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Separate Ways provides a look into Ada's life that was not shown in the main story. It gives you a more in depth look into why Ada was there and what she was doing. Separate Ways can be unlocked by beating the main story(any difficultly). After completion of Separate Ways you will unlock the Chicago typewriter which can be used in the main story after being purchased for 1,000,000 Pesetas.


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There are a limited amount of enemies in Separate Ways. You do not have to kill any of the bigger or stronger enemies that Leon has to kill in the main game. There are only two main bosses that Ada has to go up against. I will list their names along with what they are able to wield as weapons.

  1. Ganado: These are the normal - but not so normal - people you find in the game. They seem like ordinary villagers until you get too close.
    • Axe-can be thrown.
    • Pitch fork
    • Torch-they can breathe fire when wielding this.
    • Butcher's Knife-used by the female ganado.
    • Pick
    • TNT/Dynamite/Bomb-can be thrown at you. If you shoot it, it blows up killing the enemies around it.
  2. Zealots: these are just like ganado, but instead of being villagers, they are cult members in robes.
    • Scythe-can be thrown. Be careful; one hit is all it takes.
    • Bow-can shoot you from a distance.
    • Mace-sometimes is used with a shield.
  3. Militia Commandos: they are similar to normal ganado, but instead of villagers, they are soldiers on an army base.
    • Mace-sometimes is used with a shield.
    • TNT/Dynamite/Bomb: this can be thrown at you if you shoot it it blows up killing the enemies around it.
    • Axe-can be thrown.
    • Stun Rod-shocks you when they hit.
  4. Bella Sister: as Ada, you fight one of the Bella sisters found in the main game. She wields a chainsaw. Don't let her get to close.
    • Chainsaw: this is the only thing she wields and is a very strong weapon.
  5. Dr.Salvador: this is the first chain saw guy Leon meets in the main game; basically the same as the Bella sister.
    • Chainsaw: this is the only thing he wields and is a very strong weapon.
  6. Garrador: he is a blind prisoner that kills intruders like yourself. He is very strong; to defeat him just stay away and dodge his attacks.
    • Three long blades attached to each hand.
  7. J.J.: he is very strong and Ada is weak against him. To beat him, I suggest using the crossbow; it kills him easily. Don't get shot; it does a lot of damage if you do not have a cross bow. Wait till he stops shooting, then shoot him and repeat till he dies.
    • A massive machine gun-shoots a lot of bullets very fast.


There are only two main bosses you have to fight as Ada.

  1. Krauser: in the main story, it shows Leon killing him but Separate Ways says otherwise. He comes back to life so Ada can finish him off for good.
    • His arm is his weapon. He uses it to try to cut you. When he's not attacking, he uses it to block his body, but not his whole body.
  2. Saddler: he is the final boss in the main game. Ada fights him before Leon does. No matter how good you are, you will eventually lose(in the story). You do have to actually fight him, though. He can be very easy to beat; I suggest using your knife; it is the fastest way: just keep slicing and dodging his attacks.
    • His body is his weapon. The las plagas have mutated him in to a monster.


Here i will list Ada's weapons along with there upgrade level and a brief description. Ada's weapons can not be upgraded through out the game(A * means you start with the weapon)

1)*Black Tail-this pistol is Ada's main gun seen through out cut scenes in game.

         Fire power-2.0 upgrade level 3/6
         Firing speed-.207 upgrade level MAXIMUM 
         Reload speed-1.47 upgrade level 2/3
         Capacity-21 upgrade level 3/6

2)*Shotgun-this is a basic shot gun is good to use if your being crowded.

         Fire power-5.0 upgrade level 3/6
         Firing speed-1.53 upgrade level MAXIMUM 
         Reload speed-3.03 upgrade level MAXIMUM
         Capacity-12 upgrade level 3/5

3)TMP-a strong weapon it can send streams of bullets towards your enemies careful though it is easy to waste ammo.

         Fire power-1.2 upgrade level MAXIMUM
         Firing speed-0.10 upgrade level MAXIMUM 
         Reload speed-1.93 upgrade level 2/3
         Capacity-100 upgrade level 3/6

4)Semi Automatic Rifle-great weapon if used correctly it is very strong and can shoot through shields.

         Fire power-15.0 upgrade level MAXIMUM
         Firing speed-1.83 upgrade level MAXIMUM 
         Reload speed-1.90 upgrade level 2/3
         Capacity-12 upgrade level 2/6  

5)Bow Gun-one of the strongest weapons you can use save the ammo for when you really need it.

         Fire power-16.6 upgrade level MAXIMUM
         Firing speed-2.43 upgrade level MAXIMUM
         Reload speed-2.00 upgrade level MAXIMUM
         Capacity-1 upgrade level MAXIMUM

6)Chicago Typewriter-this gun can be bought for 300,000 Pesetas after completing assignment Ada this gun is very powerful you can just keep on shooting it has infinite ammo and never has to reload.

Ada's Report[edit]

After beating every chapter Ada makes a report You may find the information on this pageclick here