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First appearance: Renegade


First appearance: River City Ransom (as Slick/Simon)

Lure him near the sides of the building and try to combo him off the edge, but be careful not to fall off yourself. When he gets back up again he will do a fireball attack which you can avoid by moving up or down. Later he will summon debris from the ground which will spin around him. One of these is usually a healing item like an apple, which you can pick up if you're fast enough. His final attack is a slow moving laser which follows you along the ground. You'll take damage if you touch anywhere in its path.


Most of the time she'll be high up in the air and shoot fireballs down towards you. She'll also summon two schoolgirl enemies but these are weaker than the ones you normally see. When she's close to the wall, you can wall jump and attack her. (This may be difficult if you don't have enough Agility.) After two or three hits, she'll fall down and this is when you can do the most damage. Launcher attacks such as Volley Spike or Hop Knee work well. When she recovers from her dizzy state she'll attack again, so jump away.

She'll shoot a needle at you which will bounce off the walls if it doesn't hit. If you stay near the edge of the stage, it can bounce back and hit her, and then she'll fall and you can attack. She'll also shoot white threads which are harmless at first but will flash red and explode when there are five of them. Then she'll summon two, or later four, red monsters which slowly float down and then explode, but you can get rid of them with one hit before they're down too low.


First appearance: Double Dragon

The safest thing to do is to hit him two or three times and walk away. If you knock him down, you can hit him with two or three Ground Stomps, but he'll attack as soon as he gets up.

After a while he'll smash the floor with his fists, which will damage you if you're standing. Try to jump right before so you can avoid it, or use a wall jump if you can't get the timing right. This attack will also cause rocks to fall from above, at first a lot of smaller ones but later two or three large ones. Use the shadows on the floor to avoid them. When the larger ones fall he'll try to throw them at you. You can try to jump and avoid it, or throw one yourself, or if you attack when he picks one up he'll just drop it.

When he has a third of his health left, he'll suck in the air and try to draw you in towards him so he can throw you. If you run away eventually he'll tire out. At this point he can also clap his fists together and launch shockwaves on the ground, which can bounce off the wall and come back the other way.