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Americans(in Thrones and Patriots)[edit]


Unique powers (Power of Sacrifice)

  • Receive free Light Infantry whenever you build a new Barracks, one at start, two with classical and a military research, three with gunpowder age and 3 military research.
  • Receives 15 bonus resources per age up to 60 for each enemy killed.
  • Plunder from enemy buildings increased 100%.
  • Start with 1 level of Military Tech already researched.


Unique powers (Power of Migration)

  • Cities cost 75% cheaper
  • May Build one more city beyond the normal limit, bonus city begin with 1st civics upgrade
  • Double population limit per military technology, up to 25% above maximum game limit
  • Barrack units and citizens move 25% faster
  • Unit upgrades do not require military research, except Cavalry which requires Level 2 Military Research


Unique powers (The Power of Empire)

  • 25% Higher Commerce Cap
  • Receive Double Income from Taxation
  • Forts and Tower +2 Range
  • Receive Free Fishing Boat with each New Dock
  • Create Ships 33% Faster
  • Archers Receives Free Upgrades
  • Receive free archer whenever you build a new Barracks, one at start, two with Medieval, three with gunpowder age
  • Create AA Units, AA Buildings 25% cheaper and 33% faster


Unique powers (Power of Culture)

  • Scholars, citizens, merchants and caravans created instantly
  • Science research at Library 20% cheaper
  • Receive Herbal Lore line of research for free at granary
  • Start with Large City and new cities start as a Large City

Dutch(in Thrones and Patriots)[edit]

Unique powers (Power of Commerce)

  • Start with 1 Commerce Tech Already researched
  • Commerce research 25% cheaper
  • Start with a Market and 2 free Merchants
  • For every 100 of a resource in your treasury beyond starting level, receive +5 income for that resource (except Knowledge).
  • This income can exceed Commerce Cap by 50.
  • Receive two Light Ships whenever a New Dock is built.
  • Ship Upgrades 10% Cheaper



Unique powers (Power of Leadership)
  • Receive a free supply wagon each time a new seige factory is built
  • Receive a free General each time a new Fort is built
  • Siege factory units 25% cheaper and 50% faster
  • Start with Lumber Mill, and upgrades for free
  • Woodcutters holds +2 citizens
  • +10% Commerce cap on Timber
Unique Unit (Heavy Cavalry Line)
  • Chevalier (Classical Age)
  • 20% more powerful then regular heavy cavalry
  • Heavy Chevalier (Medieval Age)
  • Horse Grenadier (Gunpowder Age)
  • Horse Guard Grenadier (Enlightenment Age)




Indians(in Thrones and Patriots)[edit]

Iroquois(in Thrones and Patriots)[edit]



Lakota(in Thrones and Patriots)[edit]




Persians(in Thrones and Patriots)[edit]