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  • Arcade-Stick-Left.png / Arcade-Stick-Right.png: Press the joystick left or right to walk in either direction. Double tap and hold the joystick left or right to initiate running in either direction.
  • Arcade-Stick-Up.png / Arcade-Stick-Down.png: Press the joystick up or down to advance into the foreground or recede into the background.
  • Arcade-NeoGeo-A.png / Arcade-NeoGeo-C.png: The left and right buttons are for attacking. Each button will allow perform an attack that is relative to the direction you are currently facing.
    • If you are facing left, Arcade-NeoGeo-A.png will punch to the left, and Arcade-NeoGeo-C.png will perform a back kick to the right.
    • If you are facing right, Arcade-NeoGeo-A.png will perform a back kick to the left, and Arcade-NeoGeo-C.png will punch to the right.
  • Arcade-NeoGeo-B.png: Press the middle button to perform a jump.



Renegade arcade player.png
Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun arcade Kunio-Kun.png

In Renegade, you control the fighter depicted on the left. He is only ever referred to as "punk" and as "Mr. K" in the NES version. His one and only mission is to defeat the turf gangs in his rough neighborhood to find out who kidnapped his girlfriend, and rescue her.

In Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun, you control the titular Kunio-Kun, depicted on the right. Kunio's mission is one of revenge for the senseless beating of his friend Hiroshi. At the start of each round, a different high school gang beats up Kunio's friend, sending him into a rage. Kunio is determined to teach those punks not to mess with his friends.

Regardless of who you are, both players have the same abilities. They have a life bar which is visible at the top of the screen. Every time the player is punched or kicked by a gang member, he loses health, and the life bar depletes. If the player gets hit when the bar is empty, the player will lose a life. He will also lose a life immediately if he falls off the platform in round 1, falls in the water in round 2, or gets stabbed or shot in round 4.

The most commonly found settings in the arcade do not provide the player with an extra life at the start of the game, although one extra life can be obtained at 30,000 points. When all of the players lives are gone, the game is over, and the arcade does not provide an opportunity for the player to continue his game.


Renegade arcade girlfriend.png
Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun arcade Hiroshi.png

In Renegade, your girlfriend is the motivation for your venture into rival gang turf. She has been kidnapped, and is being held hostage by a corrupt car salesman who runs one of the most ruthless gangs in town. Should you manage to defeat this salesman, she will be happy to see you and run gratefully into your arms.

In Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun, it is Kunio-Kun's good friend Hiroshi who inspires him to go after the various gangs and teach them a lesson. At the beginning of every round, there is a little cinematic that shows Hiroshi getting pounded on in an unfair fight, by a gang who runs off when they see Kunio coming. It is then up to Kunio to survive the ordeal and send the entire a gang a very strong message. If he manages to defeat all four gangs, his fellow classmates will throw him a victory celebration for his outstanding achievement and dedication to the protection of his school.

Methods of attack[edit]

Attack Input Description
Punch If you are facing left, push the left attack button.
If you are facing right, push the right attack button.
A basic punch, comes out quickly but doesn't have a long range, so you need to be close to the opponent to connect.
Back Kick If you are facing left, push the right attack button.
If you are facing right, push the left attack button.
An extended back kick, has long range, but cannot be performed quickly. Use it to keep opponents behind you at bay.
Jump Kick Press the middle button to jump into the air, and almost immediately press the left or right attack buttons to kick in mid-air in either direction you choose. A powerful, but slow maneuver. Enemies can commonly see it coming, but those who get hit are usually knocked to the ground.
Dashing Double tap the joystick left or right to begin running in either direction. Dashing will cause you to take off running in a direction. Opponents that you run into will be knocked to the ground, but won't take any damage. You can interrupt the dash with a Back Kick.
Dashing Hook While dashing left, press the left attack button.
While dashing right, press the right attack button
In the middle of dashing, you will reach back with your fist and deck any opponent who gets in your way, knocking them to the ground.
Flying Kick While dashing in either direction, press the jump button. As you are dashing, you will jump into the air and thrust your foot out to knock opponents down. Not as effective as the hook, but does more damage.
Collar Grab When an enemy is crouched over, advance towards them to grab their collar. After you've hit an opponent with a punch or a kick, you might be able to get close enough to them to grab their collar, which sets you up for the next two moves.
Knee Bash While holding an enemy in a Collar Grab, press the attack button of your current direction. While holding the opponent, you can repeatedly hit them with your knee up to four times. Watch your back.
Shoulder Throw While holding an enemy in a Collar Grab, press the attack button which is opposite your current direction. After holding the opponent, you will whip around and toss the enemy over your shoulder. Other enemies who get hit by this will get knocked down, but will not take damage.
Downed Beating While an opponent is lying flat on the ground, stand over them and press down, and tap the attack button of your current direction. You will jump on top of your opponent and start punching them mercilessly in the face. Press up or down to get off, or you may get attacked from behind.