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Included on this page are the controls for the PlayStation, Windows, Sega Dreamcast, and GameCube versions of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. The interface is the same for all versions of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis; keymaps can also be customized in the PC version.

PlayStation Windows Dreamcast GameCube Action
Up dpad  ↑  or Num 8 Up dpad Up dpad or Up control Move character forwards.
Down dpad  ↓  or Num 2 Down dpad Down dpad or Down control Move character backwards.
Left dpad or Num 4 Left dpad Left dpad or Left control Turn character left.
Right dpad or Num 6 Right dpad Right dpad or Right control Turn character right.
Start button Start button Start button Pause game.
Select button F2 or F5 Start button Start button Options menu.
Circle button Z or F4 B button Y button Inventory screen.
M or F6 Y button Z button Map / Display other maps. Skip cutscenes.
R1 button N/A R button R button Aim current weapon.
N/A S N/A N/A Aim current weapon towards enemies only. Also the dodge key.
N/A X N/A N/A Aim current weapon towards all targetable objects. If no objects are near, aims current weapon towards enemies. Can also be used as dodge.
L1 button B L button when R button is held down. L button when R button is held down. Switch Targets.
Cross button Space, Enter, or C X button A button Select / Action (open doors, shoot, use item, etc.)
Square button Esc or V A button B button Run (hold button down and move in desired direction).
Triangle button Esc or V Cancel (exit menus, exit current files, etc.)
N/A F1 N/A N/A About Resident Evil 3.
N/A F8 N/A N/A Toggle between windowed mode and full screen mode.
N/A F9 N/A N/A Quit game.