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All items are obtained either by smashing statues, or by attacking and destroying the walls of the fortress itself.

Item Description
Relics item energy.png Energy: Collecting these items is essential to restoring health lost in battle. For each one that you collect, you will restore one or two lost health points. You cannot receive more health than the maximum that your current body is capable of storing.
Relics item key.png Key: Throughout the fortress, certain sections or passageways are closed off by gates. Passage through these gates is only allowed with the with use of a key. Each key is lost after only one use.
Relics item lamp.png Lamp: Some portions of the fortress are shrouded in darkness. As long as you have some lamps in your inventory, you will automatically utilize one of these whenever they become necessary. Once lit, you only have a short period of time in which the lamp will remain active before you must use another one.
Relics item amulet.png Amulet: These amulets serve one and only one purpose: to protect you against the curse of magic. For every amulet that you have in your possession, you can absorb one magic spell without harm. This will cause one amulet to shatter. When you have no more, you will receive the full extent of damage from magical attacks.
Relics item powerup.png Power-up: These power-up objects only affect the Fighter body. When you collect them, your punch becomes stronger, and capable of destroying the otherwise indestructible blue blocks.
Relics item ammo.png Bullets: As a Gunner, it is necessary to collect ammunition to keep your gun supplied with bullets. When you collect these, you will be able to fire as much as you want for roughly a 20 minute time period. If you go more than 20 minutes without collecting more bullets, you will only be able to attack with the butt of your gun.
Relics item ammo powered.png Reinforced Bullets: These bullets are much stronger and capable of destroying objects that regular bullets are incapable of destroying, including blue blocks. Use of these bullets is limited.
Relics item book.png Sorcerer's Tome: As the magic wielding Sorcerer, you can enhance the power of your magical attacks by collecting these tomes. Three of them are required to power the Sorcerer's magic up enough to destroy blue blocks, which is necessary in order to enter one of the dungeons.
Relics item sword.png Sword: The Sword can slightly enhance the power of your first body's attack, the sword of the Blade Army soldier. However, it is incredibly more useful to the Armor body. Additionally, if you collect 8 swords, the Armor will be capable of shattering blue blocks with the swing of his sword.