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You are now outside at the end of a long walkway, and it’s nighttime. The Merchant has set up a stall here; get two barrels on his left, do some tune-ups, and save at the typewriter if you want. Take the “Letter from Ada” from the doorway. It's from Ada and she warns you that you shouldn't let the parasite eggs hatch inside you (that ship has sailed), and if they have you'll need an operation to remove the parasites before they mature.

Make your way down the path to some ruins; you get a quick look at the tower ahead. Shoot the nest in a tree about halfway for a Spinel. A few villagers are wandering around but on their own and easy to defeat. Further on there is a large group of them gathered around a fire. Look for a ladder on the left and climb it to a platform where you can observe them undetected, then toss a Hand Grenade to get most of them at once. There is another platform on the right where you can do the same thing but are more likely to be spotted. If you don't have a grenade then just attack from a platform and take them out when they try to climb the ladder. Search for items.

  • Spinel on a table to the right as you go through a doorway
  • 2200 PTAS on a table to the left just after this
  • Barrel in a left corner past this
  • Velvet Blue and 1800 PTAS in the remains of a building on the right
  • Barrel on the right platform
  • Barrel in the right corner at the far end
  • Box inside the wooden shack at the far end

The door to the next building is in the left corner, but it's locked and you need an item to unlock it.

Go into the wooden shack and turn the crank to open a hole in the ground, then climb down.

Ancient city[edit]

You're back underground in what appears to be an archaeological dig. This is actually on a third village map though we'll be returning to the previous one. Check the stone pillar for a clue that the item you need is ahead. (It looks it's written in cuneiform, so it's a bit surprising that Leon can read it.) Follow the passage to the excavated remains of ancient buildings; get two boxes from the sides as you go. Some villagers are guarding the place; you may hear Dr. Salvador tuning up in a building on the left, but ignore him for the moment. There are bear traps scattered all around the ground and are easy to miss because of the walls, so tread carefully and disarm them as you come to them.

With the outside of the building clear it's time to tackle the inside. If you stand on the far ledge you see Dr. Salvador inside on the upper floor; you can try to snipe him but he moves around a lot and it takes quite a few hits to take him down this way, so you may be better off saving your ammo. So just enter the building through the door in back; when you do villagers start coming in from all directions and a second Dr. Salvador is waiting downstairs. The other one rushes downstairs to get you so stun them with a grenade or shotgun and run past them up the stairs. A good place to make a stand is in the corner at the top of the stairs; most of the villagers will be funneled coming up, though you may have to fend off a few coming in from the window on the left. When the villagers have been defeated, collect the drops, including 10000 PTAS for the Dr. Salvadors.

Get the Key to the Mine from the pedestal on the second floor; this triggers another wave of villager attacks but with no chainsaws this time. The room has now been cleared so search for items.

  • Red Herb on the far ledge
  • Velvet Blue in southeast corner
  • Velvet Blue near steps in northwest corner
  • Two barrels and a box on the lower floor of building
  • A barrel on the upper floor of the building, this contains a Yellow Herb

Find the passage under the ledge where you entered and open the sarcophagus to get the Staff of Royalty.

Use the key to unlock the door to the west and go through to a stairway. Follow it down, collecting a box on the way, and open the door at the end. Before going in though, notice that the ceiling has spikes just like the one in the Queen's chamber. Step in and the ceiling starts to descend, plus, just to make it a bit more interesting, a couple of parasites appear and start to come at you. If you have a spare Flash Grenade then throw it to at least slow down the parasites, then shoot the lights in the ceiling as before. When you get the lights the far door opens and you can exit, but check the sarcophagus to get three boxes of cash (2000, 1800, 1500 PTAS) before you do. Note, the door locks behind you here and you can't go back the way you came. Go down the stairs in the next room, collect three barrels and go on to the next area. There are also 2 Spline in this room near the stairs where you came in and opposite the 3rd barrel.

Mine trolley[edit]

This is the starting point for a trolley track and there is a train of three carts waiting. Get two barrels on the right and a Green Herb on the left. Now jump into the last cart and notice you can hop from cart to cart. If you use your rifle scope you may notice villagers up ahead above the track; this gives you an idea what's in store for you on this ride. Get into the middle cart and shoot the switch on the left to get things moving. The best place to stand is in the back of the last cart, so immediately hop back there and standby. Every so often the train will pass under a ledge with villagers waiting on it and they will jump into the train with you if you let them. You can try to shoot them before the train reaches them and make them fall in front of it, but if they do land in the train it's not too much of a problem as long as your ammo holds out. There is a point where a beam crosses over the track and you either have to shoot the beam or use a button combo to duck under it, so keep half an eye on the way ahead so you don't get surprised.

Just after this, a villager will stop the cart at a station and a large number of villager start climbing on board, including a Dr. Salvador. You can avoid dealing with many of them by shooting the switch to the left of the track up ahead. If you decide to fight it out then you can collect the Shotgun Shells on the left side of the Trolley and the Handgun Ammo on the right side. Shoot the switch after collecting the items to get going again.

The second leg is similar to the first, but there are more beams you have to avoid and another Dr. Salvador appears at some point. Eventually the track start to go down a steep spiral and even the villagers seem to realize that there's no point in fighting now. Just after this the trolley enters a narrow tunnel which turns out to be the end of the track. The tunnel opens into the side of a chasm and you need to press the button combination shown on the screen to jump out and grab a ledge on the far side, then press another button to climb to safety.

Go through the door to the next room. Check the skull in the corner multiple times for cash, then get the Stone of Sacrifice from the center of the room. This opens the door to the next room, so continue and go up the ladder.

Ruins (cont.)[edit]

You come out of a trap door in the ruins wondering why, if that door was there the whole time, you had to go around the long and dangerous way. But you have the item you need so use it to unlock the door at the far end of the area and go through. Then ride the elevator up.