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  • L1 button: Primary fire
  • R1 button: Secondary fire
  • R2 button: Quick weapon change
  • Hold L2 button: Crouch
  • Hold R2 button: Weapon Select Wheel
  • Circle button: Grenade
  • Square button: Reload
  • Cross button: Jump
  • Triangle button: Melee Attack/Action
  • R3 button: Aim
  • Start button: Pause Menu
  • Select button: Multiplayer Scoreboard
  • Neutral dpad: U/D - Change Grenade Type, L - Voice Chat, R - Torch
  • Sixaxis Shaking: Single Player - Shake off Chimera, Multiplayer - Shake off Bullseye tag/Fire


  • Cross button: Accelerate
  • R2 button: Accelerate, (Stalker)Secondary Fire
  • Square button: Reverse
  • L1 button: Handbrake
  • L2 button: Reverse
  • Triangle button: Enter/Exit
  • Circle button: Change position
  • R1 button: Primary Fire


  • Neutral rstick: Aim turret
  • R1 button: Fire turret