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The Mercenaries is a mini game that is unlockable after you complete the game once. You have to kill as many enemies as possible in the time limit.


Mercenaries is quite simple, kill as many enemies as you can within the time limit. You can collect more time and special bonuses that give you 30 seconds or more to kill the enemies, you get more points for each kill throughout the map. If you die, you do not get any points. Each map has different enemies and each level has a different sub boss. You can choose between five characters, each containing a strong weapon: Leon Scott Kennedy, Ada Wong, HUNK, Jack Krauser or Albert Wesker.


There are four maps to choose from when playing Mercenaries: Village, Castle, Army Base and Water World.

The Village[edit]

The village is the evil pueblo where the villagers live. They live there doing farming tasks, however when you arrive, they turn into treacherous monsters and stop harvesting their crops, they want to harvest your body! This is the village at the start of the game and you should remember it easily. It is very easy to navigate however there are a few dead ends where you could get trapped.

Time Locations[edit]

  1. 30 secs - Take the trail to the left of the entrance to the village.
  2. 90 secs - The barn with the two big doors.
  3. 90 secs - Behind the tower (don't get trapped there because it is a dead end).
  4. 90 secs - The house with two rooms, in the main game you have to shoot a lock to get into the second room. Or jump through the window of the house to get straight into the second room.
  5. 30 secs - The barn opposite the window of the house that contains time extension 4

Bonus Locations[edit]

Bonuses are in treasure chests.

  1. Second level of the barn where time extension 2 is.
  2. Second room of house where time extension 4 is.
  3. Behind the barn with two levels, turn right.


There are two types of enemies here, normal villagers from the first few chapters of the game and the Bella Sisters

  • Villagers — They are the first enemies in the game, so you should easily remember them. They are very easy to kill, however, don't waste ammo when you kill them. Shoot them in the head for best results. Warning, even though it is day time in the stage, Las Plagas will still come out of Los Ganados if you shoot their heads off.
  • The Bella Sisters — are the chainsaw-wielding maniacs who have bandages around their scarred faces. Use a powerful weapon to blast them away and what ever you do, don't let them get too close. One swipe of that chainsaw and you are dead. They can take a lot of damage, such as up to five bullets from Wesker's killer7. Remember to use grenades and barrels.


This is the castle where Leon and Ashley go to hide when they crossed the bridge in the main game. This level is very complex, it's necessary that you learn it well if you are to be successful. There are a number of levels to this and this makes it hard to navigate.

Time Locations[edit]

  1. Right after you run up the stairs from your start point, turn right. (60 sec)
  2. When you run up stairs from starting point, turn left and go up the second staircase. It will be straight ahead on the balcony. (60 sec)
  3. Once again, up from starting point and turn left. Instead of taking the stairs stairs, go through the door on the left. Run up (there will be two ways; one is another staircase) the other way, and you should get onto the tower where Leon pulled up a cannon in story mode. In the little house on the end. (60 sec)

Bonus Locations[edit]

  1. In the alcove where time extension 3 is.
  2. In the tower, on the third floor above where time extension 3 is.
  3. From time bonus 2, go through two iron doors, go through the large doors after climbing the small steps, and it will be on the other side of the room.


The enemies in this level are stronger than Los Ganados that dwell in the village. They can take a bit more damage before getting killed.

  • Zealots — They are the psycho cultists in robes that dwell in Salazar's castle full of traps. It is essential you go for a head shot, however, if you get a group of them together, shoot them in the legs so that all of them fall, then throw a grenade in the middle.
  • Garrador — He is the big man beast with those big claws, and nothing has changed here. If you shoot Los Ganados he will hear and come running at you, this is a real problem. Stand by a wall and shoot, he will run, get out the way and he will get stuck in the wall, this is your chance to hurt him. Get your most powerful gun out and shoot the parasite on his back.

Army Base[edit]

This map is based on the island, there are a lot of platforms which can be climbed up to via ladders. This can give you an advantage for sniping but be aware of the enemies coming up to get you. This level is very big so it is easy to get lost.

Time Locations[edit]

The time locations on this map are easy to see, they are all 30 sec time extensions and are not difficult to get.

Bonus Locations[edit]

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  1. - On the very top platform, sometimes you start on it.
  2. - You travel through a tunnel, go up a ladder, and there should be a chest on top of boxes beside a breakable box.
  3. - After the zip-line.


The enemies in this map are the weakest out of the other maps. Ada and Leon's handguns can kill them in 2-3 shots normally. Always aim for the head.

  1. Soldiers — carry a variety of weapons including dynamite, stun sticks, and other evil contraptions. Aim for their head as this is most effective.
  2. J.J. — He's that Ganado that has that massive machine gun that takes most of your life away. The best way to kill him is to hide and when he stops shooting, run out and give him a few shots, aim for his head as it will kill him quicker. Or, if there is no where to hide, you can only hope you get a head shot with a powerful weapon as this is the only way to stop him when he is firing at you. However, J.J. gives you 10k score instead of 5k! Make sure to kill him if he comes out.

Water World[edit]

This map is not in the main game. There are a number of levels that can be reached using ladders. There are also some houses you can go in, and a zip-wire that can get you out of trouble.

Time Locations[edit]

As with the Island Commando (Army Base), they are easy to see and easy to get.

Time Bonuses[edit]

  1. If you start in the house, run straight forward (not outside, but to the back of the house) and then left. Through the door. You should see it. Careful: sometimes there will be a super salvador in there.
  2. Under the tall tower structure (with about 3 floors).
  3. In the second house (on the other side of the map). Careful, there could be a super salvador there too.


  1. Soldiers — see above on Army Base.
  2. Giant Chainsaw Man — He is a much bigger and more deadly version of Chainsaw Man, that Ganado with a potato sack over his head and holding the deadly chainsaw. He has a dual bladed chainsaw. He is nearly impossible to kill with regular weapons. There is no point in running away from him using ladders because he can just jump. However, sometimes when you get near him, he will miss you. An easy way to kill him is to get on the tower, and get your knife out. When he jumps, slash him before he lands — if you do it correctly, he should fall. Do this a few times and he will die.

When using Ada, and you come in contact with Giant Chainsaw Man, equip either incendiary grenades, or the sniper rifle. But, it's all about timing if you decide to use the sniper rifle. He tends to move very fast and recklessly, so get about 2 headshots or 4 body shots, and he will go down.

When using Krauser, it is probably the easiest if you throw a flash grenade at Giant Chainsaw Man, then unload on him with the arrows. If you can, try to get both "Giant Chainsaw Man" in the same place and then use Krauser's special arm attack. The attack has enough power to kill them both in one blow with ease!

When using Wesker, its once again about timing. There are a number of ways to take care of him, but the simplest way is by using the Killer7. Save this magnum only for Giant Chainsaw Man because you can only encounter him twice at the most. After that, do what you have to in order to survive.

When using HUNK, you will only have two choices, and normally, you will need to alternate between them. Throw a hand grenade the moment he comes within ten feet of you, then while he is stunned, drill through him using the TMP. Repeat until he is dead.

When using Leon, you must climb up to the highest platform. Once you hear the sound of his chainsaw, back yourself into a corner. Wait for Dr Salvador Senior to get onto the platform as well, and unload your Riot Gun into his head. Be careful though, if he gets too close, you may not survive.


There are a number of unlockables in Mercenaries, mainly more characters for you to use but there is also a very special gun.


  • Ada Wong — Get 4 stars (30,000 points) on the Village level
  • HUNK — Get 4 stars (30,000 points) on the Island Commando (Army Base) level
  • Jack Krauser — Get 4 stars (30,000 points) on the Castle level
  • Albert Wesker — Get 4 stars (30,000 points) on the Water World Level
  • Hand Cannon — Get 5 stars (60,000 points) with each character on each level.
  • If you got the handcannon by completing each map with a 5 * you have to buy the power, ammo, and all of that nice stuff, but there will be an exclusive that will give you infinite ammo. It is also the most powerful gun.


Here is the list of characters, their weapons, items, abilities and some tactics.

Key: FP-Fire Power FS-Firing Speed RS- Reload Speed CA- Capacity

Leon S. Kennedy[edit]


  • Blacktail (FP-2.7 FS-0.4 RS-1.47 CA-21)
  • Riot Gun (FP-7.0 FS-1.53 RS-1.5 CA-13)
  • First Aid Spray (1)
  • Green Herb (1)
  • Handgun ammo (30)
  • Shotgun Shells (10)
  • Knife


  • Roundhouse
  • Kick
  • Suplex

Ada Wong[edit]


  • Punisher (FP-1.9 FS-0.33 RS-1.47 CA-20)
  • TMP (FP-1.8 FS-0.1 RS-1.93 CA-100)
  • Rifle Semi-Auto (FP-15 FS-0.4 RS-1.9 CA-12)
  • Scope for Rifle
  • Rifle Ammo (5)
  • Handgun Ammo (30)
  • TMP Ammo (100)
  • Incendiary Grenade (3)
  • First Aid Spray (1)


  • Fan Kick
  • Back Kick

Jack Krauser[edit]


  • Krauser's Bow (FP-10 FS-0.03 RS-0.03 CA-Arrows in Case)
  • Arrows (20)
  • Flash Grenade (3)
  • First Aid Spray (1)
  • Knife (used with right hand blade pointing to the left)


  • Kick
  • Knee
  • Arm (can transform and take out anything in one hit, even Dr. Salvodor Senior)



  • Custom TMP (FP-1 FS-0.1 RS-1.17 CA-100)
  • TMP Ammo (50)
  • Hand Grenades (3)
  • First Aid Spray (1)


  • Neck Breaker
  • Riot Kick

Albert Wesker[edit]


  • Handgun(silenced)
  • Four flash genades
  • Semi- Automatic Rifle
  • Killer 7
  • Health Spray


  • Chikyo Chagi
  • Thrust Punch