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Gaining Access to the Locked Rooms[edit]

Head around the corner and descend the ladder. Drop off everything except a weapon and ammo, and maybe a healing item.

Rebirth players will find another blue item box puzzle; to solve it:

Your reward will be some Magnum Rounds. Other than that, just head through the door. Clear this hallway of the zombies and pick up the nearby set of Green Herbs if you want to (Rebirth players will have a simple knife fight). Head to area behind the staircase railings and pick up the last MO Disk on the table if you want the best ending. Descend the staircase and head to your left. Watch out for any zombies and open the set of double doors. You'll find some Slides on the floor in the back of room; they're not required for anything, but you can use them to find out some more information about the storyline. Other than that, go up to the computer in the corner and use this information:

  • Login: JOHN
  • Password: ADA
  • Security Password: MOLE

Unlock the two rooms on the second and third floors and then leave the room. Head back up the staircase and go through the double doors around the corner. You can use the Slides on the projector if you want, but the reason we came here is to get an important key. Walk up to the small panel on the wall and examine it. Press the switch, which reveals a hidden compartment. Rebirth players, however, must solve a puzzle. It's slightly confusing, so just follow the solutions below:


  • 2nd switch
  • 5th switch
  • 4th switch
  • 1st switch
  • 3rd switch


  • 4th switch
  • 3rd switch
  • 1st switch
  • 5th switch
  • 2nd switch

Walk up to the revealed compartment and take the Power Room Key. You can also take the Security System File from the shelf in the corner of the room; other than that, just leave the room. Go back downstairs and take a left. Unlock the set of double doors on the other side with the Power Room Key and step through. Go through the double doors on the left and take the Shotgun Shells from the table in the corner. If you want the best ending or some Magnum Rounds, you're going to have to the solve the puzzle in here. Otherwise, just leave the room.

Box Puzzle[edit]

As you can see, there are two boxes, a stepladder, and an open vent shaft. However, if you try to push the stepladder in front of the vent shaft, you'll activate poison gas which comes from the two adjacent vents. Your goal will be to block those two vents with those two handy boxes. To do so, push the box that's closest to the double doors until it covers the vent on the right. After you do that, push the stepladder to the right, but don't push it against the wall.

Push it until you have enough space to push it from the opposite side. Now push the other box towards the vent until it reaches the stepladder. Then push it to left from the stepladder side until it covers the vent on the left. Now you can push the stepladder in front of the vent and go on through.

Once you're on the other side, take the Magnum Rounds from the shelf in the corner and use one of your MO Disks on the passcode machine in the corner. Collect Passcode 02 and leave the room. Take a left and go through the double doors, which brings you back to the hallway you were at previously.

Restoring the Power[edit]

Clear the zombies from this hallway and open the single door in the middle. This is another safe room, where Rebirth players will find the last blue item box puzzle in the game. To solve it:

Your reward will be either Magnum Rounds (for Jill) or a First Aid Spray (for Chris). You'll also find a Green Herb, two Blue Herbs, and some Flame Rounds (for Jill) or Magnum Rounds (for Chris) strewn about the room. Drop off everything except a weapon and its set of ammo and some healing items as well as a MO Disk if you're going for the best ending. Save if you want to and leave the room (Rebirth players will have to go through a very long knife fight as soon as they exit). Open the doors to the south, which lead to the power room. Chimeras, enemies even more deadly than hunters, inhabit this area, so this will be one of the hardest parts of the game. They are extremely fast and can move a long ceilings (and even grab you from above). The best thing to do is to just run as fast as possible and avoid them altogether.

As soon as you enter, immediately take a right and keep going until you reach a power terminal. Press the switch to regulate the power. Rebirth players must deal with another puzzle (sad, I know):

  • Connect the third wire from the bottom in the first column (by dragging the stylus between the two columns)
  • Connect the third wire from the bottom in the second column

Head to other side of the room and open the metal door. If you're going for the best ending, take a left and go down the hallway until you reach a passcode machine. Put your MO Disk inside to get Passcode 03 and go back to the door. Run to the opposite side and go through the double doors.

Quickly take a left and go up to the second power terminal. Press the switch to finally turn the power back on. Not so fast, Rebirth players. You guys have another puzzle:

  • Connect the fourth wire from the bottom in between the first and second columns
  • Connect the third wire from the bottom in the second column

Now re-trace your steps all the way back to the first power room and leave. You might want to go into the nearby safe room and save your game. Bring your Magnum with some Magnum Rounds, as well as some healing items as you're going to be fighting Tyrant, the ultimate bioweapon (supposedly). Take a right once you exit the room and press the switch next to the elevator. If you're playing as Jill, Barry will come up to you, while Chris players will have Rebecca at their side.

Fighting the Tyrant (Part I)[edit]

Getting the Best Ending
If you're going for the best ending, go through the double doors before going up the staircase. Open the single door to your right and clear the room of zombies. Use the final MO Disk on the passcode machine to receive Passcode 01 and then exit the room. Take a right and use all three passcodes on the machine to the right of the locked doors. Once you do, it unlocks, granting you access. Step inside and open the cell door and you'll save either Chris or Jill, depending on who you're playing. Now you can go up the staircase.

After the longest cutscene in the game, you must now fight Tyrant. Immediately run as far as possible from him and start blasting with the Magnum. If he gets to close, just run away and start shooting from a safe distance. He should go down in three to six shots (pretty sad). Depending on which ending you're going for, you'll either have to take the Master Key from the corpse and unlock the door (the bad ending) or you can just simply leave the room (the good ending... note that Jill players will also have to check on Barry before leaving). Step inside the elevator, and after the cutscene, go back into the safe room.

Take the last MO Disk, save if you'd like, as it will your last, and exit the room. Run straight ahead and through the doors at the end of the hallway. The zombies in his hallway have been replaced by Chimeras, so quickly head to the staircase and go up.

Fighting the Tyrant (Part II)[edit]

Clear this hallway of the zombies open the door on the other side of the staircase (Jill players aiming for the bad ending will have to watch a cutscene). Drop off all of your weapons and bring at least three healing items (for Chris) or five (for Jill), but leave at least one space. Ascend the ladder and head through the emergency doors. Keep running until you reach the end, pick up the Battery from the ground and place it into the open slot next to the elevator. After the cutscene, enter the elevator and be prepared for the final boss fight (or totally avoid him).

Once you reach the surface, pick up the Flare from the crates in the corner and use it anywhere on the helipad. This will signal the helicopter to come towards the helicopter. Those aiming for the bad ending don't even have to fight the final boss, as the helicopter just comes down. However, those going for the other endings have to deal with Tyrant one last time.

Equip your most powerful weapon (the Magnum or Bazooka) and start firing. Notice his claw is on the left, so when tries to charge you, simply run to his right to avoid being hit. After about eight to twelve shots with the Magnum (or if you wait at least two minutes), Brad will drop the Rocket Launcher. Pick it up, aim, and fire to beat the game.

After viewing whichever ending you received, you may or may not unlock a secret. Consult the Appendices section to see how to unlock them.