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You're now at the bottom of a trench. Get the Green Herb on the right; there is a typewriter here which you shouldn't need at the moment, but it doesn't hurt.

Advance a bit to get a call from Saddler. He says he was going to get rid of Krauser anyway and thanks you for saving him the trouble. Advance a bit more for a cut scene. There is an army of soldiers waiting for you just ahead. Fortunately a helicopter gunship arrives to give you air support. It’s pilot, Mike, says hello on your radio.

For the rest of the area, Mike will give you air support and clear the enemy machine gun nests for you. It may take him a while though and he doesn't get all the enemies.

Continue to a tent on the left, a machine gun starts to fire at you from at tower ahead, but you just need to take cover while Mike shoots a missile at it. Get Shotgun Shells from the tent and two barrels near the next building.

The path now splits into an upper level left and a lower level right. There is a platform between the two paths, reachable by ladder from the lower one.

If you take the path to the left, archers and other soldiers appear in a structure on a ledge ahead. Mike helps with the archers by blowing up the structure, but you need to fight off the other soldiers and watch out for soldiers that come up through the platform in the middle or around from the other path. Go up the ladder on the left to get a Green Herb. Just beyond the ladder is a bridge and if you start to cross another machine gun appears at the top of the building on the other side. Take cover and Mike should get rid of it for you. You can cross the bridge, but we'll go a different route.

Backtrack to the platform and hop over the sandbags to get a Hand Grenade. Now backtrack a bit more and explore the lower path. Get the barrel from a corner on the right. Pass the ladder up to the platform on the left, then on the right is a tower where another machine gun appears but which Mike should have already blown up. (The exact order of events can vary depending on the route you take, plus there may be some randomness as well.)

There is a fence with a locked gate (assuming Mike hasn't gotten to it). This lock is tougher that the locks seen so far so just shoot it to save time.

Get a barrel containing a Yellow Herb in the corner beyond the gate. There is a ramp on the right here but it just leads up to the end of the bridge. Instead, go through the tunnel and up the ladder.

Explore the ledge here to get a barrel, or the remains of one. There is another ladder leading to the roof of the building here, but it's probably empty except for what's left of a machine gun nest that Mike blew up. Go into the house to get a Green Herb and Handgun Ammo. Check the button next to the door to unlock it.

When you go through and start down the path, more soldiers appear and J.J. (the guy with the Gatling gun from Chapter 5-1) takes up a position in the distance. First get back into the building to get out of J.J.'s range.

Dispose of the other soldiers and take on J.J. He's not too hard to snipe if you can find him, but it's a bit hard to look when he's shooting at you with a machine gun. Look for the red light on the wall to the left; J.J. is located on a ledge to the left and a bit above that. You may be get a shot from the window of the building, but if not start down the path to get him when he pauses shooting.

Start following the path, go up some steps and get a barrel in a small structure on the left. Continue up the stairs to a zip line. Use this to get to J.J.'s ledge to collect his 15000 PTAS drop and a Hand Grenade. Drop down to the ledge below but ignore the lever here for now. Drop down again to get a barrel, then again and get a barrel and a Red Herb from tents and TMP Ammo and a Green Herb from a short tunnel. Climb up the ladder and follow the ledge; get Shotgun Shells in a cul-de-sac on the left and continue up some steps back to the building making a loop. Retrace your steps to the switch and pull it to open the gate below. (This lets in more soldiers so don't do this while you're looking for items.) Drop down and go through the gate.

The door closes behind you as machine gunners start attacking from ledges above. There are sandbags here you can use for cover but soldiers arrive to attack at close quarters, so your best bet is to into the tunnel on the left. A good place to stand is just behind the partially closed door; fend off the soldiers until the first wave quiets down.

Get a barrel on the ground level of this tunnel, then go up the ladder. Mike will eventually destroy the machine gun nests, but you can speed things along by sniping the gunners yourself. One place to do this is at the end of the upper level of the tunnel; crouch by the low wall while you spot the gunner and wait for pause, then pop up and snipe.

Explore the area for items when the area has been cleared. There is a ledge on each side. Start from the upper level of the tunnel for the right ledge and collect Shotgun Shells, then break down a door and pull the first of two levers needed to open the gate ahead.

Drop down and climb a ladder in the left corner to get to the ledge there. Pull the second lever and drop down again. At ground level you can find TMP Ammo next to a concrete wall and a Green Herb under the left ledge. The machine gunners have nice items as well, provided you can get to the drops in time. The gate should be open now so go through.


Some steps lead upward; follow them to get a cutscene. There is yet another army of soldiers and you find yourself surrounded. But Mike arrives to save the day and wipes them out with his machine guns. Your are in the middle of thanking him when a soldier fires a rocket at him, knocking him out of the sky. You see the soldier leave with Saddler. Saddler calls so gloat a bit, but this just make you more determined.

Your now at the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. Collect any drops from the soldiers; you get them even though they were only in a cutscene. Go back toward the entrance and shoot a sparkling object at the top of a pillar for an Emerald. Now check the ally between two torches on the left to get a barrel. You can look at the wreckage of the helicopter to get Mikes epitaph. Just past this, look for another sparkling object at the top of a broken arch to get a second Emeral. Go through the next gate.

Brig access[edit]

You're now in the ruins of another ancient building. Drop into the hole, then find the Pearl Pendant at the bottom.

Go through the doorway south for s cutscene. You see Ada but the parasites gain control over you for a moment and you attack her. She fends you off until you become yourself again. Then you pop a couple of the pills Luis gave you to prevent another episode for the time being. Ada goes on ahead while you continue to look for Ashley.

Get the Handgun Ammo here, then go through the door, follow the passage to the next door, and go through.


You enter a room with prison cells visible on the other side. There is a typewriter on a desk here. Check the table next to the desk for Magnum Ammo. Then check the green cabinet on the wall to get Shotgun Shells. There is a Flash Grenade on what appears to be some crates but which is actually more sinister. Finally get a Yellow Herb from a side room. There is a red bin here, and if you open it you find a strange, wriggling object which really ought to be dead. Put it out of it's misery if you want.

Start down the hall with the cells. By the creepy music you can tell there's a regenerator around, so fire a shot to get it to show itself. This is a normal one except it has as many parasites as an iron maiden.

Break open the cells to find items, there is Rifle Ammo in the first cell on the right and a Red Herb at the end of the hall. There is also evidence that they don't exactly follow the Geneva Convention here.

Climb up the ledge at the end of the hall and go through the door.

Army base[edit]

You enter a passage with cement walls. Go down the steps and circle behind them to get a Green Herb and a box. Follow the passage to some steps and encounter more soldiers. Eventually J.J. makes his third and final appearance. Fight J.J. as you did when you arrived on the island; you should be used to dealing with the others by now so we'll skip the blow by blow, but we will note that there are plenty of exploding red barrels in the area.

In addition to ground level, there are four other buildings here. There are two at the next higher level, one to the southwest and one to the northeast. There are two more buildings between them at a higher level. You can climb a ladder into the the southwest building and then get to the northeast building on a catwalk. There is a ladder on catwalk that takes you to the next level up and you can reach the top level directly using a ladder in a machine room at ground level in the north end.

Scout around for items but don't press any green buttons yet.

  • Three barrels under the southwest building
  • Three barrels under the northeast building
  • Red Herb in the machine room
  • Flash Grenade in the southwest building
  • Handgun Ammo in the northeast building in a locker
  • A box in the southern building, top level
  • TMP Ammo in a locker in the same building
  • Rifle Ammo in the northern building, top level
  • Two barrels in the same building
  • 5000 PTAS in a suitcase in the same building

If you press one of the green buttons in the southwest or northeast building then a soldier locks the security system with a key card and a second wave of soldiers appears. The same thing happens if you try to open the exit door, which is what we recommend because you start out in a good defensive position.

When the second wave has been defeated, find the Emergency Lock Card Key which one of the soldiers drops. Go into the machine room and take the ladder up, then use the card key at the security panel to unlock the system. Drop down a level and press the green buttons at the security stations to open the door, then drop to ground level and go through. Go down some steps and go through another door.

You enter a hallway to fight a few more soldiers with shields, but toss an Incendiary Grenade at them and they shouldn't be much of a problem. Get Shotgun Shells from the cage here, then go through the door at the end of the hall.

Medical storage[edit]

There is a cutscene. You find Ashley being held in some kind of refrigerated storage device. Saddler is there and starts trying to control you using the Plagas, but Ada appears on a ledge and fires an entire clip of machine gun rounds at him. This slows him down just enough for you to get Ashley out of the device. But Saddler just expels the bullets out of his hand while you drag Ashley out of the room. Saddler start to follow but Ada shoots a few exploding barrels near him and this stops him.

You're now in a short hallway and the way back is blocked. Go through the door here and you're now outdoors. Check a side passage on the right for two barrels containing a total of 1000 PTAS. The merchant is just beyond this. Get TMP Ammo and a Green Herb near a cage on the left, then get "Luis' Memo 5" near the door. It talks about removing parasites from their hosts.

Go though the door at the end of passage.


You enter a narrow hallway. Leave Ashley at the top of the steps and fight a few armored soldiers in the next room; they may have other soldiers with them. This is the last battle before the final boss so feel free to use up anything not boss-worthy.

You can now go either left or right. The way left will advance the plot but there are still some items to find so go right.

Medical storage (cont.)[edit]

You're back in the room where you rescued Ashley. Saddler is gone so you can explore a bit. Get Shotgun Shells from a table in the northeast corner. Now go up a ramp on the north side and follow the catwalks to a control room with Magnum Ammo and a Red Herb. Go back to the basement.

Basement (cont.)[edit]

Follow the passage to the south door and go through to start a cutscene. You find a device which can remove the parasites, no doubt the end product of Luis' research. You perform the operation on each other and, though painful, at the end of if you are both alive and the parasites are dead.