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  • In Normal Mode, in Scenario A, if you reach the police station without picking up any items, then in the underground area next to the door into the police station, a zombie will appear. He is somewhat harder to kill than other zombies, requiring 18 pistol bullets to die. On his corpse is the Special Key. The Special Key unlocks the lockers in the Dark Room.
    • Inside the Locker, Leon will find two different outfits
    • Claire will only find 1 other outfit, but will also find a revolver. It uses 9mm Handgun bullets, and is as powerful as a normal handgun.
  • On the desk in front of the S.T.A.R.S. poster in the S.T.A.R.S. Office is a film that can be found by checking the desk 50 times.
  • Infinite ammunition weapons can also be unlocked by getting certain Grades and times. These are as follows:
    • To get the Infinite ammunition Rocket Launcher, complete Scenario A with an A Grade
    • To get the Infinite ammunition SMG, Complete both Scenario A and B with an A Grade
      • The weapons will appear in the item chest.
  • If you complete Scenario A and Scenario B with an A-grade, then you also unlock the "4th Survivor Minigame" This minigame is somewhat harder than the other scenario. You take control of Hunk, the last remaining member of the Umbrella Recovery team that was sent to recover the G-Virus from William Birkin. Armed with a Magnum, Shotgun and handgun, you must fight your way up to the Top of the police station to be rescued. You also only have two healing items.