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You find yourself in a sideyard. Get the four barrels here, then unlock the door and exit.

There is a cutscene where a horde of villagers enter the graveyard, obviously unhappy that you have completed your mission. Ashley will point out a cart full of barrels, so shoot it and it will burst into flames and roll down the hill, taking out most of the villagers. Take care of the remaining villagers.

There are two boxes in the shack to the east, and bird's nests have respawned over the path back to the village dropping a Spinel and Handgun Ammo.

Church (optional)[edit]

If you want a bit of extra challenge, go back into the church. Saddler is gone but the archers are still there so immediately lead Ashley into the left hallway and park her there. Then defeat the archers; it's best to snipe the first one from behind a barrier where the second one can't see you. Be aware that they are crack shots so good timing will be helpful. One of the archers drops 5000 PTAS while the other should replenish the ammo that you used.


The Merchant now sells a powerful new Handgun named Red9 and a stock for it. It takes up two more squares than than the one you have now, but the extra firepower may make it worthwhile. The stock takes up three squares. Get the box midway through the tunnel and climb the ladder at the end. Make sure Ashley is out of the way, then shoot the lamp over the trapdoor for a Spinel. There is a barrel here and a box in the next room. It's probably a good idea to save while you're here.

Village (night)[edit]

Immediately lead Ashley right and into the tower, then climb the ladder. Get the Spinel as long as you're here and park Ashley for the time being; it seems that the villagers won't be able to find her here.

Now drop down and start hunting villagers. There are fewer enemies this time but now they have a chance of sprouting parasites. You don't have to get all of them but it will help if you're going to be looking for goodies. You can probably get a few villagers coming for you at the base of the tower; fortunately they din't seem to be organized enough to attack all at once. Most of the villagers will be in the north and east, though there will be one in the barn. Use your rifle scope to try to spot them before they see you. The path to the farm is littered with bear traps, so be sure to search carefully and disarm them. Note that Ashley can get caught by them and she'll take a lot of damage it she does, so it's better to be safe and disarm as many as you can find. Note that the gates to the area where you started the game and to the chief's house have been boarded up permanently.

When the villagers are gone, get the items that have respawned since the last time you were here. Items to collect are:

  • Boxes in the building in the southwest corner.
  • Box on a table next to the north path
  • Boxes and a barrel in the building northwest of where the bonfire was
  • Barrels on the first floor of the building northeast of where the bonfire was
  • TMP Ammo in a cupboard on the second floor of the same building
  • Barrel in the building southeast of where the bonfire was
  • Box and barrel behind the door in the same building
  • Box in a building in the northeast corner
  • Box on a table in the south courtyard

Note that chickens are now gone from the game, so no more eggs.

When you've done everything here, collect Ashley and go through the northeast gate to the farm.

Farm (night)[edit]

Go to the red container resembling a dumpster on the right and command to Ashley to hide there; the button to do this will be shown on the screen. There are more containers like this in the game and they make convenient and safe places to park Ashley while you fight enemies.

Now go the the shack on the left to get a barrel and and pick up “Sera and the 3rd Party”. This seems to be written by Saddler and apparently he's more concerned with finding Luis than with recapturing you and Ashley. You can save here as well.

There are enemies in this area as in the village, defeat them in more or less the same way. They are closer together than in the village though, so they will be more difficult to defeat one at a time. Be sure to check the ledge next to the barn for villagers that throw things at you. When the villagers are gone, disarm the bear traps in the barn and start checking for items:

  • Barrel in the cowshed
  • Barrel behind the shack north of the cowshed
  • Three barrels and a box in the barn
  • Green Herb in a cabinet in the barn
  • Handgun Ammo in a cabinet in the barn
  • Handgun Ammo in a cabinet in the barn (upstairs)
  • Box where the Beerstein was located

Note that the gate to the area where you first met Luis is boarded up permanently.

Go to the ledge next to the barn and drop into the fenced in area to the north. Disarm the bear traps leading to the gate; these leave no doubt about which way to go next. Get the box on the table and a barrel and another box in the shack.

It's probably a good idea to save now since the next area will be tough. Collect Ashley, then approach the gate and use the Piggyback command to start a short cutscene where Ashley climbs on your shoulders, then over the fence and unbars it from the other side. You then go through.


This is a new area; follow the passage to meet the Merchant. Do any tune-ups you've putting off for lack of funds, but remember to keep the Beerstein and the Elegant Mask, including their attachments, since they're still not complete sets. Start across the bridge; this happens to go directly over the path where you first had to escape a rolling boulder. There is a cutscene where Hunnigan informs you that the chopper she arranged was shot down. She is going to arrange another one so you need to get to the extraction point in the mean time.

Continue to the other side of the bridge to get second cutscene. Hoards of villagers are approaching from multiple directions and the only place to take shelter is a large cabin in the middle of a field. (For fans of the original Dawn of the Dead, this will be a familiar scenario.) You go in and find Luis who gives you something to bar door. Luis and Ashley introduce themselves, though Ashley is not a fan of Luis' suggestive remarks. Then Ashley sees the villagers coming toward the cabin and you tell her to hide upstairs while you and Luis try to fight off the villagers.

Now comes a tough battle. Not only that, but it's followed by two, possibly three more tough battles. So it's not enough to just win this; you need to come out with enough resources to have a chance of beating the next few fights as well.

The structure and level of intensity is similar to the first battle in the village. You need to get enough of a body count to trigger a cutscene, then after a certain period of time or enough of a second body count, the battle abruptly ends. Luis will be fighting by your side with his own Red9. Don't worry about shooting him accidentally since he's very good at ducking when your gun is pointed at him. In fact don't worry about protecting him at all since he perfectly able to take care of himself.

The battle starts downstairs as the villagers try to get in through the windows. There are three windows and you can keep the villagers out for a short time by moving bookshelves in front of them. It's probably better though to just block two of them so you can shoot out of it while villagers are stuck at the other two. When the villagers break through at one of the other windows, if you have the chance, move the last shelves into place so it will act as a barrier while you're fighting the new threat. Eventually it will be impossible to keep the enemies out and when this happens the safest point in the room is at the foot of the stairs; stand with your back to corner and fire at the villagers in the room or coming through the window. Luis will occasionally throw you some ammo or a recovery item, so listen for him to say "Use this!" and look for the halo. Remember that villagers will also drop items, so try to get them as well, but worry about the white halos because getting money it not your highest priority now.

The best weapon to use here is probably the shotgun since can it defeat, or at least delay, several enemies at once. The TMP will be serviceable against multiple enemies but probably won't be able to handle more than two at a time for long. Switch to a handgun if the villagers start to thin out. Use an Incendiary or Hand Grenade if you start to get overwhelmed. A Flash Grenade will instantly kill a parasite if it appears, but you probably shouldn't waste it if there's only one parasite visible.

At some point Luis says it's time to go upstairs and heads up there himself. Follow, and if a group of villagers is behind you then toss a grenade at them. Meanwhile, the main group have found some ladders and will try to use them to come in the upstairs windows. Now alternate between knocking the ladders down, fending of villagers on the stairs, and eliminating any enemies that have found their way in. Don't bother checking windows that haven't been broken yet. If villagers start to take over the room then fall back to a safe corner until you can restore order.

There are items to be found in the cabin during the battle, but unless you're really hurting for supplies you should probably leave them until you have more time. Downstairs you'll find:

  • Yellow Herb
  • Red Herb
  • Shotgun Shells

Upstairs you'll find:

  • Flash Grenade
  • Hand Grenade
  • Incendiary Grenade
  • Green Herb

The battle ends as mysteriously as the one in the village; one of the villagers says "Vámonos (Let's go)," and the rest of them just go away. (If the contents of "Sera and the 3rd Party" are to be believed, then perhaps what happened is that the villagers were actually after Luis, but when Saddler realized you were with him he called them off to protect Ashley since he still wants to use her in his plan against the U.S.) Luis says a quick goodbye and leaves, ending the chapter.

Immediately after the battle, go back upstairs and collect enemy drops before they disappear. You my even find a drop or two outside the cabin.