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The Chimera are back in full force in Resistance 2, and they've brought some new friends.

  • Hybrid: These are the foot soldiers of the Chimeran army. They carry the Bullseye, and are often seen in large numbers, sometimes led by a Steelhead.
  • Leaper: Although they look more like Rollers from R:FOM, these creatures are called Leapers in the game. They curl into a ball and roll towards their prey before dousing them in an acidic spray.
  • Cocoon: Cocoons are created by Spinners, and are used to create Grims. When a Spinner finds a victim, they wrap them in a web-like substance. Once inside the Cocoon, the victim falls into a coma, and begins the conversion process.
  • Steelhead: Steelheads are one of the toughest strain of Chimera. They are often seen leading a squad of Hybrids, and always charge. They carry the Auger, which can tunnel through cover, so be sure to keep moving.