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The purpose of this text transcript is to help players finding information that they may have overlooked.

Scenario I[edit | edit source]

The guard says: "Greetings, travelers. Would you be interested in an adventure?"

  • Yes: "The royal sword, Zabin, was used by our first king, but was lost during an ancient battle. Recently, we found a scroll which leads us to believe thqt it is currently residing in the ruins to the northeast of the city. If you brave adventurers can return Zabin to us, you will be well rewarded."

North-east ruins, floor 1[edit | edit source]

(South-west & south)

A sign here reads: "Danger! This door locked for your safety!"

A terrifying ghost materializes and, with a booming voice, demands: "Who dares disturb my rest?"

  • Talk: The ghost states: "Know you that I was the champion Sir Drake, who was sent here to retrieve Zabin, the sword of the kings! Unfortunately, I was killed, but not before I learned that Zabin was broken into two pieces in a fantastic battle with an evil sorcerer! Finish ye the mission I started. Good luck and may your sword never rust!"

Many pots and cooking utensils litter this room.

  • Visible object: piece of cheese
  • Look cheese: The cheese has blue, green and pink mold growing on it. Only a rat would eat cheese this old.

Rat holes decorate the wall.

  • Feed cheese to rat: Ronald Rat runs out of a rat hole with a key in his mouth. He drops the key, grabs your cheese and runs back into the hole. Visible object: green key

Against the wall is an incredibly messy bed.

  • Look bed: The bed is quite messy. Obviously, these creatures do not know how to make a bed. You notice a key lying on the bed. Visible object: green key.
  • Make bed: No time for that now, you have got an adventure to solve.

The floor is covered with bones.


In this corner is a large mound of rubble.

  • Push rubble: The rubble looks just fine where it is.
  • Search rubble: The mound of rubble is quite large.
  • Climb rubble: Standing on the mound of rubble, you can see writing on the ceiling, which reads: "Illusionary wall in chief's room".

The party stands before a blood-stained altar.

  • Look altar: It appears to be moveable.
  • Move altar: After a brilliant display of lights, the party finds itself in unfamiliar surroundings! (Teleport)

Visible objects: dagger, dagger

Visible objects: metal card, rainbow potion, unlock scroll, copper earrings.

  • Look metal card: The small metal card is thin and rectangular.

Ahead of the party is a bubbling pool. (Teleporter)

A sign over the door reads: "Torture chamber".

Written on the wall is: "Persuasion through pain!"

Sitting on a box is an old man.

  • Talk: The old man asks: "Would you like some entertainment? The cost is 25 Silver Pieces." (Y/N)
  • Yes: The man gives an entertaining puppet show. Afterwards, the man casts a spell, and a door appears out of nowhere!

This room is filled with dusty shelves.

  • Visible object: part of Zabin

A giant metal wall halts your progress.

There is a slot in the wall here.

  • Put metal card in slot: Click!

North-east ruins, floor 2[edit | edit source]

A voice whispers: "Do not pay the ferryman."

To the south/north is an underground river.

  • Swim: The party does the dog paddle across the water.

Lying on the ground is the skeleton of a Copan fighter.

  • Look skeleton: You find an object. Visible object: blueberry beret

To the north is an underground river. Nearby is a ferryman who seems to be beckoning to the party.

  • Swim north: The river here is to deep!
  • Look: Charon is wearing a long flowing robe with a hood. Within the hood you can see a grim visage with two blazing orbs and a ghoulish smile.
  • Talk: The ferryman inquires: "Will you pay 20 Silver Pieces for a two-way trip across the river, mate?" (Y/N)
  • Yes: The ferryman rows the party across the river.

To the south is an underground river. Nearby is a ferryman who seems to be beckoning to the party.

  • Talk: The ferryman asks: "Ready to shove off, mate?" (Y/N)

A sign posted on the wall reads: "Bored? Restless? Nothing to do? Visit your local bowling alley today."

An advertisement posted on the wall reads: "The Rogue Alliance - When you want to maim and plunder, look us up."

Imbedded in the wall is a sword.

  • Pull/turn sword: The wall moves, causing the floor to shift. Afterwards, the party finds itself deposited in the adjacent chamber.

North-east ruins, floor 3[edit | edit source]

The ceiling of this room is red, the walls are green and the floor is blue.

  1. There is a red button here.
  2. There is a green button here.
  3. There is a blue button here.
  • Press button: The party is blinded by a scintillating show of lights! (teleport)

The party sees a wretched goblin who screams: "Please! Do not hurt me anymore!"

  • Talk: The goblin whimpers: "Clxvii."

A sign reads: "Library: no noise will be tolerated. Violators will be violated!"

A librarian sits behind a desk, reading a book.

  • Talk: The librarian asks: "Which book do you wish to read?"
  • CLXVII (167 in Roman numerals): The librarian hands you the book you asked for. After reading the book, you learn that to summon Vulcan, the blacksmith of the gods, you need to shout "Magma". After you have read the book, the librarian takes it from you and bids you farewell.

Visible object: Pouch

  • Examine pouch: Inside are two maps; one is mirror imaged and the other one can be assembled with:

Burnt into the rough-hewn rock by freeflowing lava is a "V".

  • Shout magma: Vulcan materializes! He commands: "Bring me all the pieces of Zabin, and I will restore the sword for you".
  • Shout magma: Vulcan materializes! He restores the sword, hands it to you and commands: "Return the sword to the Chosen". Visible object: Zabin

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

Give Zabin (to guard): "Thank you, great heroes, for returning Zabin to us. To show our appreciation for this great effort, we give you this bag of Silver." (giver earns 200 Silver) "As an added bonus, the royal wizard will now cast a spell that will raise your experience." (each character earns 100 exp.) "By the way, this may be of interest to your party: there is a widely traveled nobleman dining at our local tavern. He is presently looking for brave adventurers who will help him. Again, thank you and farewell; we will never forget this deed."

Scenario II[edit | edit source]

A well dressed nobleman is pacing back and forth. He is obviously waiting for someone.

  • Talk: The nobleman says: "Oh, you must be the famous adventurers I have been hearing about. Perhaps you can help me with my problem. My father, in his quest for arcane knowledge, acquired this crystal ball. Shortly afterwards, it drove him mad, and I fear the same fate. Would you adventurers rid me of this cursed crystal ball?" (Y/N)
  • Yes: "Using the power of the sphere, I have discovered that the curse can be lifted by travelling to the ruins which are southwest of Grail. Here is the crystal ball. Return to me upon completion of your journey for your reward. Farewell and may the stars favor you."
  • Look ball: At first you see nothing. Slowly, colorful mists form and condense into a skull. Suddenly it opens its mouth and laughs victoriously.
  • Talk: "Return to me after you have lifted the curse."

South-west ruins, floor 1[edit | edit source]

Painted on the floor is: "Do not get lost!"

Visible object: electric fan

  • Look fan: The fan has an on/off switch.
  • Turn on fan: The fan produces a strong wind. After a while, however, you turn off the fan to conserve power.

Visible object: sunglasses

  • Look sunglasses: They are the most cool-looking shades you have ever seen.

Ahead of the party is a dazzling display of colorful lights, which makes the party feel dizzy.

  • Wear sunglasses: With your sunglasses on, you lead the party safely past the lights.

Visible object: red key

  • Look key: Written on this side of the key is: "Made by Luke".

A manual is lying on a small desk here; the title reads: "Breakdancing without getting broken".

  • Read manual: Now you know all the skills of the lost art of breakdancing!

South-west ruins, floor 2[edit | edit source]

A sign here says: "Future home of stairs".

  • Assemble stairs kit: You build the stairs in record time, and they look dandy! Visible object: stairs going down.

A voice from nowhere warns: "Danger ahead!"

A sudden blast of unnatural cold envelopes the party.

The party sees writing on the wall.

  • Read writing: You learn how to assemble a stairs kit.
  • Visible object: rainbow potion.

Standing behind a counter is a dwarf. Hanging on the dwarf behind him are various weapons.

  • Talk: The dwarf sobs: "My wife has been kidnapped. If you adventureres have any compassion, I beg of you to rescue her". The dwarf continues: "If you find her I will give you something which may be of value in the near future". In order to reach my wife, you will need this key. Visible objects: wizard key.
  • Look key: Written on this side of the key is: "Made by Luke".
  • Talk (after saving dwarvess): The dwarf thanks you for your help and gives you a kit. Visible objects: stairs kit.

A sign reads: "The wizards are in!"

Written on the wall is: "Don't kill time, just wound it!"

A sign on the door reads: "Rogue Alliance branch office".

Sitting in a corner is a female dwarf.

  • Talk: The female dwarf says: "Thank you for giving me my freedom. Accompany me to my husband, and you will be rewarded."

A very large box lies on the ground.

  • Look box: The box is closed.
  • Open box: You find an object. Visible object: chain mail

A voice booms out: "Let the tournament begin!"

South-west ruins, floor 3[edit | edit source]

Visible object: dime.

  • Look dime: Engraved on the coin is: "Take to your local wishing well and make a wish".

Before the party is a very deep well. A sign on it reads: "May all your wishes come true".

  • Examine well: There is a pile of coins at the bottom of the well.
  • Throw dime: A booming voice states: "If you can find someone to willingly take the cursed object, your mission will be accomplished".

Visible object: huge black ball.

  • Look ball: The ball has three holes. Each hole is about two inches [4cm] deep and half an inch [1cm] wide.

Visible object: rope and hook

North/south of the party is a bridge. A sign reads: "Bridge over pit. Maximum load: 4 characters".

A manual is lying on a small desk. The title reads: "Programming: the trial and error method".

  • Read manual: After studying all of the exercises in the book, you are now qualified to write a program to calculate the atomic density of your right ear.

A giant painting decorates the entire south wall.

  • Look painting: Depicted in the painting are ten strange white towers which are in a curious setup. The towers are in four rows. There is one tower in the first row, two in the second, three in the third and four in the fourth. The layout is similar to a triangle.
  • Bowl: The large ball accelerates as it rolls down the hall. The party feels a thunderous crash when the ball slams down the stone wall. When the dust has finally settled, the party can see an opening ahead.

South-west ruins, floor 4[edit | edit source]

As the party approaches a statue of a knight, it comes to life and greets the characters.

  • Look statue: The statue exudes an indefineable magical quality.
  • Talk: The statue says: "Those who do not impress me do not pass".
  • Write program: The knight declares: "In all my years, never have I seen such skill and finesse until now; you may pass".

A goblin behind a counter greets the party: "Welcome to Mr. Chess pawn shop".

  • Talk: The goblin says: "That is a fine looking crystal ball you have there. I will buy it from you for ten Silver Pieces. Agree?" (Y/N)
  • Talk: The goblin says: "I will buy anything that is nice for the right price!"

The party sees a frantic gnome running around, screaming: "Hasanyoneseenmy seismicdevice?"

  • Talk: The gnome dashes off before you can talk to him.
  • Give device: The gnome runs off before you can return his device to him.

This hallway is very misty.

  • Turn on fan: The powerful wind disperses all of the annoying mist to the four corners of the earth. Visible object: Seismic device.
  • Look seismic device: There is a lever on it.

On a ledge, forty feet [15m] above the party, is a superhuge boulder.

  • Look boulder: It seems to be delicately balanced on the ledge.
  • Pull lever: The boulder falls from the ledge and crushes the crystal ball into a million pieces!

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

Talk (to nobleman): The nobleman says: "Congratulations on the success of your mission! Here is your reward: a Staff of Health, to help you fulfill your destiny. In addition, you can use my bridge across Laughing River any time you wish. Thanks and farewell."

Scenario III[edit | edit source]

The guard says: "I have recently heard that there is trouble beyond the river".

Sitting on a rock near the river bank is an old man fishing.

  • Talk: The old man says: "If you value your lives, do not go beyond the river because Gorth rules the land with an iron hand".

The party sees a majestic bridge which spans Laughing River.

  • Look bridge: It is over troubled water.

In the middle of a clearing is a small camp with a sign which reads: "Willy's Weapon Warehouse".

  • Talk: Willy says: "I am ready to make a killing. Are you not?"

Gorth's dungeon, floor 1[edit | edit source]

There is a woman standing here.

  • Talk: The woman warns you: "Do not throw away your lives in vain because Gorth cannot feel any pain".

A giant red arrow points to the square you are standing on. A note reads: "You are here".

A wise voice declares: "Do not make a wrong turn, move right".

Gorth's dungeon, floor 1 pits[edit | edit source]

South-east[edit | edit source]

There is a large hole in the ceiling.

Decorating the walls are some darling draperies; a string dangles lazily beside them.

  • Pull string: A terrifyingly ugly beast with a menacing grin attacks the party! Oh, I am sorry! It is just a mirror.

South-west[edit | edit source]

There is a large hole in the ceiling.

Visible object: bullwhip (+1).

Visible object: lawn mower.

  • Examine lawn mower: It appears to be a hand propelled device used to shorten blades of grass.

North-east[edit | edit source]

There is a large hole in the ceiling.

Visible object: knife.

Hanging from the ceiling is a rope.

  • Pull rope: Several hooded figures enter the room and tend to your wounds. Afterwards, they silently depart.

An exquisite elf watches the characters as they walk by.

  • Talk: The elf says: "Gorth is controlled by a control center".

Visible object: staff (thunder bolt, 10 charges).

North-west[edit | edit source]

There is a large hole in the ceiling.

A sign reads: "Remember the robot for directions".

Gorth's dungeon, floor 3[edit | edit source]

Visible object: gold ring (cursed; AC -1; uncurse for 125$).

Visible object: green key.

Burnt into the walls are the words: "Laboratory of the evil, demented scientist Gene Yus".

A table with various apparatuses stands near the wall.

A sign reads: "All flasks have the instructions written on them". Visible item: strange flask.

  • Examine flask: The label on the flask reads: "Dehydrated demon slayer. Instructions: 1. add milk; 2. approach the victim; 3. shake".
  • Add milk to flask: Bubbles form in your flask! Visible item: bubbling flask.

Visible object: green key.

The party hears a warning: "Somebody is watching you".

Standing ahead of the party is a terrifying demon who refuses to let the party proceed.

  • Look demon: The demon bares its bloody fangs and smiles devilishly, confident that you will not pass alive.
  • Talk: You receive no reply.
  • Shake flask: A strange mist flows from the flask and solidifies into a huge monster. The monster then slays the demon and vanishes!

There is a button on the wall.

  • Press button: In the distance, the party hears a stone block land with a thunderous crash.

A skeleton is leaning against the wall.

  • Look skeleton: The skeleton raises its hand and points toward the opening across the corridor.
  • Talk: The skeleton whispers: "Shun the portals, mortals".

The party sees an enchanted garden, which is surprisingly well tended.

The party is swamped by tall blades of grass.

  • Mow lawn: You hear a loud clank as a metallic object, which has been hidden in the depths of the grass until now, flies past your ears. Visible item: gold key.
  • Examine key: Written on the side of the key is: "Made by Luke".

A lemon Personal Computer Junior sits on a small desk.

  • Look computer: It is a nice little computer with a pretty screen with an adorable image of Gorth on it. The computer is plugged into the wall.
  • Unplug computer: You have reduced the computer to a useless collection of circuit boards. Gorth, receiving no further instructions, crashes into a wall.

Gorth's dungeon, floor 4[edit | edit source]

A sign indicates that this is the storage room.

Visible objects: bottle of milk.

  • Look bottle: The glass bottle is filled to the brim with a white substance.

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

The guard says: "Congratulations on your victory over Gorth! Now, you must be here to help Stealth; he is in cell number 1. Go right on in".

Scenario IV[edit | edit source]

Stealth the thief is sitting on a cell bed.

  • Talk: Stealth the thief says: "I was unjustly accused of having stolen the bartender's silver. There is but one way I can prove my innocence: I need the amulet of truth. Will you help me?" (Y/N)
  • Yes: "The owner of this legendary amulet is my brother, Eldritch the sorcerer. Deliver this letter, which explains my predicament, and he will pay you. Eldritch lives across the mountains and, since none of you can fly, you may consider using the subterranean passageway beyond the river. Here is the letter and an item that may aid you. Beware of the Rogue Alliance, a group of fanatics who are determined to rule the world." Visible items: letter, ticket.
  • Read letter: It is a letter from Stealth the Thief to Eldritch the Wizard explaining Stealth's predicament.
  • Look ticket: Written on the ticket is: "Admit one party to their deaths. Signed: the monsters".
  • Talk (again): Stealth the thief says: "Deliver my letter soon because I do not have much time left".

Subterranean passageway, floor 1, north[edit | edit source]

The party sees a lady inside a booth.

  • Talk (without ticket): The lady says: "No non-members are allowed. Demetic, throw these fools out!"
  • Talk (holding ticket): The lady says: "We are honored by your presence. Please enter."

Visible object: long sword (spirit sword, 2 charges).

Visble object: lost buckler (buckler +1, casts "Restore Lost Levels").

Carved into a wall is the following comment: "Elf island".

A sign is posted on one of the walls. It says: "Saw drops".

In the corner is Luke's locksmith shop. The party sees Luke fiddling with a chest.

  • Talk: Luke says: "I charge 100 silver pieces for unlocking a door. Will you pay?" (Y/N)
  • Yes: In the blink of an eye, Luke dashes out of the room. Moments later, he returns and says: "That was simple enough".

Scribbled on the walls is: "Kilroy was here".

A man clad in colorful robes is meditating in mid-air. As the party enters the room, he wakes up.

  • Talk: The man demands: "What is the password, mortals?"
  • Elf island: The man says: "Incorrect! None are as blind as those who are not willing to see!" (speaker is blinded)
  • Saw drops: The man says: "Incorrect! This is what will happen if you do not quit eating quiche!" (speaker's health reduced to 1)
  • Kilroy was here: The man says: "This object is a small price to pay for some peace. Now, stop pestering me and get out of here!" Visible object: magic carpet.
  • Look carpet: Sewn on the underside is a label which reads: "Property of Ali Baba's enchanted carpets shop".

Subterranean passageway, floor 2[edit | edit source]

Visible object: bone.

  • Look bone: It is a club sized bone with many teeth marks on it.

Visible object: golf club.

  • Look club: Written on the side is: "IX Fe". (9 iron)

On the lawn is a white golf ball balanced on a tee.

  • Play golf (with golf club): The ball slices to the right, bounces off a tree and tears through the foliage, revealing a passage to the west.

The party sees a man inside a booth. Pasted on the booth is a sign: "Cash your checks here".

  • Talk (without check): The man says: "You'd better check something out".
  • Talk (holding check): The man takes your check and gives you a strange object. Visible object: balloon.
  • Look balloon: It is a deflated little balloon with a string attached to it.

Visible object: check.

  • Look check: It reads: "Pay to the party: one deflated little red balloon".

Visible object: bone.

  • Look bone: It is a club sized bone with many teeth marks on it.

A large, ferocious, three-headed dog stalks this hallway.

  • Throw bone (1): The three-headed dog sinks its teeth into the bone and cracks a tooth. Angered by this embarassing moment, it chomps on your leg.
  • Throw bone (2): The three-headed dog sinks its teeth into the bone and... Boom!!! It explodes into a million pieces!

Written on the wall in green blood is: "Who knows what lurks behind the door?"

To the south of the party is a great chasm.

  • Ride carpet (party of 6+): The magic carpet is incapable of supporting all of your masses.
  • Ride carpet (party of 5-): The magic carpet flies the party across the great chasm.

The party sees a large hole in the ceiling.

  • Inflate balloon: The balloon rises and slowly lifts the entire party through the large hole.

Subterranean passageway, floor 1, south[edit | edit source]

In this alcove is a large, wooden trophy case.

  • Look case: Inside the case is a note which reads: "Find my trophies and put them in this case. Signed: Mr. Bass".
  • Put Bass shield/armor/sword in case: You place the shield/armor/sword in the trophy case. As you place the last object in the case, it moves revealing an exit.

Visible object: Bass shield.

  • Look Bass shield: It is made of gold and very well forged. Unfortunately, it is decorative and not very useful in combat.

Visible object: Book of clouds.

  • Look book: Recorded in the book are some very strange runes. Perhaps you should read them.
  • Read book: The chant transforms the entire party into a large cloud. The party floats around for a short while and then resumes its natural form.

The south wall has a crack in it.

  • Read book: The incantantion transforms the whole party into a large cloud. Afterwards, it is a simple matter to diffuse through the crack.

A sign on the door reads: "Rogue Alliance membership committee meeting in progress".

Visible object: Bass armor.

  • Look Bass armor: It is made of gold and very well forged. Unfortunately, it is decorative and not very useful in combat.

Visible object: Staff (de-venom staff, 3 charges).

Visible object: Magic meter.

A large tome with a pen quill nearby sits on a pedestal.

  • Look tome: It is a very old, dusty book.
  • Read tome: The tome contains a long list of names. Above the first name on the list are the words: "Sign in, please".
  • Sign tome: A voice says: "You may enter".

A sign on the door reads: "Rogue Alliance new recruits training center".

Visible object: Bass sword.

  • Look Bass sword: It is made of gold and very well forged. Unfortunately, it is decorative and not very useful in combat.

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

Nearby is a sorcerer who is practicing a magic trick.

  • Talk (without letter): "Hello, my name is Eldritch the Supreme Sorcerer. I specialize in magic tricks. I charge 50 Silver pieces for each one. Will you pay?" (Y/N)
  • Yes: The sorcerer makes your silver disappear!
  • Talk (holding letter): Eldritch takes the letter and reads it. The sorcerer then says: "Thanks for your help. Now I am off to save my brother again." With a gesture the wizard disappears. Suddenyl, a few items materialize and the party hears a fading farewell. Visible items: staff (atom wand, 4 charges), heal scroll (3 charges), long sword (loony sword, 3 charges), four leaf clover, staff (arctic pole, 4 charges).

Scenario V, part 1[edit | edit source]

Town of Baddel[edit | edit source]

Item shop: The man says: "You will need lots of my blue sky potions to survive the armies of the Rogue Alliance".

Tavern: The tavernkeeper says: "Our food is prepared fresh yearly".

Weapons dealer: The blacksmith says: "If my armor does not save you from death, I will gladly refund your money".

Inn: The man says: "Go right on inn".

Ladder 2 miles west[edit | edit source]

The party sees some writing on the wall.

  • Read writing: The ancient writing says: "Instructions for assembling a teleporter". 1) Combine the three shapes of arcane power. 2) At the magic star recite the phrase "Spellbinder" to open the gateway.

Chain 4 miles north-north-east[edit | edit source]

Visible object: machine gun.

  • Examine machine gun: It is a shiny new Gatling gun capable of firing 3000 rounds per minute.

There is a button on the wall.

  • Press button: The word "normal" flashes on the wall. You and your teammates then experience a warm and fuzzy feeling.

There is a button on the wall.

  • Press button: The word "suicidal" flashes on the wall. In the distance, you hear monsters growl and you realize that feeding time is here.

Sitting on the ground is a gnome architect, who is studying some complex blueprints.

  • Examine blueprints: They are in Gnomese.
  • Talk: The chubby gnome says: "Seekyethe shapesofthingstocome".

A mild mannered man bows as the party approaches.

  • Examine man: Written on his T-shirt is: "War is hell".
  • Talk (holding machine gun): The man says: "Those who carry weapons of war may not pass". (teleport to entrance)
  • Talk (without machine gun): The man says: "You may pass".

A misty figure approaches the party.

  • Talk: The misty figure says: "To complete your journey, you must first answer my question. What am I part of?"
  • Square: The misty figure reaches into its robes and hands you an object. Visible object: cube.
  • Examine cube: It is made of some unknown material and imbued with great enchantments. It almost seems to pulsate with life.

Stairs 2 miles south-east[edit | edit source]

Visible object: long sword (long sword -7).

Visible object: large radio.

  • Examine large radio: The radio has a switch. Beside the switch is a label which reads: "Assembled in Funkyville".
  • Turn on radio: The radio comes alive with the evening's scientific news. "Flash! Dr. Nositall announced today that he has invented a cane which can freeze any body of liquid with a simple tap of his invention. We now return you to our regular programming." (Loud music blares through the speaker.)

Visible object: boomerang.

  • Examine boomerang: Carved into it is: "If you want to keep your hair, then you should better use with care".
  • Throw boomerang: The boomerang sails through the air. Moments later, it returns to you, shortening your hair by a few inches in the process.

Visible object: staff (useful wand, 12 charges).

There is a ledge near the ceiling.

  • Examine ledge: There is an object on the ledge.
  • Throw boomerang: The boomerang sails gracefully through the air and knocks an object off the ledge. The boomerang then returns to your backpack. Visible object: cane.
  • Examine cane: The slender blue cane is four feet [1,20 m] long.

To the north of the party is a large body of water.

  • Swim: The lake is too deep! Now, if you were a dolphin, there would be no problem, but since you are not...
  • Tap cane: As you tap your cane to the water, its molecules lose their kinetic energy and the water begins to crystallize. The party feels a sudden blast of cold.
  • To the north of the party is a large frozen lake.

Carved into the wall is a riddle: "What am I part of?"

  • Triangle: An object materializes before you. Visible object: pyramid.
  • Examine pyramid: It is made of some unknown material and imbued with great enchantments. It almost seems to pulsate with life.

Stairs 5 miles south-west[edit | edit source]

In this corner is a peddler. A sign on his suitcase reads: "Moe's magic shop".

  • Talk: Me says: "My shop is the sorcerer's source".
  • Purchase: old shoe, magic hat, red herring, magic beans, magic wand.
  • Examine old shoe: The old shoe is in a terrible state of disrepair.
  • Examine magic hat: Inside the hat is a rabbit waiting to be pulled out.
  • Pull rabbit: The rabbit jumps out of the hat and bounces around the party. Seeing nothing of interest, the rabbit jumps back into the hat.
  • Examine red herring: Tattooed on the fish is: "You are on the right track".
  • Examine magic beans: The magic beans are not worth beans.

There is a lever protruding from the wall.

  • Pull lever: You see a stunning display of lights. (character is stunned)

The party notices a narrow crack in the floor.

  • Examine crack: You see something shiny near the bottom of the crack. Unfortunately, you cannot reach the item because the crack is too narrow.
  • Pull rabbit (from magic hat): The rabbit jumps out of the hat and bounces around the party. Seeing something shiny in the crack, the rabbit reaches down and pulls it out. The rabbit later returns to the hat. Visible object: black key.
  • Examine black key: Written on the side of the key is: "Made by Luke".

On the wall, ahead of the party, is the outline of a face.

  • Talk: In a low monotone voice, the face says: "If you wish to possess power, answer this riddle. What am I part of?"
  • Circle: An object appears before you. Visible object: Sphere.
  • Examine sphere: It is made of some unknown material and imbued with great enchantments. It almost seems to pulsate with life.

Epilogue[edit | edit source]

Inscribed on the ground is a star.

  • Examine star: It almost seems to twinkle.
  • Combine (pyramid, cube, sphere): With an ear-splitting explosion and blinding flash, the items are combined. Visible object: Teleporter.
  • Examine teleporter: The teleporter is so magically saturated that it crackles with raw energy.
  • Spellbinder: The earth below your feet moves, dark clouds quickly cover the sky, and thunder cracks in the distance! Suddenyl all is quiet.

Scenario V, part 2[edit | edit source]

Sleeping on a tree stump is an old dwarf.

  • Talk: The dwarf is too busy counting sheep.
  • Wake up dwarf: The dwarf wakes up and, after clearing his eyes, tells the party: "Know this, my friends, the Rogue Alliance is protected by charms. These charms prevent normal weapons from affecting them. If you wish to destroy the Alliance, you must find the bones of dragon". Having told the party his secret, the dwarf yawns and dozes off.

The party notices a skulking thief.

  • Talk: The thief says: "I will give you some valuable information for 75 Silver pieces. Interested?" (Y/N)
  • Yes: The thief says: "I learned from my fellow thieves that there exists an elevator whose descent is controlled by how many people are inside it".

Floor 1[edit | edit source]

Visible item: staff (miner miracle, 10 charges).

The party sees a shop in the corner. A sign reads: "Sherlock's shield shop".

  • Talk: Sherlock says: "My advice is a shield's worth the price!"
  • Purchase: Buckler, round shield, square shield, wooden shield.

There is a lever imbedded in the wall.

  • Pull lever: You hear a loud creaking sound emanating from the southern part of the ruins.

To the south of the patry is a bronze door. At the foot of the door is a doormat with the word "welcome" on it.

  • Examine doormat: You find a key. Visible objects: Silver key.
  • Knock: With a grinding creak, the bronze door slowly opens, permitting the party to proceed.
  • A door in the distance slams shut.

To the east of the party is a huge metal door.

Posted on a wall is a warning: "Watch out for felines and canines!"

It is raining cats and dogs here. Visible objects: cats, dogs.

  • Examine dog: They would make great pets.
  • Examine cat: They have four legs, a tail, and lots of fur.

Visible objects: long sword (warrior whacker).

Visible objects: brick.

Floor 2[edit | edit source]

Visible objects: stairs going up, cloak (white robe, 10 charges).

A sign reads: "Scholars theorize there may be multiple universes".

Visible objects: long sword (long sword +2).

Visible objects: staff (weather wand, 4 charges).

A sign on the wall reads: "Home of Gertrude the witch".

The party sees an ugly, old witch, who is busy avoiding a mouse. "Help me!", she screams.

  • Look witch: The ugly old witch is wearing a black cape and a black hat.
  • Release cats: The cats fly out of the backpack and chase the mice away. Seeing this, the ugly old witch removes the ugly mask she has been wearing until now, revealing a fair face. She hands you the mask, saying: "Accept this as my thanks", and walks gracefully out of the room. Visible object: ugly mask.
  • Examine mask: Looking at the ugly mask gives you a severe headache.

A large mirror covers the entire wall.

  • Look mirror: You see someone who looks a lot like you.
  • Break mirror: You do not want seven years bad luck, do you?
  • Wear mask: In the presence of such ugliness, the mirror explodes into amillion pieces, exposing a concealed door.

There is some scribbling on the walls.

  • Read scribbling: You now possess the coveted title of "the Operator".

Floor 2, parallel universe[edit | edit source]

Visible objects: staff (staff of life, 2 charges).

On the wall, written in script, is: "Yarg this, M!"

A sign reads: "Arcane apples aid ailing aliens".

Floor 3[edit | edit source]

On the wall is a pretty blue button.

  • Press button: You are not an "operator".
  • Press button: You hear metal grinding behind the north wall. Suddenly a door appears.

The door closes and the room begins to descend. After several seconds the room stops.

Floors deeper than 3[edit | edit source]

On the wall is a pretty blue button.

  • Press button: The room slowly rises. After several seconds the room stops and a room appears. The party walks through the door.

Visible object: dragon's tooth.

  • Examine tooth: It is a large left incisor.

Scenario V, part 3[edit | edit source]

A sign reads: "Rogue Alliance headquarters".

Visible objects: great sword, wooden shield, ring mail, blue sky potion.

A mean-looking octopus ogre guards the door.

  • Talk: The ogre states: "Only one may enter".
  • The ogre grabs you and throws you back into the room.

A patrol of magical ogres snares the party and brings you to their leader.

A large lever extends out of the west wall.

  • Pull lever: You hear the sound of stone moving in the distance.

A skeleton walks up to the party and says: "Run in fear, because death is near".

A plaque over the door reads: "The hero's closet". Visible objects: plate mail, metal shield, great hammer.

Visible objects: blue ribbon, blue ribbon, blue ribbon, blue ribbon, blue ribbon, blue ribbon, blue ribbon, blue ribbon.

  • Examine ribbon: A tag on it reads: "Only master adventurers may wear a blue ribbon".