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The Human resistance are back, and are willing to fight to the end to defeat the Chimera.

  • Nathan Hale: Hale is the player character, and the leader of the Sentinels. He was infected with the Chimeran Virus in England, but was able to resist it, and was picked up by SRPA at the end of R:FOM.
  • Richard Blake: The leader of SRPA, Blake commands ground and air forces throughout the game. He was saved by Hale in Louisiana, and helps him complete the mission.
  • Dr. Fyodor Malikov: A Russian scientist, he is obsessed with the Chimera, especially Daedalus. He is responsible for creating the Sentinals, and for the Inhibitors that keep them from converting. Hale rescues him from The Swarm in Bryce Canyon, and helps him shut down the Tower in Chicago.
  • Joseph Capelli: Capelli is a loud-mouthed member of the Sentinals. He has an interesting encounter with the Mother Spinner in Idaho, and has an obvious dislike of Hale.
  • Benjamin Warner: Warner is the Sentinal's sniper, and second-in-command to Hale. He has a family in Idaho, and even went AWOL to see them.
  • Hawthorne: Hawthorne is the strongest member of Hale's squad. He uses the Rossmore in combat, and doesn't talk much.