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Box artwork for Ripper.
Developer(s)Take-Two Interactive
Publisher(s)Take-Two Interactive
Year released1996
Genre(s)Interactive movie, Adventure
ModesSingle player
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Ripper is a 1996 interactive movie point-and-click adventure game developed by Take-Two Interactive, and released only for the PC. The game relies heavily on full-motion videos and boasts a cast of movie celebrities such as Christopher Walken, Karen Allen, Burgess Meredith and John Rhys-Davies. It is notable for the cinematic performances, some harsh language and notoriously difficult puzzles. The musical theme of the credits features the hit Blue Öyster Cult song "(Don't Fear) The Reaper".


The game is set in 2040 and follows the research of Jake Quinlan, reporter of the Virtual Herald, to uncover the identity of the serial killer known as "The Ripper". The game is narrated in five Acts; in the third Act it is decided who among the 4 main characters, is really the Ripper. Some clues and puzzles vary accordingly each time, resulting to a different (among four possible) scenario each time the game is played.

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