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Basic controls[edit]

Function Switch PS4 Xbox One Keys (P1) Keys (P2)
Up Up control Up dpad Up dpad W  ↑ 
Down Down control Down dpad Down dpad S  ↓ 
Left Left control Left dpad Left dpad A
Right Right control Right dpad Right dpad D
Pause Plus button or Minus button Options button Menu button Space Shift
Quick Attack Y button or Left button Square button X button G 1
Heavy Attack X button or Top button Triangle button Y button Y 2
Jump B button or Bottom button Cross button A button H 0
Special A button or Right button Circle button B button U 3
Block R button or SR button R1 button RB button I Enter
Recruit L button or SL button L1 button LB button T +


Stat Start Max Description
ST 1 Stamina, how much health you have.
AT 1 Attack power.
WP 1 Weapon power.
SP 1 Special, the length of your special meter.
AG 1 Agility, how fast you run and how far you jump.
LK 1 Luck, most commonly seen when enemies drop health items.