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This walkthrough follows Jill's escape from Raccoon City. The walkthrough will be split into five major pages (corresponding to that area of the game), each following every version of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Each page will be split into smaller sections to detail certain areas or puzzles. To start the game, select "New Game" and the difficulty you would like to play (easy or hard); Windows and Dreamcast players can also play "Operation: Mad Jackal" from the start and select alternative outfits before playing. The differences between the two modes are detailed below.

Hard and Easy Mode Differences[edit]

Hard Mode

  • Only starts with the Custom Beretta M92FS loaded with fifteen handgun bullets.
  • The player does not have the ability to automatically dodge enemy attacks, and must do so manually.
  • Starts off with eight inventory slots.
  • Receives dropped items from Nemesis.
  • Enemies are much more stronger, including bosses.
  • Can unlock epilogues and five alternative outfits (outfits only apply to the PlayStation and GameCube versions).

Easy Mode

  • Starts with a large amount of weapons, items, and ammo:
    • A Custom Beretta M92FS loaded with fifteen handgun bullets and an additional two-hundred and fifty Handgun Bullets.
    • A Benelli M3S Shotgun loaded with seven shotgun shells and an additional fifty-six Shotgun Shells.
    • A S&W M629 Classic Magnum loaded with six magnum bullets and an additional twenty-four Magnum Bullets.
    • An M4A1 Assault Rifle loaded to 100% capacity and two additional Assault Rifle Clips.
    • A First Aid Spray Container which contains three First Aid Sprays.
  • Enemy attacks are automatically dodged.
  • Starts off with ten inventory slots.
  • Does not receive dropped items from Nemesis
  • Enemies are much more weaker, including bosses.
  • Cannot unlock epilogues but can unlock two alternative outfits (outfits only apply to the PlayStation and GameCube versions).

General Tips[edit]

  • If you have the magnum, NEVER use it before the Nemesis battle in the clock tower Courtyard
  • Always reload by going into your inventory screen, selecting the weapon, and combining it with that weapon's ammo (do not use the auto-reload feature).
  • Always drop off your Ink Ribbons into the nearest item box after saving to save inventory space.
  • Don't waste ammo on enemies like crows and sliding worms.
  • Don't waste more powerful ammo on weaker enemies (for example, don't waste Magnum Bullets on zombies).
  • Always reload before entering a room.
  • When you find yourself outnumbered, just simply run into the closest room.
  • If you don't have enough inventory space for an important item, backtrack to the nearest safe room and drop off minor items into the item box.
  • Don't try to take on more enemies than you think you can (for example, taking a on a group of three Hunters is not suggested).
  • Once you enter a room, pay attention to any sounds to see what kind of enemy is in the room (for example, a zombie groans, a Cerberus will growl, etc.)
  • Use the dodging and quick-turn features to escape from enemies and give yourself an advantage.
  • Remember that combining gunpowder in larger amounts will create more ammo (for example, combining three vials of Gunpowder A together will create sixty-five Handgun Bullets while combining two will only create thirty).

Once you select a character, the preface and FMV will play and the game will immediately start once it is over. Enter the survival horror...