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  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to cycle between the available action icons, and to indicate the focus of your action when you attempt to interact with the scene presented before you.
  • A button: Press the A button to initiate and acknowledge your input.
  • B button: Press the B button to cancel or negate your input.
  • Start button: Not used
  • Select button: Not used


Icon Command Description
Ripple Island icon move.gif Move Move from the current screen to a new location, either up, down, left or right.
Ripple Island icon look.gif Look Examine a particular object or person on the screen.
Ripple Island icon talk.gif Speak Speak to a particular animal or person on the screen.
Ripple Island icon hand.gif Take Collect an item that is available on the screen.
Ripple Island icon item.gif Item Use a particular item in your inventory.
Ripple Island icon kick.gif Enter Enter a building or house, etc.
Ripple Island icon hit.gif Hit Strike something visible on the screen.
Ripple Island icon push.gif Push Push something visible on the screen.
Ripple Island icon password.gif Password Obtain a password for your current progress in the game.


All of the characters in the game are small humans that are about the same size as woodland creatures. They can communicate with animals in a common language.

Kyle (カイル kairu?)
The main character of the game sets off on his adventure after seeing the king's offer to allow the rescuer to marry the princess. He is joined by Cal during his journey, and begins to have romantic feelings for her as they travel together.
Cal (キャル kyaru?)
This short-haired young girl was left alone after her home was destroyed by Gerogēru, and heads off to defeat Gerogēru along with Kyle. She also beings to have feelings for Kyle during the journey, but secretly fears facing the evil emperor, and backs out when they reach the castle doors.
King Dotella (ドテーラ王 dotēra ou?)
The king of Ripple Island is named after dotera (どてら?), a type of traditional Japanese clothing which he also wears.
Princess Nasarell (ナサレル姫 nasareru hime?)
The daughter of King Dotella and princess of Ripple Island is kidnapped by the emperor at the start of the story, and is turned into a frog.
Gerogēru (ゲロゲール?)
The main antagonist of the game calls himself the emperor of darkness, and bears the appearance of a gigantic frog.