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Secure storage[edit]

You're now in the storage room where Ashley was being kept prisoner. Grab the Shotgun Shells hear and start for the exit. Something flies in through the window, pick it up to get ”Paper Airplane”; it's from Ada and it's a clue to how to get out of the complex.

More soldiers are waiting outside the cell so leave Ashley inside and defeat them. A cheap way to do it is to shoot at them through the window in the door.

Head south back to the waste disposal area as Ada hinted.

Waste disposal[edit]

You immediately have to fight soldiers guarding the security panel; have Ashley stay in the entrance, then stun the soldiers that are approaching then snipe the archer and the battle is practically won. At some point a soldier will appear and shut the door to the waste disposal room, so now you need to open it again.

When you open the door more soldiers are going to come in through it, they're going to do it very quickly and they're going to come straight for you. So some prior planning is called for. First you need to find a safe place for Ashley, away from the action but far enough away from a door that she can't be carried off quickly. The best place is probably in the corner with the computers. (Maybe she can play some video games while she's waiting.)

Position yourself at the security panel so you're facing the door as much as possible, then activate the switch and before you know it the soldiers will be right in your face. A useful trick here is to interrupt the short cutscene showing the mercenaries entering the room; when you do this the mercenaries will still be entering the room rather than already surrounding you when you get control again. An Incendiary or Hand Grenade is dangerous to use when enemies are very close, but they may work if you can get the timing right. An alternative is to use a Flash Grenade to stun them, then get over to where Ashley is waiting and make a stand there. Yet another alternative is to just fight them where you are; in this case the TMP has the required combination of speed and firepower.

When the battle is over, go through the door you just opened head down the hall into the waste disposal room. There is a cutscene where you trust Ada’s message and jump into the garbage chute.

Trash heap[edit]

You land safely, but Ashley spots a regenerator lying dormant next to her, though only you know what it is. Get the lever just ahead to raise the gate, but the monster will wake up and you probably won’t be able to kill it before it gets too close for safety. So just turn and go into the next room to gain some time; toss a Flash Grenade to slow it down if you have a spare. There is a bin for Ashley to hide in on the right, through she should be fairly safe if she stays behind you. Defeat the monster as before, but a trick here is to go into the next room and pull the lever next to the doorway you just went through. This closes the gate behind you so the monster is trapped behind it and you have some extra time to snipe it, though it will eventually open the door again. Note, there is an exploding barrel here but these don’t seem to affect regenerators much.

Pick up the monster's 20000 PTAS drop which should be very useful, then get Rifle Ammo on the floor. Go into the next room and call Ashley. With her help you can push a large bin into the water and creat a bridge. You might want to have Ashley hide again while you defeat another regenerator which comes down a passage on the left. You can use the closing gate trick here as well, though in the other direction.

Get Rifle Ammo and a Green Herb on the other side of the water. Then cross a bridge to where a large bin is blocking a doorway. Go through into another room and then through the door on the left.


You enter a passage filled with trash and debris. Soldiers attack right away including one with armor. Get two barrels on the right though there is a good chance that they will have already been destroyed in the battle. Grab a Green Herb just beyond this.

You come to a ledge over a room with a pool of lava, but scout it out before dropping down since there will be a battle here. The room on the far side looks tempting as a defensive position, but it has two doors making it hard to defend. A nook just to the left of it makes a better choice. You might think that Ashley would be safer if you left her on the ledge, but soldiers follow you in that way so it won't work.

So, keeping Ashley with you, drop down into the room. Ashley points to an opening on the left but that's not very useful at them moment since soldiers appear. Start by tossing an Incendiary Grenade at the first group of soldiers coming in from the left, then circle around to the nook to make your stand. There will be armored soldiers and archers among the enemies. Remember to aim for the head with the armored ones, or for the feet to slow them down. Stun the enemies nearby and snipe the archers when you get a chance.

Use the TMP or a shotgun as your weapon of choice. A shotgun is nice here since you can blast enemies into the lava. Toss a grenade if things get overwhelming and don't forget to keep your health up.

When the music stops, signaling that the battle is over, get the Handgun Ammo and Red Herb from the control room. Then have Ashley operate the control here to swing a wrecking ball and break open a hole in the wall. You can do this yourself but having Ashley do it allows you to prepare for another wave of mercenaries that drops in from above in when the way is open, stay close to the control panel since it will give Ashley a bit of cover during the battle. This battle isn’t as bad as the previous one. Afterwards, go through the door behind the hole you just opened up.


You enter a cement tunnel with a closed gate up ahead and a side passage to the right. You can hear a regenerator so equip the Infrared Scope and rifle. Start by exploring the passage on the right.

It leads to a room filled with animal cages and there is dog food on the table. Get an Incendiary Grenade from a cabinet on the right and Rifle Ammo from the far side. Go back to the passage and pull the lever to open the door; a regenerator is waiting behind it. If you have Ashley wait or if you fire a weapon here then the regenerator will open the door for you, which is actually better since it will have farther to go to reach you.

Head down the hall a bit to hear another regenerator. Again, you can get it to come out into the open by making noise.

Go into the side room on the left and find a Green Herb in the far corner and Shotgun Shell in a locker. Press the red button here to partially open a farther down the main passage. Go back and continue down the passage until you reach it, then have Ashley crawl under and open it from the other side.

Get the Yellow Herb at the end of the passage and enter the door on the right. You should now have enough Yellow Herbs to max out your health so all the ones that follow are extra. You could give them to Ashley but if you're protecting her as you should be then there's not much point. You can also just sell them to the Merchant.


For some reason this little room in an area on its own, but you get a continue point when you enter so it counts. Get a Red Herb from the locker. The Merchant and a typewriter are here as well. It's been a while and couple of battles since the last save so you're doe for one.

Kennel (cont.)[edit]

Head east; you need to cooperate with Ashley to operate the switches that open the next. Have Ashley wait next to one switch and check the other one to make this work. Then wait for the countdown and press the button.


You enter a garage with a bulldozer blocking the way. Get three boxes on the right, Rifle Ammo, Shotgun Shells and a fourth box on the left.

Climb aboard the bulldozer and Ashley will take the driver’s seat. You start down a long tunnel and along the way you are attacked by soldiers who try to climb aboard the bulldozer as well. Some also drop down from above. Fend them off as best you can; TMP or Shotgun probably work best.

After a bit truck starts to follow, shoot it to make the engine catch fire and it will crash. It will start again after a bit so you must repeat this.

Eventually you reach a service elevator and the door closes behind you. (This is a continue point.) You must get out of the bulldozer and operate the controls. Climb one of the ladders to find and soldiers appear on the catwalk at the top. More soldiers drop down and try to kill Ashley in the bulldozer. Ashley will yell if there's a soldier behind her so if you're on the catwalk you need to snipe him before he reaches her. You have to do this while defending yourself against the soldiers on the catwalk with you, so it can be a bit intense. One thing you can try is to immediately drop down to the ground when you reach the top of the ladder, then hop back on the bulldozer and fight off the soldiers from there. Even after the first wave dies down, more soldiers may appear so keep an ear out for Ashley yelling.

Search the catwalk for items when it gets quiet; there is a Green Herb on the left, TMP Ammo on the right, and three boxes in the front corners. Operate the lever to start the lift and hurry back down and onto the bulldozer before it starts to move.

There is another drive with the bulldozer. You may be able to get a few while they’re still on the bridge ahead, but mainly just keep using the same tactics as before. There is another truck that starts after you but this time from the front, so be prepared with your rifle and snipe it before it can crash into you. This happens just after Ashley stops to clear and obstruction, listen for the horn and Ashley saying “It’s coming right at us!” Even if you do shoot it there is still a crash and you wind up in a new area.

Crash site[edit]

You've crashed into the side of a building and the bulldozer is out of commission. Get some Handgun Ammo from the floor and go through the door to the next room.

This seems to be a disused waiting room. It's quiet so search for items.

  • Shotgun Shell on a chair in the center
  • 5000 PTAS from a cabinet on the left
  • Hand Grenade from a cabinet on the right
  • The Green Stone of Judgment from a suitcase
  • 1500 PTAS in a far corner

The merchant and a typewriter are here as well.

Around this time you may be able to get the exclusive tune-up on some of your weapons. These are pricey so choose carefully which weapons you get them for, keeping in mind that the treasures that you've gotten through most of the game are petering out now. The best choices are weapons that you would use against a boss and for which you have a good supply of ammo. For example you can exclude rifles since you mostly use them against normal enemies at a distance, and they're going to be killed just as much without extra firepower. Also, if you only have a few rounds of Handgun Ammo left then it's pointless to tune up a handgun you won't get to use much.

Power Plant Access[edit]

A cutscene starts when you enter. Saddler is waiting for you and he’s starting to gain control over the parasite growing inside you. He doesn’t control you yet but he can disable you with pain. He can control Ashley however and she goes to him. They leave together but you manage to attach a tracking bug to her.