor 3 minus 6 characters
Floor 3 minus 7 characters