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Risa no Yousei Densetsu
Box artwork for Risa no Yousei Densetsu.
Release date(s)
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Family Computer Disk System
System(s)Famicom Disk System
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Risa no Yousei Densetsu (リサの妖精伝説? lit. Risa's Fairy Legend) is a text adventure game developed by Konami, and published for the Famicom Disk System in 1988. In the game, you control a protagonist that you name, but the game also stars Risa Tachibana, a popular Japanese singer around the time of the game's release. Together with Risa, your goal is to defeat a witch of darkness by obtaining several key items. Six of Risa's songs are interwoven into the adventure, and the lyrics can provide clues to the proper solution of the game, which is divided into four chapters. At times, a telephone number would appear on the screen, and a telephone service was established for a limited time so that players could call the numbers to get more clues. At times, use of the microphone on the second Famicom controller is required to make progress in the game. The game was only released in Japan, and has never been translated from its original Japanese.

Table of Contents

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