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Listed are the events which increase your score. More detailed information on Gimmicks is available in section 2D on this FAQ.

Event Points Scored Additional Effects
Frog in One 1500 pts. None
Frog in 1000 pts. (1st) After 1st Frog-In, -100 pts. each additional turn
Bonus Bubbles None
Gimmicks Variable (+,-) Multiplier up, change frog status
(?) Circle Variable (+) Player gains item
Obstacles Variable (-) Change frog status, lose points
Out of Bounds Variable (-) Frog is reset to same position

There are two general strategies to maximize points in Ribbit King:

Play the Course

Instead of heading straight for the hole, identify which path will allow you to hit the most Gimmicks and Bonus Bubbles. Chaining together multiple Gimmicks and Bonus Bubbles can lead to huge points, and some Gimmicks (such as Flies) disappear from the course when used, preventing your opponents from scoring with them. This strategy is probably the best to use when you're behind in the game.

Directly to the Hole

Getting a Frog-In first will not only give you 1000 (or 1500 for a Frog-in-One) points, it will also pressure others to stop using the Gimmicks and instead go directly to the hole, or risk losing 100 points for each round they continue to play without getting a Frog-In. This strategy is probably best when you're ahead.

At the end of each round (4 holes), points are totalled up, and a surprise bonus is given to one character. Here are the bonuses:

Bonus To Get
Swim King Most seconds with frog swimming (in lava or water).
Drive King Longest drive (?)
Crash King Most hit obstacles and out of bounds

The bonus is usually 100 for Swim or Drive King, and 200 for Crash King.

Items and Frogs[edit]

Items affect how your frog interacts with the course. You can carry up to five items at a time. You can get items by landing your frog on spaces marked "?" on the Frolf courses. In VS. Mode, you can pick up to 5 items to carry with you to the course.

In Story Mode, you can't choose items at the beginning, but you can buy them from vending machines in the F.U.V.. In this mode, you also have a reserve so you can hold more than 5 items at a time. You can check your reserve and swap out items at the vending machine. If you win an item on the course, but you don't have any empty slots, it will automatically be added to your stock.

Defeated opponents also offer items for sale. Be sure to purchase any eggs offered. Eggs eventually mature into Frogs (after you play a few courses with the egg in your possession), some of which have special abilities.

Items are listed below. Descriptions are usually my own (sometimes the game descriptions are vague or just plain wrong, unfortunately.)

Item Description
Beta-Ribbitron Makes tired frogs energetic!
Frog-Fuel Heals frogs (from tiredness/dizziness) and makes them jump farther.
Power-Fuel A more powerful version of Frog-Fuel.
Ice Block Allows frogs to swim in lava.
Rock Keeps frogs from slipping on steep surfaces.
Wings Tightens hooking and slicing so you can hit at a much sharper angle.
De-Bouncer Keeps frogs from hopping much after a shot.
Super-Spring Increases frog's hopping after a shot.
Lucky Plaque Makes frogs luckier (better item on ? blocks?)
Power Star Prevents frog from getting tired, dizzy, or penalized.
Scuba-Frog Allows frog to dive and get underwater bonus bubbles.
Jump-Pump Increases shot distance, but makes frog tired.
Frocket Increases shot most, but makes frog dizzy.
Flydar Allows frog to eat faraway flies.
Fly-bye Prevents frogs from eating flies.
Frog-Guard Protects frog from impact shock.

Frogs can also affect your strategy, as they have different special abilities. For example, you'd probably want to choose a frog that can swim in lava if you're playing a match on Planet Lavatron.

You can carry up to 3 frogs onto the course. You can switch frogs using the vending machine on the F.U.V. (Press X button to open Pickwick on that screen). Once you have hit with a certain frog on any hole, you cannot change frogs until the end of that hole.

Frogs can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. Buying their egg from an opponent after you beat them in a Frolf match.
  2. Buying their egg from the Gumbah-Goo machine.
  3. Beating the game.
Frog How to Get Special Attributes
Skitter Default None
Sebastian Gumbah machine None
Li'l Lunk Sold by Lunk Can swim in lava
Dippy Sold by Tippi Can dive underwater to get bonus bubbles
Wadsworth Sold by Sir Wad Oil & electricity pep him up
Shakey Sold by Sparky Can swim in lava
Pouncer Sold by PanPan None
Atom Sold by Kosmo None
Slugger Gumbah machine Hates water
Binky Sold by Peppy Can dive underwater to get bonus bubbles
Flippy Sold by Gumbah None
Scrappy Beat the game Cannot get tired or dizzy
King's frog ? ?


Gimmicks are the parts of the course that the frog interacts with (pretty much the heart of the game). They increase the point multiplier (except in the case of a failed Challenge Gimmick) and they also can change the frog's course and status.

There are two types of Gimmicks: Normal Gimmicks and Challenge Gimmicks. Both will activate as soon as you get near them, unless you are using an item that blocks them (such as the Fly-bye).

Here's a list of the most common Normal Gimmicks. Points listed do not include the multiplier.

Gimmick Points Effects
Fly +5 to +100 Frog gets tired.
Shiny Fly +5 to +100 Frog gets dizzy.
Portal +30 Frog gets dizzy.
Trampoline * +30 ?
  • Trampolines look different on the different planets. They are all circular and most look like a spider web (except Planet Frosticles, which look like woolly mammoths).

Challenge Gimmicks require timing and speed with the controls to maximize points. A well-executed Challenge Gimmick could net you hundreds of points, and a failed challenge could lose you just as much!

Hitting your frog into challenges will unlock Bottle Caps in the gallery.

Gimmick Found To Win
Snake Everywhere Shake Neutral control rapidly right-to-left
Mammoth Ribbitopia Press A button when it lights up
Lava* Lavatron Press Neutral control to make your frog hop in a certain direction. If it hops more than 4 times, you get an out of bounds penalty and lose your turn.
  • Lava acts the same as water with certain frogs or use of Ice-Block item.

NOTE: All Challenge Gimmicks besides Lava are won by the first two methods listed above.

Planets (Courses)[edit]

The Frolf tournament is held on 5 planets, each with 4 courses. Each planet has its own unique combination of Obstacles and Gimmicks.

Prehistoric jungle planet.
Rocky, underground planet full of molten lava.
Hi-tech planet with oil, electricity, and moving sidewalks.
Frozen planet with ice floes, high winds, and frost giants.
Strange alien planet with flying saucers.


The F.U.V. is where the single player game really starts (or resumes, if you're loading a saved game).

Here you'll find Sluggy, the Frolf tournament official, and two vending machines.

Talk to Sluggy to bring up a map screen where you can choose your next opponent.

Talk to Pickwick to save or view the gallery (includes unlocked bottle caps).

The vending machine on the right offers Frog-Fuel, Power-Fuel, and Beta-Ribbitron for sale. It also allows you to open Pickwick and choose the appropriate frogs and items for your next course. Don't forget to do this before each opponent to give yourself the best chance of winning.

The other vending machine, Gumbah-Goo, is a mysterious little guy. He offers capsules containing random items for 2000c each. You can shake the machine with Neutral cstick, but it's not known if this increases variety. There are certain items and frogs you can only get from Gumbah-Goo. Most of the items he gives aren't worth the 2000c, but it's a fun way to kill time.


New opponents are preceded by a short movie clip that introduces the character.Generally you will unlock opponents in waves-i.e. beating one opponent will open two or three more, and then you'll beat them in order until two or three more are defeated. This gives the game a rough 'level' structure. Each opponent you beat will be unlocked for play in the multiplayer mode.

Beaten opponents will usually offer items or frog eggs to you-you should buy the eggs if you can afford them. None of the items offered are unique (except Peppy's 10x Bang and Sparky and Whoosh's Tips and Tricks Guide). Buy them if you want, but they are available through the ? blocks and Gumbah-Goo as well.

Unfortunately, the opponents in Ribbit King do not appear to have much A.I., as they follow the same set of shots every time you face them. That doesn't mean they're not difficult though! Watch closely and with a bit of luck, you'll be Frolf Champion! Good luck!