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Combat enemies[edit]

Unlike basic enemies, combat enemies have a health meter just as you do. They can not be taken out with just one hit; you will have to face them and defeat them before they defeat you.

Relics enemy bouncer.png
Relics enemy blaster.png
Relics enemy magician.png
Bouncers have 10 hit points, but they have the same attack type as Fighters: they can only punch. This makes the range of their attack short. Keep a good distance and press a constant attack until they are defeated. Blasters are quite weak, with only 5 hit points. However, they are especially dangerous because the shots they deliver will do five points of damage to you. Move in quick, squat down low, and defeat them as quickly as possible. Magicians are a bit like Blasters: they have few hit points (5 in total) but they can do quite a bit of damage to you with their attacks, and they can do it from far away. However, for every Amulet item that you possess, you will be protected from one magic attack.

Basic enemies[edit]

All basic enemies can be defeated in one hit, even the tall enemies.

Relics enemy imomushi.png
Relics enemy flame.png
Relics enemy bat.png
Caterpillars crawl left and right across a given range of territory. They can move quite quickly, and unless you are a Sorcerer, you must squat down to attack them. The disembodied spirits of the Hell Army take the form of a living flame. They are just like Caterpillars; they move back and forth, and must be hit low to defeat them. Bats cling to the ceiling until they sense your presence, and then they dive down to attack. Once they leave the ceiling, their motion can be somewhat random. If they hit you, you will be driven backward.
Relics enemy mummy.png
Relics enemy mudman.png
Relics enemy skeleton.png
Mummies shuffle across the ground rather slowly, so they are relatively easy to hit. They may surprise you by vanishing into thin air, only to reappear at some other location. Though these creatures of the earth are easily defeated with one hit, you should approach with caution, as the glob of goo that they spit will cause five units of damage to your body. Despite their formidable looks, they lack the teleporting ability of the mummies, and the firing ability of the mudmen, so they are quite easy to remove.
Relics enemy stone.png
Stones are simply obstacles to overcome. They rise and fall in established locations, and should be destroyed before attempting to advance beyond them.