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Here is a basic overview of how to play Rez:

  1. Destroy enemies. Use your laser either by pressing Cross button to shoot one shot at a time, or lock on to enemies by holding and releasing Cross button. You can lock on up to 8 shots at a time. Continue destroying enemies until you find a password protector. Shoot it down to obtain a network opening.
  2. Destroy the network opening. Destroying the network opening will take you to the next layer level. In order to be destroyed, it needs to be shot eight times. The fastest way to do this is to lock onto the network opening with all eight shots and releasing your laser.
  3. Raise your layer level. Go through each layer level and destroy the network openings. Once you have done so enough times, you will have reached the final (tenth) layer level.
  4. Defeat the firewall. Once you have reached the end of the tenth layer level, the system will sense your presence and will attempt to shut down, trapping you inside. You can prevent the shutdown by destroying the area's boss, known as a firewall. The difficulty level of the firewall is related to the rate of enemies shot down. The better you are, the harder the boss will be.
  5. Analyze all areas. If you destroy every network opening in a level, you should have a 100% analyzation percentage at the end of the area. Having a perfect analyzation percentage is required to unlock certain modes.