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If you have survived Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles using techniques to keep yourself from dying, here's some more things to contend with.

  • You can't use the grenade as you normally did before. The method is the same, but you need to choose that weapon to take out hordes of enemies.
  • Customizing weapons no longer require stars. You need gold that is scattered throughout the game to upgrade the stats of the weapons.
  • Your health bar now includes your partner, which is whoever you choose at the start of the game. You have to keep your partner from dying by also protecting him or her because if they reach low health, they won't be able to attack the enemies as often. Also, if your partner dies, regardless of health, you have to start over again.
  • If you see a command prompt onscreen like in Resident Evil 4, you have to input it before it counts as a failed attempt. That's especially important during boss fights.
  • Zombies' weakness is their heads. Shooting any other part of the body eats up your ammo.
  • Use your weapons wisely. Having the right weapons for the right enemy will save you from taking damage. Zombies can be taken down by a pistol with unlimited ammo but other enemies like slugs, snakes and other creatures should be taken down by a shotgun or a machine gun and if the small enemies jump up onscreen, use the knife to slice them down.
  • If you get confronted by a zombie, shake your Wii Remote or Wii Zapper to instantly kill it, although it works for one zombie at the time.
  • Herbs here heal you differently. This time, save until your health or your partner reaches yellow or red because once you use it, your health is fully healed.
  • If by chance you have the first aid spray, it will heal you the moment you die and also heal your partner as well. Try to survive until you reach a boss where it will become useful, because once you die, you'll have another chance to drain out its health so you can finish the game.