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Hedge maze[edit]

Check the room for goodies.

  • A pot on a cabinet next to the door back to the maze
  • Handgun Ammo from a small dresser opposite this
  • A pot on a table to the right of the bed
  • The Mirror w/ Pearls and Rubies in a large cabinet in the room to the southeast
  • A pot on the dresser next to this

Get “Female Intruder” from the table in the same room; it concerns the hunt for Ada, who Saddler believes is working with Luis, and the continuing efforts to get back the "sample".

The Merchant is here as well. There is an attache case upgrade coming soon, so don't go overboard with your spending. There is also typewriter near the door to the south, though you should have just saved at the end of the chapter. Go through the door to the next area.


You enter a room where Los Illuminados, at least the more elite ones, eat their meals. Get a pot in the first corner, a Green Herb from the table, and Handgun Ammo from the next table. There is a passage south but we'll be covering that later. Instead, read the green signs posted on the walls for a clue; one of them says something about a bottle of wine breaking.

Locate the bell on a counter east of the tables and ring it to cause a painting to appear. Shoot the wine bottle in the painting to break it and the door next to the counter opens.

It you thought it would be that easy you’d be sadly mistaken since when you enter the room a cage drops from the ceiling and several zealots drop in it with you along with several archers who surround the outside to shoot at you while you’re trapped. Worst of all, a garrador is dropped into the cage as well. (If you use a few continues in this battle, then the game may lighten up a bit and not drop the garrador in with you, the battle will be easier to win but you won’t get the 15000 PTAS drop from him. You might get a second chance if you come back though.)

The first priority is to get out of the cage as quickly as possible, so if you have a Hand Grenade then toss it at the opposite door to break the lock and take out a zealot or two while you're at it. Failing that, shoot the lock to your left with your TMP for a few seconds, or use your shotgun if you don't have the TMP. Kicking will work eventually but your life expectancy inside the cage is about 10 seconds so there’s no time to mess around.

Once you're out, head for the long, garrador-free dining area and defeat the zealots who follow. The garrador will probably be stuck inside the cage but if he wanders out then stay out of his way for now. More zealots will drop through a hole in the ceiling and, depending on which gate you opened, will either get stuck in the cage or follow you into the dining area.

There is new type of parasite now; it’s got long spindly legs and will squirt acid on you if you get too close. It can also survive on its own for a short time so watch for them trying to crawl toward you when their host is dead.

Once the zealots have stopped dropping from the ceiling, start on the garrador in more or less the same way as before. If he's outside the cage then keep to the other side of the room, and if he's inside then stand well away from the bars since he can claw through them. You have a bit more of an advantage this time in that he won’t hear you as well on the soft carpeting. On the other hand there are no bells to distract him and he won’t get his claws stuck on anything unless he’s outside of the cage. If he makes it into the dining area then use the tables as obstacles to keep him away from you. You should have enough margin of safety so that you can use a handgun to take him down, provided you have the patience and the ammo.

When the battle is over, be sure to get the drop from the garrador and get the Hourglass w/ Gold Decor from the treasure chest inside the cage. Smash the glass in the cupboard nearby to get a Flash Grenade. You can also get Magnum Ammo from behind the counter, but you won't actually need it until you get a magnum.

You may want to backtrack and save now since you just finished a tough battle and there is another one coming up.


You enter at the top of a ledge overlooking a large room. Zealots are on the lower level and will attack on sight. Drop a grenade on them if you have extra, but they should be fairly easy to defeat without one; knife them as they climb the ladder if you're low on ammo. Get the pot on the ledge, the drop down and get two more. There is a zealot pacing on a ledge on the far side, and more behind some iron bars, but there's no hurry to get them.

Locate the switch on the left and activate it to extend a bridge across the room. Now climb the ladder to the first ledge; two zealots come in from the previous area and others with shields to come in at the other side of the bridge. Either stun the first two and run past them to make a stand, or drop down again so you can fight them two at a time. If you can manage it, try to dump fire from the lamp on the shield zealots as they come it. The monk on the far ledge may join the fight, if not then go after him when the others are gone.

Cross the bridge and follow the ledge left. Snipe the archers across the room and mop up any zealots remaining at ground level. Get 1800 PTAS from the table, drop down, the go up the stairs and check the alcove for stragglers. Break the lock here to get back out.

Go back to ground level and get the pot next to the wall, then look at all the wonderful things in the glass case.

  • Handgun Ammo
  • Shotgun Shells
  • Rifle Ammo
  • Flash Grenade
  • Incendiary Grenade
  • Rocket Launcher

There will be time to come back for all this later if you're low on space.

Continue through the door at the far end of the bridge. You enter a long corridor; get two jars here and talk to the Merchant. He has the next and last attache case upgrade and, as usual, it will probably be worth the hefty price tag. You can always sell the rocket launcher here if you don't think you'll use it. If the new attache case has given you room then you might go back to pick up reaming items from the case, but there is still plenty to pick up in the castle so save some room.

There is a typewriter here in case you want to save, but you shouldn't need it right now because it's end of the chapter. Go through the door to the next area.


A cutscene starts. Luis finds you again but Saddler stabs him from behind with his parasite’s tentacle, which then retracts back under his robe. Saddler catches a syringe with a purple liquid inside when Luis drops it, presumably the “sample” that everyone has been after. Saddler can’t be bothered to kill you himself since Salazar will do it for him. In his last moments, Luis reveals that he was hired as a researcher by Saddler but has been working as a double agent. He gives you a bottle of pills which will at least slow down the growth of the parasite.