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Landing site[edit]

The chapter starts with a cutscene. Ada brings you to the island and takes off on her own. You try the communicator and this time Saddler responds, he knows Salazar is dead but considers it a small victory on your part.

You’re on the shore of the island. Follow the ledge into a cave, passing a bridge on the right. Climb the ledges at the end to collect two crates. One of these will have a new type of gem, the emerald. Go back and over the bridge. You can hear Ashley calling for help and a cutscene shows her being carried through a doorway when you turn the corner. (This is a continue point.)

Shoot out the searchlight to avoid being detected for the moment, then hop over the gap toward the building on the right; you will meet at least one parasite infected soldier, the main enemy for the island. They are a bit tougher than villagers and zealots, so you might want to step up your firepower, but otherwise fight them the same way. If you don't get the searchlight before hopping over the gap then a group of soldiers will attack right away.

Up ahead are several ruined building which give you plenty of places to find cover. Step forward a bit and a new enemy called J.J. appears. He's a very large soldier with a machine gun and can do plenty of damage if you're not prepared. But he's not that bad if you have appropriate firepower. Find cover to avoid his first attack, then toss a Flash Grenade to stun him and start blasting with your magnum until he goes down. The idea is to keep wounding him, especially in the head, enough so that he can’t get a bead on you. With a bit of practice you can carry this off with TMP or shotgun to save on Magnum Ammo. If you take too long about though, then you may be joined by other soldiers and that will complicate things. Collect his drop of 15000 PTAS.

More soldiers start appearing and this turns into something of a brawl. Fortunately they don't all appear at once so you don't have to deal with too many at the same time. Try climbing one of the ladders to the roofs of the buildings here or retreating to the cave where you started if they get to be too much.

When thing get quiet again look for items.

  • Handgun Ammo on boxes in front of the building on the right.
  • Magnum Ammo on the roof of the same building
  • Green Herb in the first building on the left
  • TMP Ammo in the second building on the left

To the east is a flight of stairs leading to the door where Ashley was taken. Check the door or one of the orange lights to either side to turn on a laser; it’s harmless. You need to solve a little puzzle to open it. Notice that the beam hits a reflector on top of one of the buildings. Follow the beam and climb the ladder to get to the reflector, then turn it until it hits another reflector on the right. The door opens so go through.

Grab the Shotgun Shells behind the sandbags, then follow the path but watch for a point where you have to do a saving move with a button combination.

Enter a small cave and get two barrel on the right. Next is a bridge into another cave; this one has soldiers in it though, including an archer. Toss a Flash Grenade to stop them from attacking for a moment if you have a spare.

Go to the end of the passage to find Shotgun Shells and a view of the crates you might have missed earlier. Then go up the ladder.

Note: Coming up you will meet a certain enemy which is impossible, or at least very difficult, to defeat without a rifle. So if you're low on Rifle Ammo then you need to be a bit stingy with it so you'll have enough when the time comes. The game does give you enough, but if you don't like searching high and low for items then you may miss it.

Cave system[edit]

You're now on the ledge above the previous area and there caves here that the soldiers are using for storage. To start, turn around and pick up the Emerald from the boxes.

Now proceed west and fight the soldier behind the sandbags on the left. Get the TMP Ammo behind him. Hop over the gap to the north and then into the window on the right. Defeat a few soldiers who notice you.

Explore the cave on the right, there are three branches. At the entrance get Rifle Ammo and at the end of the left branch get a Red Herb. Shoot the red barrel at the end of the central passage to open a new room. Go in and climb the platform to find a chest with the Golden Lynx. This is the last treasure which you need to assemble to get the best price. The right branch doens't giving you anything but a peek into the room with the treasure.

To the north are soldiers including archers and a soldier with dynamite. Your best bet probably to jump back out of the window and turn the corner. When the soldiers notice you then back up a bit and turn the corner again, slowly this time, and snipe each one as he comes into view. They may move around a bit so adapt when necessary. You can also use the crates here for cover if needed. There is a red barrel in the distance but you may want to save it for later. There are search lights above but shooting them doesn't do anything this time.

Pick up the Handgun Ammo on the right, then go left at the fork and follow the tunnel, watching out for a soldier waiting around a corner. Get to the cave on the other side of the bridge and use it as a defensive position to fight off remaining soldiers. The red barrel may help if it's still there.

There are Shotgun Shells and a Green Herb at the end of the cave. Exit and get more Shotgun Shells under a ledge a bit south of the bridge. More soldiers may appear once in a while so keep your eyes and ears open while exploring. They can appear anywhere that's not actually visible, for example at the end of a cave you've already cleared. There is a cart filled with explosive barrels at the top of the hill to the north in case you can find a use for it.

Get to the end of the path; the map says the door here is locked but it’s the world’s easiest puzzle to solve, just press the bright orange button on the right.

Follow the tunnel to find the Merchant and a typewriter. You can get the Island Treasure Map now. There is a better magnum, the Killer7, available now as well, so consider buying it if you haven’t invested much in the Broken Butterfly. Don't bother keeping any partially assembled treasures and pieces from the castle since anything still missing is beyond reach now.

Continue and check ahead for soldiers. Snipe the archer on a ledge to the right and defeat the others when they attack. Go through the door at the end.


You enter a small store room. Get 2000 PTAS from the locker and continue down the hall. There is a door on the left but it's locked so ignore it for now. Grab an Incendiary Grenade from a bin on the right and continue through the door. There is a pantry on the left with a soldier waiting inside. Get the Green Herb from the shelf and Shotgun Shells from the suitcase to the left. (If you check the canned goods Leon makes an in-joke about the "days of O.R.E." O.R.E. stands for Operational Readiness Exercise, meaning advanced military training.)

Continue to the kitchen, filled with rotten, maggot ridden meat. There is a bug zapper hanging from the ceiling because flies would be too unsanitary. About now you'll experience one of biggest jump scares in the game, which we won't completely spoil but will say just dodge and save your ammo.

Get the Hand Grenade from the sink and continue through the next door.


You enter a hallway and can hear Ashley calling in the distance. There is a big burly soldier waiting around the corner to the left; this type of soldier wears body armor so only shots to the head or feet will have any effect.

Shooting will alert an archer in a low area on the left so stay out of his range. Go down the stairs further on and defeat them, but stay at the bottom of the stairs until you do. When you enter the room a couple more solders follow you so turn and fight. Get two barrels under the stairs; one of these has a Yellow Herb. Get the Red Stone of Faith, an attachment for the Golden Lynx, from the suitcase.

Go back and go through the door on the opposite side of the hall. Get the Handgun Ammo from the top of a cabinet and continue on a bit to get a cutscene. In the biggest "psych!" moment of the game you find out that the voice you heard isn't Ashley herself but is coming out of the security screens. A guard with Ashley seems to know you're watching and has the cameras turned off. A new map comes up showing Ashley actual location.

Get 5000 PTAS from a locker here and go through the next door.

Research access[edit]

You enter a hallway; check the filing cabinets on the left to get Shotgun Shells. Enter the doorway on the right and get more Shotgun Shells from some boxes and Rifle Ammo from a glass case.

The Merchant is here with the fourth venue for the Shooting Gallery. You can now do all four games and finish it if you want, but there is a fifth venue later as well. Note, there is no save here so the best way to save your progress in the shooting range is to backtrack to the cave system. Saving is a bit easier after clearing the next area though.

The Merchant now has the Tactical Vest, this reduces the damage you take by 30% so get it if you have cash to spare, but keep in mind that it’s same cost as 6 First Aid Sprays so whether it’s worth the price is debatable.

Go back and continue to the window on the right. There is a trap here where a door opens and soldiers behind it throw dynamite, after which the door quickly closes again. Stay behind the window to avoid taking bomb damage, wait for the door to open and quickly snipe the dynamite to eliminate a few soldiers at once. If one of the soldiers is not wearing a helmet then get a headshot on him for the same effect with an easier target.

Next, archers appear instead and these need a different tactic because there are enough of them that one will shoot you through the window if you stand still trying to snipe them all. The easiest way is to wait for the door to open again and toss a Hand Grenade; angle your aim up a bit toss it right through the window because door won’t open if you’re too close to it. If the grenade doesn't kill them outright then it will stun them long enough for you to snipe them. If you’re low on grenades then a nice way to do it is to stun them with a shotgun first, then snipe until they're ready to fire. If may happen that the archers are stunned by the previous dynamite explosion, in which case take a couple free shots at them. These archers will be wearing helmets so headshots won't work on them.

The door now opens and stays open, but there may be another soldier left. Check for drops, but get the Emerald from the filing cabinet on the left as you pass. Get the red herb from behind the wall on the right and get TMP Ammo from the red cabinet on in the corner.

Research building[edit]

You enter another hallway. First go to the end of the passage on the left and unlock the door; it's not clear why you might need that door but it doesn't hurt.

Get the Green Herb from a corner on the right side of the passage, then go into the small room next to it to find a typewriter. There is a box next to it which will contain the Brass Pocket Watch.

Now go up stairs; There is a spot you can jump back down if the need ever arises. There are no enemies so take a minute to scout around a bit. Go through the mesh door to the west and note the location of the cold feeling door just beyond. Go back and follow the passage east as it circles around to the entrance of a new area and go in.


You enter some kind of medical facility. Go through the automatic door to get a close up of a strange looking body on an operating table. Now check the panel next to the door on the right to solve a puzzle. The idea is to rotate the colored arrows to create flow from the upper left to the lower right. This is easy to solve, but the solution is turn Red three times, Green twice, Blue once, and Yellow either once or not at all. The order you turn them does not matter. When the flow is complete the door opens.

Apparently this is a room where experiments were performed using Las Plagas to enhance soldier’s fighting ability. Get the TMP Ammo from the floor on the right and “Luis’ Memo 3” from one of the beds. It has some info on a creature the research has created and, as you might guess, we'll be dealing with it shortly.

Go around the curtain and get the Freezer Card Key from the corpse. When you do, the body in the next room comes to life and comes toward you. This is one of the regenerators the Luis’ note talks about, the scariest non-boss enemy in the game. It's possible to kill it with the weapons you have now but it’s not worth trying. Just disable it, either with a flash grenade or by shooting its legs with the TMP, then go around it and get back to the hallway.

Research building (cont.)[edit]

Another regenerator is in the hall so get past it as before. Go to the cold door found earlier and use the Freezer Card Key to get in. The key will be used again later so you get to keep it for now.


You enter a cold storage for the regenerator experiments. You're safe for the moment, so get the Rifle Ammo on the left, then break the glass on the far wall to get a Green Herb. Go into the small room on the left and use the card reprogramming device to change your Freezer Card Key to a Waste Disposal Card Key. Then turn off the refrigeration unit there.

Exit the room and go into another small room in the far corner.

Turning off the machine has unfrozen the storage area at the far end so you can get the Infrared Scope. This activates a security system which locks the doors and a regenerator wakes up nearby, no doubt that it’s warmed up enough to become active again. Attach the infrared scope to your rifle and prepare to fire at the simulator. You have to hit the orange spots (the leech-like Plagas that Luis mentioned) and these disappear when you hit them. Keep a good distance from the monster so you can take your time aiming. It moves slowly and the aisle forms a loop so this shouldn't be hard. Aim well since if you miss a few times and blow off an arm or something the regenerator will move faster, If you get a hit the monster will take a moment to recover and you have a chance to aim again. Shoot all the spots and the regenerator will burst open leaving a 5000 PTAS drop.

The death of the regenerator causes the security system to deactivate so you can exit.

Research building (part 3)[edit]

Defeat the two regenerators that are out here, one you passed earlier and one waiting in the northwest corner. Get some distance from each monster before turning to fire so it can’t reach you while you’re aiming. There are no loops here but there is plenty of hallway to work with.

If you're low on Rifle Ammo (we did try to warn you) then there are still ways to get the 5000 PTAS drops. Use the scope to locate the Plagas on regenerator, then switch to a different weapon and aim for those locations. You're relying on memory so it's not going to be as accurate. A magnum will have the best penetrating power for this, but other guns will work as well. It's tricky to pull this off and dangerous to try, so it's not recommended unless you really need the cash and are really low on Rifle Ammo.

When the area is clear get the remaining items on the second floor.

  • Incendiary Grenade in a red cabinet on in the hall going to surgery
  • A box on the shelves further along this passage
  • Rifle Ammo in a red cabinet in the west hallway
  • An Emerald in a suitcase south of this

There is a regenerator still remaining in surgery; you don't have to go back for it but if you do then now is a good time.

Surgery (optional)[edit]

This area is a bit smaller than the others so you need to be quicker at aiming to get the regenerator. If you do you get the drop and you can go into the room he came out of to find an Emerald in the glass cabinet.

A save might be a good idea about now, then go to the northwest corner of the research building, use the Waste Disposal Card Key to unlock the door, and go in.

Waste disposal[edit]

You enter a long hallway with another room visible to the right. You're done with the regenerators for the time being so you may want remove the Infrered Scope. Get the TMP Ammo at the end and go through the door on the right to a crane control room.

Get the Hand Grenade on the floor here, then look through the window to see four soldiers standing around below. You can operate the crane here to pick them up and drop them into the pit where they won’t bother you. To do this, line up the crane with so the shadow completely covers one or two of them and press the button shown on the screen. The first time takes them by surprise but after that they huddle in the corners and eventually they turn the crane off and come after you. When they do just meet them at the door on the far side of the room since it's a perfect choke point.

Go down the stairs and jump down to reach the area where the soldiers were, get the Emerald from one of the bins and a green herb from the floor, then go through the door to another hallway.

Get the TMP Ammo at the corner, then enter a room with a table in the center and a security panel on the left. Get Shotgun Shells from the table, a Yellow Herb near some computers, and a Flash Grenade from one of the lockers. Continue on to the next area.

Secure storage[edit]

You're now in another passage with debris and exposed pipes and cables. You can hear Ashley calling for help but there’s not much you can do about it for the moment.

Head down the hallway. Get the Handgun Ammo from the red cabinet, then go a bit further to get a close-up of Ashley and her guards.

Turn the corner and defeat the armored guards. You can check the door of Ashley’s cell but you can’t open it for now. But at least Ashley will stop yelling when she sees you.

There are still some area not yet explored so go through the door at the corner near where Ashley is being held.

Data storage[edit]

There is a hallway with some steps; get Shotgun Shells near the end. You can hear a soldier here, so just open the door and let the soldiers on the other side notice you. Back off and let the enemies funnel through the door while you fight them.

When the first wave dies down, enter the next room and defeat a few more soldiers that attack. One of the enemies here has a bow and another has a shield.

The room is filled with filing cabinets and old computers. Get Rifle Ammo from shelves on the left and a Flash Grenade from a desk on the right. Go down the stairway and look in a cabinet underneath to find Magnum Ammo.

Continue into another hall and go through the door at the end to find a Green Herb and a typewriter. Then go back and go through the side door.

Biomedical research[edit]

You enter a laboratory of some kind. Go through the door in front of you and you see through via a security monitor that another regenerator is coming after you. This is an even scarier version called the Iron Maiden. It has spike coming out of it and it will try to impale you on them. It also has about twice as many Plagas that you have to defeat, including one on its back which is hard to get a shot at.

Shoot the parasites visible from the front, then you have get the one on its back. A Hand Grenade thrown just behind it will sometimes do the trick. Another way is to knock it to the ground by shooting its legs with your TMP or shotgun, and shooting the parasite while the monster is writhing on its belly. This is tricky because the monster moves faster on the ground than when walking. The monster enters through a hallway on the right, so try to defeat it there, but go back to through the door, then stop and turn around at the entrance if you need more item. Get the Storage Room Key Card as a drop.

Get Rifle Ammo from the table, TMP from a class case behind it, and more Rifle Ammo from a suitcase at the end of the aisle on the right.

To the south is a broken window into another room. You can either hop through the window or follow a hallway on the left to get in. Check the cases to learn what kind of experiments are going on here. Get A Red Herb and a Green Herb from glass cases on the left, Shotgun Shells on a shelf on the right, and Rifle Ammo from a metal safe. Smash the four small glass in the center to get an Emerald.

You can go back to rescue Ashley now, but there is another unexplored area to the east which you may want to go through first. The door is at the end of the hall to the southeast.

Radio Tower (optional)[edit]

You're now on a catwalk outside. There are crows resting on some crossbeams above and one of them drops 5000 PTAS so get them if you can. A Flash Grenade will get some of them, then shoot the rest. If they take off then go back to the previous area and come back to find them back on their perches again.

Find the Merchant here and three barrels next to him; one of the barrels has a Yellow Herb. Take the elevator at the end of the catwalk to the top of a tower. Get the Green Herb to the left when you exit the elevator, then circle around to enter a communications center. There is short cutscene where you try to contact HQ but the radio is jammed. (Some help does arrive near the end of the game so maybe it has some effect.)

While on the tower take a look around to get an idea of the size of the complex here. Then start heading back to where Ashley is being held.

Data storage (cont.)[edit]

You are attacked by soldiers again, including several archers. Fight them using the usual tactics.

Secure storage (cont.)[edit]

Use the card key to get into Ashley’s cell where you are reunited again.