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Escaping the Apartment[edit]

A large explosion sends Jill outside of her apartment, where the player then gains control. You can start off by opening your inventory and reading the two Instruction Manuals, both of which give you helpful information. Even if you don't need to read them, you should still discard them to save inventory space. Once you're done with that, run straight ahead to spot a zombie in the distance.

You can use two strategies here: you can run up and get bitten by him (you'll recover your health in the upcoming cutscene) or you can run a longside the nearby wall and dodge him. Either way, climb up the dumpster (by pressing your action button) and jumping down, which then prompts a cutscene. Jill narrowly escapes a large pack of zombies and runs inside a large warehouse, where she finds Dario Russo, a stubborn, middle-aged survivor worried about his daughter. After the cutscene ends, run up to the large stack of oildrums behind you to find a First Aid Spray and then open the nearby container (with the green light) to find a box of Handgun Bullets.

Run up the two sets of staircases and enter the small office. You'll find the Warehouse Key to your right as soon as you enter, as well as two vials of Gunpowder A on the shelf in the corner. If you're playing on hard mode, it is recommended that you mix the two vials of Gunpowder A in order to create thirty Handgun Bullets and then drop off the First Aid Spray and Reloading Tool in the item box. If you're playing on easy, drop off at least two weapons and their respective ammo. There's also a pair of Ink Ribbons near the type writer, which you can use to save if you really want to. After you're all done in here, exit the room and unlock the door that's in the corner of the first floor.

Finding the Lighter and Oil[edit]

Proceed down the alleyway and through the door at the end. Turn to your left and open the nearby door, running up the staircase in front of you. This is the first place you'll encounter Resident Evil 3's random encounter system, as two different events may occur. As soon as you enter the hallway, the nearby door may burst open immediately... or it may burst open when you're right next to it (which makes your life harder).

Either way, an unknown man will come running out with a huge pack of zombies following him. Immediately start shooting as they come out, and if they get to close, go back to the staircase you came from and safely take them out from there. As soon as you kill three or four them, go near the open door and wait for the rest. They're stragglers and may or may not come up the stairs, so either deal with them on the staircase or at the bottom. When all six zombies are dead, head down to the room at the bottom of the stairs and take the Shotgun from the corpse (if you're playing on easy mode, just avoid it) and the Lighter Oil from the counter.

Head down the hallway opposite the open door, pick up the two Green Herbs if you want to, and go through the door at the very end. Run all the way down the street (dodging the zombies a long the way) until you reach some crates with a nearby fire escape. If you want to, you can climb up and take the Outskirts Map and two Green Herbs at the top. If the zombies get to close, you can use your Combat Knife to stab them to death one at a time, but if you're fast enough you should be able to avoid them altogether.

Regardless, head through the medieval looking door at the end of the street and go down the small staircase up ahead. You'll see the mysterious man again, who then runs into a nearby building. Dodge the two zombies and go through the same door the guy went through. Inside you'll see the man, later revealed to be Brad, be bitten by a zombie. Don't bother wasting ammo helping him, just let him take care of the thing himself.

Once it's down, a cutscene will start, with Brad telling Jill about some kind of creature trying to find S.T.A.R.S. members, but Jill ignores it. Take the Postcard from the nearby counter and the box of Handgun Bullets near the cash register. Pick up the Lighter from the shelf next to the pinball machine and leave the same way you came in.

Head back up the small staircase. If you'd like a vial of Gunpowder B, then head through the door on the right; otherwise, go down the alleyway on the left, and either dodge or kill the zombie. If you're going for the Gunpowder B, run up the street and investigate the police car. After you do, head back the same way you came, go through the door, and then re-enter. Dodge or kill any possible zombies and go back to the police car, where a fast-moving zombie bursts through the passenger's side. Quickly run back and take him down from a distance, then collect the vial of Gunpowder B from the passenger's seat. Head back to the room you came from and down the opposite alleyway.

Another random encounter will occur here: the barricade (with many, many zombies behind it) may fall over once you pass the wooden crate, or it will fall over once you get near the gate. If you got the second event and would not like a fight, quickly go to your inventory, combine the Lighter and the Lighter Oil and use it to burn the rope on the gate. Otherwise, wait for the large group of zombies to get near the explosive barrels, aim for it, and shoot. This should take out almost all of them, so finish off any stragglers if there are any. You can collect Police Photo A from the corpses as well as two Red Herbs; once you do, open the gate.

Getting to the Police Station[edit]

Well, now things get harder, you´ll hear a dog barking, keep walking and the Cerberus will jump from the fire (If you want, or are able to, hit him in the air with the Knife and kill him, its really funny and you save more ammunition, then go and kill the one sleeping, walk, don´t run, if you can´t, equip the shotgun and kill the dogs, there are 2 of them) and go to the naerest door. It´s a Saving Room, create some Shotgun Bullets and Handgun Bullets with the Powder and Save the Game (if you want, don´t do it but I think you should do it). Now go out.

You are out, so turn left and run to the door and open it. Keep running and go up and you will see the Police Station, now go left and you will see two big doors, open them(Be sure to reload before enter).

Meeting Nemesis[edit]

After the FMV a real time selection scene will come, here you choose what to do, if you don't do it quick the game will decide for you, the options are:

  • Run to the Police Station. (Here you won't fight Nemesis and will get to the RPD safe, do it in Easy Mode because you don't get anything for beating him; you just will waste ammunition.)
  • Fight the Monster.

If you don't do anything, Nemesis will hit you and the battle will start.

If this happens, or if you try to avenge the poor Brad, run toward him and turn left or right before crashing, he will fail the hit, and start shooting before he comes too close, after 3 or 2 shots with the handgun or 2 with the Shotgun, repeat the same strategy. If he gets too close and you are pointing at him, wait until he tries to hit you and press the action button before he can (only if you still have bullets loaded) and you will avoid his hit. If he gets you and throw you after, start tapping the buttons rapidly before he gets too close: you will get up and he will still try to pick you up, so run away. If he picks you up, two things can happen:

  1. He kills you the same way he did with Brad.
  2. You keep pressing the buttons and he leaves you down (press pause and take a breath) and he roars; the battle will continue.

If you are able to knock him out, he will fall, but he isn't dead yet; he is dead when the blood covers the floor around him. After killing him pick up the EAGLE PARTS A (Hard mode Only) and enter to the Police Station (do not forget to check on Brad's corpse lying down, you'll get his badge containing his S.T.A.R.S. card for the computer in the main hall in the police station).