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Ring Quest
Box artwork for Ring Quest.
Developer(s)Dallas Snell,
Joe Toler, Joel Rea
Publisher(s)Penguin Software, Origin Systems
Release date(s)1985
Genre(s)Text adventure
System(s)Apple II
Mode(s)Single player
Preceded byThe Quest
TwitchRing Quest Channel
YouTube GamingRing Quest Channel

Ring Quest is a text adventure developed by Dallas Snell and released by Penguin Software in 1985. When the author started working for Origin Systems, this game was published again with extended manual and backstory. Ring Quest remains the only text adventure published by Origin.

Ring Quest is the direct sequel of The Quest. Later, the character Gorn will appear in Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny and several subsequent titles in the Ultima series.

Game title
Box for the Origin re-release


Portrait of author Dallas Snell, used in Ultima 6 to represent his own character.

One day, you meet an old man who invites you to embark on an adventure.

He tells you the legend of the two rings: the Ring of Chaos, that holds great powers, and the Ring of Order, whose only power is over the other ring. It is said that, in the beginning, the two rings were one. Right now, though, the Ring of Chaos possesses the sorceress Lisa, and threathens the world of Balema.

The old man then manipulates reality, so that the ivory Ring of Order gets into your possession, and you are transported under the purple skies of Balema. Together with your newfound companion, the champion Gorn, you have to neutralize the Ring of Chaos and save Lisa.


The player takes the role of him/herself, magically transported to the world of Balema. He or she travels together with Gorn, who refers directly to the player as Other Worlder.

The game proceeds by typing commands that Gorn will execute. The text parser allows to input rather complex commands, such as "use flint and light lantern".

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