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The Garden and Waterfront[edit]

This section details the Mansion's small courtyard and getting into the Guardhouse, which is the next area of the game. There are almost no important items in the courtyard except for some herbs. You'll start off in the Garden after leaving from the Shed.

Walk forward a little bit, turn to the left, and wait for one of the Cerberus in the garden to come toward you. As soon as you see the first Cerberus, shoot it, and immediately walk backwards. Wait for the second Cerberus to come, shoot it, and then shoot the first one again (repeat this pattern until they are dead). If you took the Shotgun, wait for the second one to jump on you and then immediately shoot it for a one hit kill. Wait for the first one to come up again, let it jump in mid-air, and then kill it with the Shotgun. If you can, try to make both Cerberus group together so you can kill both of them with just one shell. There will be one more Cerberus in this area for Director's Cut players, but it likes to stay in the north passage, so you should be able to focus on the two near the set of doors before you take on the third one. If the third Cerberus does come around the corner, just be sure to kill it right away.

Rebirth players will trigger a knife fight with four Crows and two zombies, which really shouldn't be too hard. After the knife fight is over, you'll have to deal with the two Cerberus lurking around, so just kill them as quickly as possible using the above strategies. Be careful of the miniature spiders crawling around too. They shouldn't be a problem because they like to stay in the north passage, but make sure you don't waste any ammo since you can just step on them instead

When all enemies are dead, you'll have the chance to grab several of the nearby herbs. There are two Red Herbs and two Green Herbs next to the set of double doors. There's also two Blue Herbs right next to the bend and a Courtyard Map at the very end of the north passage (Blue Herbs aren't very important right now so it is recommended that you leave them there). When you're done with everything, run to the east side of the Garden and go through the orange gate. Take a left at the intersection and run to the very end of this passage. Use the Square Crank on the divot to drain all of the water in canal, granting you a passage to the other side of the Waterfront. Turn the corner, go down the small ladder in the middle of the intersection, and go up the ladder on the other side of the canal. Turn left and don't stop running until you reach the elevator (don't both wasting time and ammo on the falling Snakes; there will also be an additional ground zombie near the ladder for Rebirth players).

Getting to the Guardhouse[edit]

Once the elevator reaches the bottom, immediately run forward and wait for the two Cerberus to come toward you. Once they're close together, keep shooting them with either the Remington or Beretta, but make sure they don't chase you (if they do, run as fast as possible to the other side of the area and go through the orange gate). When both Cerberus are down, run to the other side of the room and go through the orange gate in the corner. (There will be an additional Cerberus for Director's Cut and Rebirth players.) Immediately turn the corner as soon as you enter and shoot the Cerberus that comes. Run forward and finish off the Cerberus (you might be able to squeeze in a shot at the second Cerberus that's waiting at the next corner). If the next Cerberus doesn't come to you right away, just turn the next corner and immediately kill it. Once both doggies are down, head through the single wooden door at end of the passage to enter the Guardhouse (you can go back to the gate to find two Red Herbs and two Green Herbs). On top of this, there's also an additional Cerberus for Director's Cut and Rebirth players.