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Throughout the walkthrough, there are moments you need to overcome if you want to survive this horror action genre. Also, you'll need items to help you survive the progression through the levels of the game.

  • Reload frequently. You don't want to be caught out while the enemy attacks you. Do it in between a few or a group of enemies. If you want time to reload your gun, unless it's completely empty you can press B button to load up your gun but you wave your Remote button if you have some ammo left.
  • Customize your weapons. At the end of each level, you get a number of stars depending on how well you get through the game. The highest is the level S and the max amount of stars is five.
  • If you get attacked by the zombie, Shake remote or shake the Zapper to counter the attack, but it only does it to one zombie at a time.
  • If you hear frantic dramatic music and a change to third person angle, be ready to follow a command prompt. It can be a button, two buttons at a same time, rapidly button pressing or shaking your controller. It's almost the same with the boss battles, so really pay attention to what the buttons or motions onscreen tell you to do.
  • There's going to be very small creatures attacking you on the screen, so use A button or Z button for Wii Zapper and swing straight across the screen like a knife to take down the small enemies attacking you up close. It's hard to describe, but if something hits you in the face, that's how you react.
  • Zombies always have a weakness which is common to other horror games. Always aim for the head. If you aim for the body or the feet, it will eat up all your ammunition unless you constantly have to use the pistol. If you are dealing with too many zombies, you have to use a grenade by holding A button or Z button for Wii Zapper and pressing B button.
  • Using guns is pretty simple. Press Up dpad or Down dpad to change between weapons. Same with C button if you are using a Wii Zapper. At the start, you only have one other weapon which is a shotgun, but you'll unlock more weapons as long as you complete the levels and are able to have grade S if you are a marksmen shooter.
  • You're not going to survive if you just go into the game and kill your enemies. If you see green herbs, that item restores your health if you want to survive the level. These are especially helpful with a boss you have to contend with. Also if you see a first aid, spray to a max of three at one time. Should you die in the game, this item will restore you to the maximum health so you can survive for much longer.