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Leon S. Kennedy[edit]

RE2Character Leon.gif

Leon S. Kennedy is the newest member of the Raccoon City Police Force. On his first day on the job, he came across Claire Redfield and saved her from a group of zombies. When they both reunite at the police station, they decide to split up and keep in contact by radio. Leon eventually meets Ada Wong, a woman that states that she's looking for her missing boyfriend, during his investigation of the city and assist each other during their to escape the doomed city along with Claire and Sherry. At the end of the game, he tries to convince Claire into destroying Umbrella together.

Claire Redfield[edit]

RE2Character Claire.gif

Claire Redfield is searching for her missing brother Chris at Racoon City and came across local civilians infected by the T-Virus at a local bar. When she escapes the bar, she meets Leon S. Kennedy, a police officer on his first day. Once they split up and meet again at the police station, Sherry Birkin assists Claire and Leon stays in contact with Claire by radio. As she travels around the ruined and terrifing city, she learns that Chris went to Europe to investigate the Umbrella Headquarters. Once she learns this, she decides to escape Racoon City with Leon and Sherry and then travel to Europe by herself to help and find Chris.

Ada Wong[edit]

RE2Character Ada.gif

Ada Wong is a mysterious women that says that she is looking for her boyfriend. During the time she spends with Leon, she developes romantic feelings for Leon. When she learns that her boyfriend died in the mansion incident (Resident Evil), she decides to try to escape the dreaded city with Leon. When Ada gets fatally injured, she confesses her love to Leon and tells him to leave Racoon City without her.

Sherry Birkin[edit]

RE2Character Sherry.gif

Sherry Birkin is the daughter of Dr. William Birkin. During the course of the game, she assists Claire. She gets injected with the G-Virus by her own father but before Annette Birkin dies, she tells Claire how to cure Sherry. At the end of the game, Sherry becomes Leon's responsibility after Claire leaves to search for her brother Chris. The epilogues of Resident Evil 3 state that Leon made an undisclosed deal with a representative of the U.S government for Sherry's safety. Sherry may make an appearance in Resident Evil 5.

Chief Brian Irons[edit]

RE2Character Brian.gif

Chief Brian Irons is the corrupt police chief of Racoon City.

Ben Bertolucci[edit]

RE2Character Ben.gif

Ben Bertolucci was a reporter in Raccoon City prior to its destruction. He was quite interested in the less laudable dealings of the RPD management.

Dr. William Birkin[edit]

RE2Character William.gif

Dr. William Birkin Is the scientist behind the creation of the G-Virus, and the father of Sherry. When he was fatally wounded by the Umbrella soldiers sent to steal the G-Virus, William injected a sample of the G-Virus into his own body. This enabled him to hunt down and kill the Umbrella recovery squad. However, as a result of the attack, he causes the viral outbreak of Racoon City. As he mutates because of the G-Virus, he loses memory of his former life.

Dr. Annette Birkin[edit]

RE2Character Ann.gif

Dr. Annette Birkin is the wife of William Birkin and Sherry's mother.