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Spoiler warning! This page contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip to the next page if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

This is a list of the Files you can get in the game. These usually provide helpful information or provide backstory details.

All regions[edit]

Communication Log
Updated every time you use your communications link with a transcript of the last conversation.


Playing Manual 1
Included at the start of the game.
Basic game instruction.
Info on Ashley
Included at the start of the game.
Information about Ashley Graham and her kidnapping, includes photo
Playing Manual 2
Found: Ch. 1-1
Location: Obtained when you enter the village center for the first time.
Intermediate game instruction.
Alert Order
Found: Ch. 1-1
Location: Shack, northeast village.
Bitores Mendez’s memo to the village that you have been seen near the village and that you mustn’t be allowed to contact “the prisoner” east of the village.
About the Blue Medallions
Found Ch. 1-1
Location: On tree in the farm east of the village.
Information on Blue Medallion subquest.
Chief’s Note
Found: Ch. 1-2
Location: Chief’s house, on the bed in the bedroom
Discusses why Lord Saddler may want you and Luis kept alive.
Closure of the Church
Found Ch. 1-3
Location: Shack, ledge east of cemetery
Discusses hunt for escaped prisoners, location of key to church.
Anonymous Letter
Found: Ch. 2-1
Location: In house near a dock next to the lake
Hints on how to get to Ashley
Playing Manual 3
Found: Ch. 2-1
Location: Church, Obtained when you rescue Ashley.
Instructions on how to give Ashley directions.
Sera and the 3rd Party
Found: Ch. 2-2
Location: In the east shack of the farm
The search for Luis. Apparently he was infected with the parasite but managed to get rid of it somehow. He also knows some secret passages and is using them to evade capture.
Two Routes
Found: Ch. 2-3
Location: Found in a shack after the cabin battle.
Description of the two paths out of the village and what is guarding them.
Village’s Last Defense
Found: Ch. 2-3
Location: In house near the cable car
The hunt for Lois is called off so they can find you instead. Clue for how to open the final gate.


Capture Luis Sera
Found: Ch. 3-1
Location: On a wall near the prison.
Luis is again the top priority to recapture. He has something called the “Sample” which seems to be very important to Los Illuminados.
Target Practice
Found: (see Side Quests section)
Location: In the shooting galleries.
Score system for the shooting galleries.
Luis’ Memo
Found: Ch. 3-2
Location: In a cell near the sewer.
Descriptions of parasites known to control their hosts, drawing parallels to Las Plagas and Los Ganados.
Castellan Memo
Found: Ch. 3-2
Location: On table in east antechamber.
Documents Ramon Salazar’s unsealing of Las Plagas and giving them to Lord Saddler.
Female Intruder
Found: Ch. 3-3
Location: On table in bedroom near maze
The hunt for Ada Wong, who is believed to be helping Luis.
Butler’s Memo
Found: Ch. 3-4
Location: On cabinet in butler’s room.
Describes Saddler tricking Salazar into getting the parasite.
Sample Retrieved
Found: Ch. 4-1
Location: On table, hall leading to King’s chamber
Salazar is glad the “sample” is returned and will now concentrate on finding you and Ashley.
Ritual Preparation
Found: Ch. 4-1
Location: On top level of tower
Salazar describing what’s in store for Ashley if you don’t rescue her. Sabotage of the clock tower.
Luis Memo 2
Found: Ch. 4-2
Location: Mine entrance, next to typewriter
Luis’ account of the discovery of Las Plagas in a mine and how they created Los Ganados.
Letter from Ada
Found: Ch. 4-3
Location: Posted next to the Merchant.
Offering hope for getting rid of your plagas infection.


Luis Memo 3
Found: Ch. 5-1
Location: Found on bed in operating room.
Describing Regenerators and their weakness.
Paper Airplane
Found: Ch. 5-2
Location: Flies through the window when you rescue Ashley
Note from Ada with a possible escape route.
Our Plan
Found: Ch. 5-3
Location: Table, far end of first room
Saddler’s plans in the wake of losing Mendez and Salazar.
Luis Memo 4
Found: Ch. 5-4
Location: Near merchant
Luis’ summary of the characteristics of Las Plagas and regretting his research work for Saddler.
Krauser’s Note
Found: Ch. 5-4
Location: Near merchant.
Krauser reveals he brought Ada Wong to Saddler’s island and vowing revenge against her after he eliminates you. He is a double agent for Wesker (formerly of Umbrella Corp.)
Luis Memo 5
Found: Ch. 5-4
Location: Near merchant.
Luis’ instructions on removing Las Plagas from a human host.
Our mission
Found: Final Chapter
Location: In passage south of parasite removal.
Saddler's plans to infect upper echelons of U.S. government and use them to gain world power.