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Below is a list of every item in the game, including its location, function, and other important information. Version differences will also be mentioned (such as different item locations in Director's Cut, for example). Weapons are covered on this page while files are covered here.

Item Location Function
002 Key On top of table near wasp's nest in the Guardhouse. (all versions) Unlocks the Dormitory 002 door.
003 Key In Dormitory 002's bathroom in Guardhouse (Director's Cut)
In storage room in Guardhouse (Rebirth and original).
Unlocks the Dormitory 003 door.
Acid Rounds Various locations throughout the game. (all versions) Harm enemies, particularly Hunters.
Armor Key
Battery Generates power to the elevator in the courtyard to reach the secret location hidden behind the waterfalls.
Blue Jewel
Bottle of Water
Broken Shotgun
Clip Commonly found in most rooms, though can be hidden underneath movable objects, shelves, crates, or other deceased S.T.A.R.S. members. Reloading of the Beretta.
Control Room Key
Doom Book Vol. 1
Doom Book Vol. 2
Eagle Medal
Empty Bottles(4) Found in chemical synthesis room. To synthesize the V-Jolt formula.
First Aid Spray Using this will refill your health instantaneously, but costs you lower ranking points at the end of the game.
Flame Rounds More powerful than grenade rounds, causes flames to envelop the enemy.
Gold Emblem Moves the Grandfather clock in the Mansion's dining room.
Helmet Key
Hexagonal Crank Found on Enrico's body when dead. Shifts the walls in the Courtyard's secret passageway, hidden behind the waterfalls.
Ink Ribbon Found and hidden in most rooms around the Spencer estate. Saving your character's progression (too many saves however, lowers your ranking status at the end of the game).
Lab Key
Lock Pick Given by Barry as he believes Jill is the "master of unlocking". Used to unlock simple locks in and around the Spencer mansion.
Magnum Rounds Conserve these extremely powerful rounds! Yields an instant headshot for a zombie, very useful against all types of bosses.
MO Disk To obtain 3 codes for unlocking the holding cell, which saves Jill.
Moon Crest
Music Notes Found in the piano room, hidden behind a bookcase Used to open a hidden sanctum to obtain the golden emblem.
Red Book
Red Jewel Found in the hallway leading to the door requiring the placement of all 4 crests. To place in the tiger statue's eye, yielding either the Magnum or a large quantity of Magnum rounds.
Shield Key To open the boss' door, bearing a Shield symbol.
Shotgun Shells Found in locked drawers or anywhere around the Spencer mansion. Reloading of the Remington M870.
Small Key Used by Chris to unlock simple locked drawers around the Spencer estate.
Special Key Obtained after completing the game on any difficulty. Accessing of the special costumes closet in the locked door at the beginning point of the Mansion.
Square Crank
Star Crest
Sun Crest
Sword Key Used to open the piano room.
V-Jolt Created in the chemical synthesizing room. To kill the roots of Plant 42, making the task of terminating it much easier.
Wind Crest
Wolf Medal