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Assignment Ada, also known as Ada the Spy in some regions, is a short mission that is unlocked after completing the game once. In this game, Ada Wong must infiltrate the Island Base and recover 5 Plaga Samples. The samples must fit into her small Attache Case along with her Punisher, TMP, and Semi-Auto Rifle, so item management is a must. The game must be beaten in one complete run, as there is no saving. In all versions prior to the Wii version, Ada has no Knife, so the difficulty is even greater. She must fire bullets to break crates and barrels to obtain items so, do not worry about killing every single enemy and proceed to the next area as soon as possible.

Storming the Beach[edit]

When infiltrating the beach area, be careful about shooting enemies of edges into the water, or else you may run short on ammo. After all the enemies are dead, collect the items around the area. Climb the ladder at the rear entrance and crawl through the vent duct to get inside the Base.

Inside the Base[edit]

Once inside check your in-game map. The locations of the Plaga Samples are marked with treasure icons on the map. Find them and kill the enemies guarding them. In the Research Lab, collect the Plaga Sample and then defend yourself from the enemies that lock-down the room. To get out, operate the security console to unlock the door.

The Lone Guard[edit]

At the Communications Tower you will have to defeat Krauser to obtain the final Plaga Sample. Use your remaining Hand Grenades and the TMP to defeat him. Once he's taken care of ride the lift to the top of the Tower and call a Chopper to pick up Ada.

Chicago Typewriter[edit]

Completing the mission allows you to purchase the Chicago Typewriter, a Tommy Gun with unlimited ammo, in a completed file of the main game (GameCube) or Separate Ways (all other versions). The gun does come with a high price at 1 million Pesetas to be exact in the main game and 300,000 in Separate Ways.