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Finding Refuge[edit]

Leon and Claire are now separated, and it is up to you to fight your way to the nearby Raccoon City Police Department; the once peaceful city streets are now filled with zombies and various other creatures. This area of the game is simple, as you won't have to deal with any puzzles and only have to fight zombies.

It may be tempting to start shooting at the six zombies that surround you, but don't even think about it, as you're wasting precious ammo. Right from the start Leon comes equipped only with a HK VP70 handgun, a Combat Knife and a Lighter (Claire on the other hand has the Browning HP handgun and a Lockpick instead of the Lighter). If you're playing on easy mode, you'll have the one hundred and twenty Handgun Bullets, while rookie mode players will find the MAC-11 sub-machine gun, Gatling Gun and Rocket Launcher in their inventory. With this out of the way, proceed to run to the sidewalk on the right-hand side of the street; stick to the sidewalk until you come upon a uniformed zombie. From here run back to the street and turn the corner, where you'll encounter two more zombies. Run to the right side of the first one and then left side of the second one; once you do, enter the gunshop by heading through the single brown door.

Walk forward to trigger a small in-game cutscene, in which you meet Robert Kendo, the gunshop owner. After it's over, run over to the counter where Robert was standing and take the Handgun Bullets on the shelf. Run behind the opposite counter and pick up yet another box of Handgun Bullets on the small pedestel. When you have both boxes of handgun bullets, proceed to run to the blue door in the corner... Zombies, however, have broken through the shop's only window and have killed Robert in the process. You have two decisions here: you can simply go through the blue door to make it to safety... Or you can kill the four zombies that have entered to either receive the M-1100P Shotgun (for Leon) or the Bowgun (for Claire). For those who would like the weapon, stand behind one of the counters and start shooting the zombies non-stop; do not bother to take ground shots because you will only shoot the counter and waste ammo. You should have more than enough ammo to take down the zombies and when they're dead (the music will stop once they are), run up to Robert's body and search it to find that weapon. Once you take it, exit the shop via the blue door in the corner.

Raccoon Streets[edit]

Turn the next corner and keep going to reach a small basketball court sealed with a gate... With a bunch of zombies behind it of course. If you're playing as Leon and did pick up the M-1100P from before, you can simply wait for two of the zombies to come up to the gate, aim upwards and... Fire! Both zombies should be decapitated, saving you the trouble of wasting handgun bullets on them. Regardless, keep running down the alleyway and a third zombie will push open the gate, but do not deal with it just yet. Go to the very end of the alleyway and take the Handgun Bullets from the back of the van, turn around, run forwards (until the camera angle changes) and start firing at the zombies until they're dead (if you used Leon's above strategy, simply kill the lone zombie outside the gate, run into the basketball court and open the gate on the other side). When they are, step inside the basketball court and run past the lone zombie, opening the gate on the other side to exit the area.

Run forwards and up the stairs, turning the next two corners to reach another staircase. Descend it and immediately pick up the hidden Handgun Bullets in the trash pile to the right. There are two strategies for the upcoming area: if the female zombie across from the dumpster noticed you, start to shoot her from your current vantage point until she falls down. When she does, immediately stand on the dumpster and jump down to the other side, running a long side the right-hand wall until you reach the gate at the end. If the female zombie did not notice you, quickly jump on the dumpster, jump down on the other side and run a long the right-hand wall until you reach the gate at the end. If any other zombies come toward you while you're on top of the dumpster and they begin to surround you, you'll most likely have to gun each of them down until you find an open spot to run through. Remember to stay very close to the right-hand wall to avoid being grabbed.

Run forwards and don't stop until you reach the bus on the opposite side, as you may have noticed the large group of zombies just outside the bus. If you do stop you risk being completely overrun by the zombies, as they'll throw you back and forth until you're finally dead. Go through the bus's doors to get to safety.

Immediately take the box of Handgun Bullets on top of the bag and run forwards. Aim down at the ground and begin to fire at the female zombie until she's dead; walk forwards a little bit, kill the next zombie (or run past him after he falls down once) and exit through the opposite doors.

To the Police Station[edit]

Just like the Downtown Street from before, do not even think to fire at this group of zombies, as you can run past them easily. Most of them stay in the middle of the street, so you should have no trouble getting past them. To do so, start off by running diagonally past the first two and around the next group, sticking to middle until you reach the police cars. When you do, run a long side the police cars until you reach the gate at the end; go through it to reach the police station's grounds.

Finally! You've made it to the police station... But not just yet. Run forwards and go down the nearby staircase, then up the staircase on the opposite side. Search the first set of ferns (directly across from the stairs) to find a hidden Green Herb. Take it and enter the Raccoon City Police Department by going through the large set of doors. It should also be noted that there are two zombies lurking around the nearby courtyard; however, you can completely avoid them by just going down the staircase (not to mention that it would be a complete waste of ammo if you wanted to shoot them). If you haven't changed weapons in the City Area and only picked up files, you should find the zombified version of Brad Vickers. If you kill him, you can get the key that unlocks a special costume for Leon and the Colt Single Action Army for Claire.