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1. Zombies

They are group, slow and scare but not really dangerous if you carefully move. You don't have always kill them because you ammo limited except if room have important a item to open next area.

2. Licker

Dangerous mutation blind creature with long tongue and claw from evolution zombie. I recomended kill them with strong weapons or you can avoid thing if runs out ammo.

3. Crow

Birds eating corpses infected T-virus. Don't waste your ammo for this birds, because too many Crow can risk you health or you can be killed.

4. Roach

Annoying insect, don't too long with them.

5. Giant Spider

Be carefully with acid, this is it can poisoned you, so try avoid them.

6. Plant

Don't mess with them with non flame weapons. Plant have very high durable from impact bullet. Be careffuly with a acid mainly from RED Plant.

7. Larva worm bee

Avoid them.

8. Giant Queen bee

Simple just kill her with strong guns, don't mess with her sting.

9. T-003 or Mr x

Tough guy always give difficult and suprise your way . I recommended avoid him. If you want mess him use strong gun and always check his body after defeat him for ammo.

10. G-mutation

Quickly kill thing with strong gun and forget his annoying babys.

11. William with pipe ( in sewer )

Quickly kill this guy his attack is dangerous if you get too close.

12. William part one ( in lift train )

You must run and shoot for this guy.

13. William part two ( in lift train )

Similliar part one but his have new ability high jump and multi violent claws can cause serious injury.

14. William first form ( in labotary )

His form like a before but more slower, Very easy.

15. William second form (in labotary)

After you enough hurt him he began transform more like predator animals, be carefully he more agresive and dangerous. Remember always run and shoot.

16. T-003 mutation

Very powerful and fast enemies i recommeded for run to awaiting helper. If it have enough Ada appear from far away and give a Rocket launcher, finish him with one rocket launcher without miss.

17. William final form ( in train )

If you still have one bullet rocker launcher shoot him and finish him quickly with strong gun for last resort. Remember don't let him too close or you'll be dead.